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google chromecast audio means music everywhere!

Google Chromecast Audio

I received a Best Buy gift card for writing this post.
Opinions are, as always, 100% my own.

As a film critic, I use Google Chromecast all the time to send screening links from my laptop to our TV so I can watch on a bigger screen while still being able to do my work. It’s one of the best devices we ever bought.

I was thrilled to see that there’s now a Google Chromecast Audio so I can do the same thing with my music.

Especially since I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack from Hamilton.

Since I saw the show, I am obsessed. I downloaded the soundtrack, which I listen to on repeat in my car, but I was only able to listen to it at home through my laptop. And, let’s face it, laptop speakers do not have the best sound!

Google Chromecast Audio

With Google Chromecast Audio, you can play music on your real speakers — your portable ones, even your old stand-up ones — from your laptop, phone or tablet. Because it uses wifi instead of Bluetooth, the sound is great.

It’s so easy to set up Google Chromecast Audio. It literally took me five minutes, and it walks you through each step.

Google Chromecast Audio

Within minutes, Lin-Miranda Manuel and company were in my home, sounding better than ever.

Google Chromecast AudioThe simple little device lets you stream podcasts or music from your favorite apps, including Pandora and Spotify.

I’m thinking of heading to Best Buy to pick up a couple more of these so I an listen to Hamilton when I move from room to room, vacuuming. It may actually inspire me to clean my house more often.

As Hamilton himself says, “I am not throwing away my shot.”

Google Chromecast Audio


  1. Love this! I’ll share it for sure!

  2. My husband got me 4 of these for Christmas and I still need to install them. You make it look so easy, maybe I’ll give it a try myself!

  3. Catherine Sargent says:

    This looks really neat. I will tell my son about this, he is always listening to music.

  4. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    I am loving using my Chromecast as well!

  5. I think I need this in my life. Thanks for sharing. Now to drop a hint to my hubby to get me this!

  6. I want this! We love listening to music in our household. Definitely a great gift idea 🙂

  7. This looks really cool. I love this. I’ll have to get one!

  8. This is awesome! We have one as well and we stream movies from it all the time. It is so convenient!

  9. OH my I need this in my life. You already know I love my music from my weekly post to be able to hear it through my house would be a total score.

  10. Google Chromecast Audio sounds perfect. It would be nice to be able to listen to music throughout the house. I think I need to look into getting these.

  11. We are really enjoying using our Chromecast. It makes it easier to listen to music throughout the house.

  12. Oh wow! I’ve never heard about the Chromecast! It sounds like it’s right up my hubs’ alley!

  13. Would you believe that this is the first I’ve heard of it? But now I want to know more! Talking to hub about it now.

  14. Robyn Talbott says:

    Hi Lois…I’m always looking at your great articles and fabulous tips…I only wish the links for purchasing were included, i.e., the hygge article. I still love ya!!!

  15. Stephanie Jeannot says:

    Ooh! What an awesome way to indulge in music. I really enjoy and appreciate the idea.

  16. I have the Chromecast for TV. I’ve always wondered how this one worked and what it does. I’m so happy you wrote this post! I definitely need one.

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