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happy national tequila day!

Starr Pass tequila

Well, I am apparently at the right place at the right time since it’s National Tequila Day and no one celebrates the occasion better — and more often! — than JW Marriott Starr Pass in Tucson, Arizona.

Every day at 5:30 p.m. guests gather on the aptly-named Salud Terrace for the highly-anticipated Tequila toast.

Starr Pass features more than 150 artisan tequilas and each day they offer a complimentary shot of a different one. For last night’s toast, we enjoyed Maestro Dobel Silver Tequila which I learned “has won more gold medals than most Olympians.” That seems to be true for Starr Pass’ own tequila collection, as well.

Now, I have not been a tequila drinker since my tequila sunrise days back in college but I love this tradition because, more than the actual drinking, it’s about the storytelling.

The Tequila toast revolves around the legend of Arriba Abajo — you toast by saying, “Arriba, abajo, el centro, al dentro,” which means “up, down, out and in.” What makes it so special, though, is everyone gathered together to raise a glass to each other and their beautiful surroundings.

To hear the whole story of Pancho Villa and his quest to win his beloved’s hand in marriage, you’ll have to come visit JW Marriott Starr Pass. (There are so many other reasons you should do this, too, which I’ll tell you about in another post.) Meanwhile, here’s a snippet:

I’m excited about joining everyone on the Salud Terrace again at 5:30 today — which is actually National Tequila Day — and toasting to this legendary love story, to my own love story and to the amazing gratitude I feel for the opportunity I’ve been given to experience all of this.

And, of course, to all of you. xo


Starr Pass tequila toast


  1. Would you believe I have never had a tequila drink? But I’d love to stay at your resort!

  2. I’m like Carol – never had tequila in my life – know what it is, have heard the songs, seen the movies – but never experienced the real thing. Sounds like you’ve had a great time.

  3. I love a good margarita! What a fun event. I will have to take note because I’m wanting to do some traveling in that area soon! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Heading to lunch with friends, so I’ll “drink to that.”

  5. You had me at ‘Tequila’. Salud!

  6. Salud!!! I am a tequila kinda girl lol

  7. I will definitely drink to that. A little tequila once in a while is fun.

  8. Cheers my friend. here is to great tequila and good friends to share it with.

  9. I had a BAD EXPERIENCE in my younger years with tequila, but I doubt it was the same quality you were drinking. I’d do shots with the guy in the video! Looks like a fun way to kick off your evening. Can I be your blogger’s assistant and go places with you? I’d carry your bags…

  10. I love a good margarita! Arriba!!! What a great event. Cheers!!!!

  11. Now this sounds like my kind of holiday! I will have to remember to celebrate next year.

  12. We always have a tequila in our house but I never tasted it! But I think I should try it for the national tequila day! Cheers!

  13. This sounds like a great place! I love when places have a themem or something special that they do. So much fun!

  14. Lori Lanham says:

    You had me at “tequila” – i love trying different cocktails, but I admit, I have never taken just a “shot” of tequila! I would love to visit your resort – how fun!

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