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fun days in the 2017 hyundai santa fe

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

Thanksgiving is a time for family so I was very happy to be able to drive the Hyundai 2017 Santa Fe when my kids and their significant others were home for the holidays last week. In fact, I was almost as excited to see the car pull into my driveway as I was to see my kids pull in.

After all, Hyundai is the sister of my beloved Kia.

I reviewed the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe when it first came out and was eager to test drive the new 2017.

It was as comfortable and cushy as I remembered. And, just like my kids who were sporting new haircuts, it had everything I loved about it plus some great new features like this rear camera which not only shows what’s behind you but what’s all around you.

Hyundai Santa Fe You know I’m obsessed with the blind spot detectors but I also appreciated the rear cross safety warning – which, don’t worry, I staged so I could take a photo to show you.Hyundai Santa Fe

I loved that we were able to get everyone into the Santa Fe to drive to the Park Hyatt Aviara for our Thanksgiving feast instead of taking two cars. As we drove up the 5, the sound system provided a memorable soundtrack, with each of us getting a turn to plug in our phones or iPods to share our favorite song.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Look how festive the Santa Fe looks at the Aviara. This could be the car’s holiday card!

We took advantage of the heated seats on the way home because the temperature must have dropped to, oh, maybe 69 degrees, and we have definitely turned into weather wimps since moving to San Diego.

We also took advantage of the time in the car together to talk about all the things we were grateful for this Thanksgiving. One thing on everyone’s list? Our time together in the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Now, that was a gift.


  1. Looks so nice! Would love a new car, but not in the books for now!

  2. We are looking to replace my mommy van one day and this Santa Fe sounds like a nice option!

  3. Snazzy. It looks roomy inside but it’s a size that’s easy to drive in the city. I need this one.

  4. This sounds like my kind of car – my family would love it. We’ll soon be in the market for a new car and will definitely look at this one. Thanks for giving us the details.

  5. I’m going to show this to my husband. He’s been saying it’s time for us to buy a new car.

  6. Now that’s a ride I could so enjoy. Hubby would enjoy it as well.

  7. Catherine Sargent says:

    This looks like a great vehicle. We have a Hyundai and we love it. I will keep this is mind when we are looking for a new vehicle.

  8. I like that the rear camera shows everything around you. When the time comes to buy a new SUV that is one feature I definitely want

  9. That’s a great car! Thanks

  10. It is a really nice car. Plus it’s named after one of my fave cities!

  11. I would LOVE to purchase one of those! it looks like a very nice, reliable, and safe suv… love the size and all of the amazing features ; )

  12. jessica bradshaw says:

    I love that backup camera and the blind spot detection. What a cool car! I had a Hyundai a few years ago. It was one of my favorite cars.

  13. I think we are going to have to test drive one!
    They look like a fun ride that’s for sure.
    Perfect for zipping around the city 🙂

  14. WHAT??? I love the camera that shows all angles around the car. I have seen these on the road and they are nice looking cars and a perfect size. I would buy one.

  15. That looks like a great ride and one that my family would love to take a trip in. It looks like it has all the bells and whistles.

  16. Looks like a really nice ride! I have to have a great back up camera in my vehicle now.

  17. I just passed one of these on the road tonight! Stylish looking on the outside, may have to test one myself!

  18. Now that’s one good looking car! I love the exterior. I would love to go for a ride with all of those features.

  19. This car looks great. I love all of the angles the backup camera shows!

  20. Nice! The Santa Fe is pretty cool. It’s actually in our shortlist of vehicles to upgrade to 🙂

  21. Now that’s a nice looking SUV! We’re looking for a new family, I might have to test drive this myself.

  22. This looks like such a nice car!! We are going to need a new vehicle soon- will definitely check out the Santa Fe.

  23. Vy Nguyen says:

    My mother has a Huyndai car and it is true that this car is awesome!

  24. I really am loving this Santa Fe. I love Hyundai cars. I had two and loved them.

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