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“jackie” movie review


Sorry, Amy Adams, Emma Stone and Emily Blunt, but this year’s Academy Award for Best Actress is pretty much guaranteed to go to Natalie Portman for her stunning portrayal of Jacqueline Kennedy in Jackie.

Not only does she channel the First Lady’s look, mannerisms and, oh, that distinctive voice, but she transforms herself into a woman we all thought we knew so well and reveals a whole other side of her. Her performance is haunting.

The movie takes place after John F. Kennedy’s assassination as the nation mourns for its beloved President, and Jackie mourns for her husband. As she grieves in front of the world, she must come to terms with the legacy she wants to leave — both her husband’s and her own.

Talk about a profile in courage.

Portman is a marvel as she shows us both the public and private faces of Jackie. With grace, dignity and the personal style that continues to inspire more than half a century later, she stands up for her beliefs, determined to do things her way, despite the fact that she’s constantly forced to endure mansplaining.

But, alone in her room in the White House, she gives in to her raw grief. It’s heartbreaking to watch her take off her blood-stained clothes and try to escape into her fantasy world to the soundtrack of John’s favorite music.


I’ve felt a special connection to the former First Lady since my daughter, back in second grade, donned a homemade pink pillbox hat and decorated the cover of her book report about Jackie Kennedy in the pink boucle of that iconic Chanel suit.

I don’t think I took my eyes off the screen once during the movie. I found Portman’s performance gripping, and I was fascinated by the story’s perspective, especially when Jackie wonders, “What did we truly accomplish?” and then sets out to turn her husband’s short tenure as President into the stuff of legends. It gave me a new respect for the power of this one woman who may have quietly done more for JFK’s legacy than he himself ever did.

And, of course, seeing the movie after the election, it’s impossible not to compare the White House then with the White House now.

But all I will do here is quote Jackie, who bemoans, “There won’t be another Camelot.” Seriously.


  1. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Can’t wait to see this one. Natalie Portman is an actress worthy of this coveted role and I bet she is perfect.

  2. There will never be another Camelot, something Jackie crafted so well. She was a bright, brave woman for all she was, all she saw and all she accomplished. I can’t wait to see this movie.

    Of course I feel a special connection to her because, as I’ve written before, a few shorts weeks before the assassination I was Jackie Kennedy for Halloween. Even at 4 years old I adored her.

    One more thing. When her clothes and jewelry were on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC my friends and I spent a good 2 hours poring over every bit of it. Stunning.

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      You will love this. I want to see that photo of you! I have to find a photo of Sara presenting her book report, too.

  3. A fascinating woman in our American story, and I will definitely be seeing this film! Thanks, Lois, for sharing the info.

  4. How fitting… One amazing woman portraying another… I will see this movie. Thanks, Lois.

  5. Thanks, Lois. Somehow I think we women attached to Jackie in a mysterious way. Not as a mother figure, even though her daughter is my age, but as perhaps the first woman to look up to I her own right as an important icon in our lives…brilliant, educated, bilingual, and an inner beauty that beamed through her through create her outer beauty. So looking forward to this. Need to look up the writer for this interesting perspective.

  6. Hi Lois,
    I’m a Portman fan. Thanks for letting me know I should see the film.

  7. I’m really torn. I have read/seen so much on Jackie over the years, yet another seems overkill. But it’s getting such good reviews I might have to see it.

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      It’s totally different than what you’re expecting, Carol. I think you’ll find it really thought-provoking.

  8. I just saw a preview of this one this past weekend and can’t wait to go! It’s funny how she created the legacy that was JFK just like Priscilla built up Elvis’ legacy after he died too.

  9. Thank you for the fabulous review! I was supposed to screen this and missed it… and am thankful to read your thoughts. Sounds like a fabulous film I must see (and now pay for!). 😀

  10. WOW, that;s a powerful trailer.
    This looks like it would be a 2 box of kleenex kind of movie but totally perfect for a snowy day in. I would love to see it!

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