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vote for clean air this election day

Clean Air Moms

Thanks to Clean Air Moms Action for sponsoring this important post.
All opinions are, as always, 100% mine.

This has been a terribly divisive election season but, despite our differences, there’s one thing I think we all agree on: we need to vote for the candidate who will fight for the environment. Because if we don’t address the very serious issue of climate change, there may be few elections left to change it.

As a mother, I would do anything to protect my children. The fact that they’re grown just means I have to start worrying about my future grandchildren, as well. I want them to be born into a world where leaders care about our planet and do everything they can to keep it healthy.

Hillary Clinton calls climate change “an urgent threat” and wants to uphold the Paris Agreement to reverse the effects of global warming. Donald Trump believes that climate change is a “hoax” perpetrated by the Chinese and wants to dismantle the Paris Agreement as well as the Environmental Protection Agency. The consequences of this to our planet would be devastating.

Don’t believe it? Set your DVR for tomorrow night when National Geographic‘s Before the Flood, narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, debuts.

It’s urgent, on November 8, to vote as if your child’s health depends on it. Because it does!

Here’s why:

    • CLEAN AIR. Air pollution from fossil fuels leads to bad air quality in too many communities. Increases in smog can trigger asthma attacks and exacerbate other chronic health problems. Do not let your child’s health be voted away to protect polluters’ profits. Instead, VOTE to protect little lungs from toxic air pollution.
    • CLIMATE CHANGE. The same harmful pollution that is making our children sick is causing rising temperatures and extreme weather events. Our changing climate is making smog worse. It increases respiratory health threats, particularly for people with allergies and asthma. Also intense heat waves exacerbate heart and lung conditions. VOTE for candidates who support proposals to cut methane emissions from the oil and gas industry. And vote to put our country on a clean energy path while protecting American jobs!
    • TOXIC CHEMICALS. Dangerous chemicals are found in our daily lives. They often enter our homes and bodies without our realizing it. In fact, these chemicals may not even have been disclosed, identified or studied. Thousands of toxic chemicals found in everyday products are linked to potential reproductive and developmental toxicity, endocrine disruption, birth defects, cancer, asthma, headaches and skin irritants. Children are among the most vulnerable to such chemicals.

Please visit the Clean Air Moms Action website and pledge to vote for our children’s health and for the future of our planet on November 8. Listen to these mothers!

I’ve always said female energy has the power to change the world, and it will be the mothers who will ultimately protect the Earth (it’s called Mother Earth for a reason) and its inhabitants.

So … Clean Air Moms? I’m with them. And Hillary Clinton? I’m with her.

Follow Clean Air Moms Action on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and join the conversation by using #CleanAirMomsVote.


  1. Air pollution is so bad for my husband who had a double lung transplant, and I often think we should leave the city because of it. VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE WHO CARES ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING! VOTE HILLARY!

  2. Well, of course, I have no kids. But still, I care about the planet and the mess corporations are making of it. I am in on clean air and the environment.

  3. The only candidate who cares is Hillary. Well said, Lois.

  4. Yes! Let’s do this!

  5. I am all about saving the environment. I hope whoever wins (I don’t get into political talk ever!) works to save the planet. Not just the presidential pick but ALL the choices we will be choosing from this election season and future ones.

  6. I voted earlier and can say i voted for clean air. I know at my house we do what we can to help the environment adn like Ashley i hope whomever is elected work for this as well.

  7. Clean air, recognizing climate change just makes sense. It should never be a political party line that can not be crossed!

  8. I didn’t realize the documentary would be airing. I will have to watch it with my girls so they understand what is happening in the world. Climate change affects us all.

  9. This is such an important issue! We have to keep pushing our politicians to aggressively tackle this befoe it is too late.

  10. Can it be the 9th already? I’m with her all the way. The thought of having to look at that sneering, violence provoking letch for 4 years, who cares nothing about our environment, is keeping me up at night.

  11. Happy Halloween!! I actually participated in early voting last week to avoid the crowds on election day. I think it is very important to exercise your city duty and vote 🙂

  12. I am all for clean air and responsible ways to get us there. I cannot wait for this election to be over either.

  13. How could you not care about clean air? We live in the country in Australia and the air is beautiful – I’d like it to stay that way!

  14. Yes! Hillary is so right that clean air is an “urgent threat” as she is on so many other issues! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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