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these gold toe socks are oh. so. soft.

GoldToe socks blanketThanks to Gold Toe for sponsoring this post and for the awesome
socks which I'm wearing right now. All opinions are mine.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I get cold feet a lot. Even when I get into bed at night with Michael.

No, dear readers, I am not insecure. Or a scaredy cat. Or a worrier.

I just literally get cold feet.

I know all of those women’s magazine articles say that wearing socks to bed is a no-no but that advice is likely to change because of these Gold Toe Ultra Soft Oh. So. Soft. socks. They are so cozy, I just smile to myself when I find Michael playing footsie with me in order to get some of that softness for himself.

GoldToe socks pack

What’s amazing about these socks is that they actually live up to their name. They are genuinely Oh. So. Soft. Although they feel luxurious, they’re affordable and, unlike most of my other socks, they stay just as soft even after numerous washes.

I’ve been a fan of Gold Toe for years because those signature reinforced toes are really durable, even when I’m way overdue for a pedicure — which is most of the time. Now, I’ve developed a soft spot for these Oh. So. Soft. socks and am pretty much living in them.

I cuddle up on the couch to read with them on.

Gold Toe yellow socks

and I even play tennis with them.

Gold Toe socks sneakers

They may not make me a better player but they sure make it easier for me to focus on the game because, unlike my other socks, they don’t fall down or bunch up while I’m playing. And my sneakers just glide over them because they’re so light and, well, did I tell you how soft they are?!

You know I’m a sock person because I’ve shown you my sock drawer in the past. Well, I’m thinking it’s time for me to clean it out again and replace most of them with these Ultra Soft Oh. So. Soft socks. In fact, just saying their name conjures up images of being enveloped in layers and layers of cozy blankets and pillows. And that makes me want to get right back into bed.

With my socks on.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gold Toe.


  1. I love those socks. I am usually barefoot in the house and sockless outside but if I have to wear them, I look for these. Thank you

  2. I will have to check them out. I was just ruthless with my sock drawer and now need soft but stay put socks for summer.

  3. Good to know that they stay soft even after multiple washes! That’s no easy feat.

  4. Your new gold toe socks look so comfy, warm and soft. I need some of these because my feet get cold if I don’t have socks on, while indoors. Thanks for sharing.

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      I’m always glad to hear I’m not the only one with cold feet. You’ll love how cozy these are.

  5. I don’t know what it says about me 🙂 but I think I’m in love. I am in a sock’oholic and need to try these.

  6. I’m a sock person, too! Those look so soft and comfy…

  7. I love Gold Toe socks. I actually need to get some more because I’ve worn mine so much.

  8. As a sock lover and someone who always has cold feet, I will have to try these! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Those are super cute. I so want a pair cause like you i get cold toes all the time.

  10. I have to look for good socks for my trip. Need socks that don’t fall down in my sneaks. Maybe these Gold Toe socks will work.

  11. I did hear that these are really comfortable. Having some for days that I need extra comfort would be nice!

  12. They look very comfy. I love the feeling of a nice soft sock!

  13. They look nice and thick too. I am obsessed with comfy socks.

  14. I like Gold Toe socks. Good quality socks makes a huge difference when your feet are tired.

  15. Those sound nice and comfy. Gold Toe is the only brand of socks my husband wears!

  16. The worst part about socks is how rough they get after a few washes so this is great to know these don’t! I ‘ve heard great things about these socks!

  17. I seldom wear socks but when I wear them I like those that are good quality. Yours look pretty nice.

  18. I have some of those too and my gosh, they really ARE soft. I just love mine!

  19. This is a case where based on a blog post, I actually shopped for some. I am going to get more, too, thanks for the reminder!

  20. I love socks! For most celebrations such as my birthday and Christmas, socks are on my wishlist. My daughters think I need to diversify and desire something else. That said, I have never had Gold Toe socks. I’d love to try them!

  21. I love a good sock. Thanks for the recommendation.

  22. There’s nothing much better than a comfy pair of socks to cushion your feet!

  23. I adore Gold Toe socks and probably 3/4 of my sock drawer are filled with them.! I get cold feet too…and at times my feet are really cold lol

  24. I have never tried Gold toe socks before! They look so comfy!

  25. I love a good pair of comfy socks!

  26. These are great socks! I have worn this brand for many years. They wash up very nicely!

  27. These socks look so comfy and toasty. I hate having cold feet when I am sleeping so I will have to get some for the colder months.

  28. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I always wear socks around the house. Gold toe are some of my favorites!

  29. I need new socks so badly! It is sad! lol I will have to keep this brand in mind. Looks comfy!

  30. I will have to check these socks out! Nothing like the feeling of being pampered when your feet are nice and comfortable

  31. I can already tell by the Photos that these are soooo soft! I would love to try a pair for myself. Great Review

  32. Gold toe socks are the best. I steal my husband’s all the time and wear them with my boots because they are so soft. Now I can have my own.

  33. You had me at so soft! Sounds like just want I need for my workouts!

  34. I love my gold toes, in fact I am wearing mine right now because the air conditioning makes my floors SO cold. I love the soft…

  35. with the air on ALL THE TIME, i am always in socks now. i always hated wearing socks but my feet just get so cold now. i normally buy the $1.50 patterned socks from target. i dont think i have any plain ones.

  36. I normally don’t pay much attention to socks, but these are actually really cute! And soft socks are so important!

  37. I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of Gold Toe socks. They are the BEST! Love the new colors! Especially adore the light weight of them. Golden!

  38. I have seen this around, but I haven’t tried this brand. The socks look so comfortable.

  39. Elizabeth O. says:

    These socks look soft and comfortable. I need to get new socks for my son. I will check this out.

  40. They certainly look comfy. I want some!

  41. I have a feeling I will love these socks myself. 🙂

  42. I love Gold Toe socks. One of my favorite brands. The tough part is not letting the kids steal them from my sock drawer.

  43. I can use a pair. Perfect for when you get homer from work and want to get comfy!

  44. I love comfy socks. I always seem to lose them though. Will have to get some of these for Winter!

  45. I love to wear nice cozy socks. I will have to get a pair of Gold Toe socks to try. I have heard how soft they are.

  46. I have these sock! We love them. Plus they are so easy to match.

  47. I need to invest in some comfy socks! These gold toe socks looks super comfortable!

  48. Gary and I have both sworn by Gold Toe socks for a long time! In summer and something you’re not familiar with any longer – winter!! 🙂 They are so soft and cushiony. My feet get cold too so I love them!

  49. This is the first time I am hearing about this brand, but these socks looks so beautiful and comfy. I really want to buy couple of neat pair of socks for my husband. Will check it out.

  50. I have had several pairs of Gold Toe socks over the years and always been one of my favorites.

  51. There is nothing better than a new pair of socks! These look nice.

  52. I am so a socks to bed kinda girl in the winter – it just makes sense when its so cold 🙂 I have never heard of these socks, but they sound super comfy!

  53. My family just loves Gold Toe socks. It’s all my husband and son wear. And, I love the oh so soft women’s socks, too.

  54. R U S S says:

    Socks are my best friend(s) especially when travelling. I cannot leave my house without them because I get cold easily. I love Gold Toe Socks – they’re so soft and comfy.

  55. I love Gold Toe socks-they stay in place which I love

  56. I am TOTALLY a sock person. I put a pair on as soon as I get home, I hate bare feet!

  57. I’m usually barefoot as much as possible, but a good sock is always important when I have to wear them. Usually, my feet are always cold (at least in the winter months). I will definitely try out these socks because I always feel like my other socks bunch up in my shoe and then give me blisters.

  58. I buy Gold Toe brand socks for my husband and son all the time, but not for me! Why is that? I’ll have to check out the women’s socks next time I’m out!

  59. I love socks even in summer… my feet are hardly ever warm so socks are a must have!

  60. Nice! I am barefoot most of the time in the summer but my toes are always in need of some extra soft socks during the Canadian winters.

  61. i usually never wear socks unless i’m hiking.. bc I’m always barefoot at home (asian household) or I wear flip flops year round. Why do they say you shouldn’t wear socks in bed though? I’ve never heard that.

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