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Storiarts shirt

I get tons of products to test and review but, as you know, I only feature the ones I would truly recommend.

Here are some of my recent favorites. And, because I’m trying to de-clutter, I’m going to give away some of them so leave a comment below to be entered to win one.


Storiarts scarf

Well, there’s no doubt I would love a company dedicated to Literary Apparel! Storiarts features t-shirts, writing gloves and scarves designed with passages from some of your favorite books. Imagine how cozy you’ll feel wrapped in words from classics like Alice in Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice and The Raven. I opted for the Anne of Green Gables scarf, which is soft and pretty and inspires me to keep writing. Plus, it gives me something to read when I’m waiting on line. BONUS: Storiarts is giving my readers an exclusive 10% discount good through the end of August. Just use code OASIS when checking out. Go and stock up on holiday gifts now!

Fluidity Barre System

Fluidity bar

If I wasn’t trying to downsize, I would use the Fluidity Bar all the time because it’s like a class in itself. It comes fully assembled (thank you!), sets up in a few easy steps and can be adjusted for your height and level of flexibility. The Fluidity program is taught in top New York City health clubs, and founder Michelle Austin brings the classes directly to you through three DVDS that will kick your ass — and shape it. She offers beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts using the unique Fluidity Bar and your own body weight. Having a piece of professional equipment like this in your home just may be the game-changer in your exercise routine. If you live in San Diego and will use it, let me know.

Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer

Kinsa Thermometer

Billed as The World’s Smartest Thermometer, this little beauty plugs into your phone and gives you an accurate temperature in 10 seconds. You can use it orally, under the arm or rectally and the free app helps you keep track of your whole family’s health history. Kinsa has won a bunch of awards, and I can see why. I wish I’d had this when my kids were little and could be distracted by what’s happening on the screen (although — ha ha! — cell phones didn’t exist back in the dinosaur era).

My Passport Ultra

My Passport Ultra

When I started traveling so much, I used to panic about losing the hundreds of photos I take on each trip. Since I discovered My Passport Ultra, that’s no longer a worry. This premium storage unit is small, light and so easy to throw in my bag. It provides automatic backup and storage, and you can even encrypt your files for extra security. Don’t go on vacation without one of these in your carry-on. You will thank me for this.



This new subscription service literally offers expats a taste of  home. Once a month, you can get a box of at least five full-sized goodies from France, Puerto Rico or the U.K. I tried the France box, which included liver pate, a mint drink, nougat, pastilles and a box of St. Michel butter biscuits that we devoured in a day. I may not be an expat but this box definitely reminded me of Paris, and made me want to go back!

Net Effects Net Effects

I’m a big believer in shopping with a conscience, and these great bags, which are created out of repurposed plastic netting, make that a joy. Handcrafted by Cambodian artisans — many of whom are victims of land mines, physically disabled or deaf — they come in a variety of styles and colors and are likely to become your go-to bags for different occasions. My personal favorites are the Brooklyn messenger bag, the Moxie crossbody and the Terra toe. It’s worth getting all three because 1) you’ll love them 2) every 15-20 pieces sold in the US provides fair wage for one month for a woman in Cambodia 3) a portion of each sale benefits Nothing But Nets, an organization that provides mosquito nets to families in need.

For a chance to win any of this cool stuff, you must be a subscriber to my weekly newsletter. If you’re not a subscriber, first sign up in the right sidebar of this page. Then, simply leave a comment below, telling me which items grab you. Contest ends on July 31 at midnight Pacific time. Winners will be notified by return email. Prize can only be sent to a U.S. mailing address.


  1. You know I tried to subscribe a zillion times but I do get your fantastic newsletter so YAY!

    Wow, you really do get some awesome items to test. I’m not surprised. Cool things for a really cool girl.

  2. Seriously my friend. You get the coolest stuff!! Loving the literary line and the bag with a conscious! Such fun, all of it!!

  3. I’m going to share this on social but had to say you are my spirit Blogger 🙂 spirit animal? You like what I like. And I love and want all of these. I send money to Storiart on the regular (as the kids no longer say :-))

  4. Bag with a conscious.

  5. My Passport Ultra. OMG yes. But really, they’re all cool. But sure could use the passport.

  6. Patty Williams says:

    Love the literary scarves! This aging English major finds them attractive and inspiring!

  7. Lois, everything is so interesting. Love the literary attire, the passport and the bags with a conscience.

  8. Laura Catherine Hanby Hudgens says:

    First time reader. First time commenter. I love the title of you blog – so clever. and such great stuff! I think I like the bag the best!

  9. Love all of these – what great items. Too bad I don’t live in S.Diego, b/c I’d RUN to your house to take that Barre System off of your hands. But I’d gladly accept any of these, really 🙂 I so love winning (and so rarely ever do win a thing 🙁

  10. Wow! That Fluidity Barre System looks pretty awesome. I’d love to have one. Though I’m pretty sure I’d end up using it to hold laundry til I get it hung, so I’ll long for the Net Effects bag, which is more my (lazy ass) style.

    Fun stuff!

  11. Wow! That Fluidity Barre System looks pretty awesome. I’d love to have one. Though I’m pretty sure I’d end up using it to hold laundry til I get it hung, so I’ll long for the Net Effects bag, which is more my (lazy ass) style.

    Fun stuff!

  12. so many fabulous things (and none of them can come to Australia 🙁 ) My daughter is an English teacher and that scarf (and the tee shirt) would tickle her fancy – I’m going to send her the link.

  13. “Literary scarves make great holiday gifts,” she said while reading one of her favorite bloggers! “I’m ordering several.” I will be driving around Cali after BlogHer. Hmmm…. maybe a trip to S.D. is in order. But I need the Passport Ultra! Ooh, ooh, pick me Mister Cotter. I would use any of them but the thermometer.

  14. Such awesome stuff! I’m on the road so much and must try the backup system. Like you I’m so anxious about loosing something. The scarf is awesome – I never leave home without a few of them!

  15. I’ve given several storyarts items as gifts. Happy I discovered that you blog too!

  16. All of these are great items. I think my favorite would be the storiarts. I like the idea of book quotes on a scarf.

  17. My oldest daughter would love literary stuff from Literary Apparel and need to check them out. I also like the bag made from plastic netting…very cool.

  18. As a mom of 5 year old twins, that thermometer looks like it would be so useful, especially for tracking my family’s health history. Great find!

  19. I have a weakness for bags. I don’t have a crazy shoe collection, but bags…that’s a whole nother story. lol So, of course, I do love the look of the Net Effects bag the most! lol

  20. Love the totes and the Storiarts wear. That pilates/barre device looks like a trip to the emergency room just waiting to happen!! lol!

  21. Love everything you reviewed especially the Net Effects bag. Thanks for sharing your experience and opinions with us!

  22. If anything you have featured, i would pick the Expack and Fluidity system. I would love to get different food from around the world. Great way o explore the world without leaving your house. Plus you need the Fluidity system to burn off those calories, lol.

  23. Love the Storiarts wear and I’m a middle school teacher so I know wearing their apparel would be appreciated at school. It also looks like we might be the same size so I would love to win a give-away for some of it!
    Hee hee.
    You have a great site and it’s a great inspiration for my blogging venture!

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