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ikea travels into the future

Alex IKEA bed

It would be so much easier to prepare for the future if we just knew what was going to happen!

So when IKEA offered to sponsor a post about its new time travel project, I was intrigued – especially since it involves world-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz who has been called “the greatest hypnotist of all time.”

In this fascinating experiment, IKEA gives a young couple an opportunity to experience their possible future. Tranz puts Adam and Sofi in a deep trance, then guides them through IKEA – and potential life milestones. They celebrate their imaginary daughter’s sixth birthday in her bedroom, deal with her teenage rebellion and, many years later, run into her boyfriend in the bathroom.

Just watch the video:

“The everyday is exciting!” says Johan Wickmark, IKEA Global Catalogue Manager. “It’s on those seemingly ordinary days life happens and changes. And when it does, so does our home. In the new IKEA catalogue, you can find solutions for every episode in life.”

This totally got me thinking about the events that have had the biggest influence on my own life and, of course, becoming a parent has to be the most major transition of all.

We’ve gone through many pieces of IKEA furniture over the 33 years we’ve been married, and each one represents a cherished memory of a specific time and place.

Now that both kids are grown and out of the house – wah! – they’re furnishing their own nests. That photo on top is of my son putting together his IKEA bed in his new Manhattan apartment. Two years have already passed since that picture was taken, and who knows what he’ll be putting together two years from now.

Maybe a crib? I found some nice ones in the IKEA catalogue …


  1. I was just telling another blogger that I have never been in an IKEA. I have seen them in my travels, but never stopped. The next time we pass one, I will be stopping.

  2. If only things wouldn’t change! I am an expert at putting things together unfortunately. Love that bed from IKEA!

  3. Cribs are good… 😉 George? Not so much. haha

  4. I too have had a number of IKEA pieces over the years. I think my husband and I have the same bed as your son. We just recently moved houses and needed a few different pieces. After difficulty putting together furniture from other sources, we appreciate the relative ease of putting together our IKEA pieces. I enjoyed the video.

  5. My second oldest has been on his own for two years now too. I miss that kiddo. 😉 I’ve never been to an Ikea, but I know people LOVE it!

  6. ROFLMAO!!
    That’s my bed!
    I was lucky enough that I missed setting it up.
    That one was a little tricky according to my husband.
    I love ikea furniture and the challenge in the build.
    My hubby… not so much!
    Of course that place is like a time sucking vortex ….once you get in there is so much to see!

  7. Our house has so much furniture from Ikea in it– entertainment center, guest bed, mattress, cabinets, and tables…. so much! We sure do LOVE Ikea!

  8. my house is really Ikeacized lol. We love that place. Next on lmy list is enlisting IKEA help to do my office which looks like a hurricane went through it. I really need help with it

  9. Time travel is an idea whose time has come–but I mean the real deal! Clever Ikea idea, though. Tweeted!

  10. Tiffany Steadman-Collins says:

    Ikea and me have an interesting relationship LOL I love their stuff but hate putting it together. It is neat that they offered this experience I think it would be way to much fun to participate in it:)

  11. I agree with a comment above that the furniture is a dream, but the narrative a nightmare. When I lived in DC, I bought several things from Ikea. So many fun furnishing ideas.

  12. I remember when we built our house was around the time the first IKEA appeared near us. I was so pooped I just wanted to live in one of their display rooms!

    Time travel – I always loved reading about it in books. Cute idea from Ikea.

  13. What a funny and strange concept but, on the other hand, that video was genius piece of marketing by IKEA – I don’t think I will forget it! Plan your future…hmmm…yeah, cribs are good for a grandma nest!

  14. We’ve traveled inside an IKEA and it’s a maze. They have some pretty neat stuff but we’ve never purchased anything.

  15. I like certain things from IKEA but not normally furniture. Their kitchens are beautiful, though!

  16. I haven’t been to Ikea in a while. I do like browsing through every now and again

  17. My daughter put together a dresser once (refusing help) only to find out she put something in backwards. That was not a happy day!

  18. Around here, we only have one Ikea and you literally can’t get near the place. It’s so absurdly crowded ALL THE TIME.

  19. I like going to Ikea, there are so many cool pieces of furniture and accessories. I have bought book cases, rugs, lamps and other unique items at Ikea.

  20. PS fun video, I want to meet that hypnotist 🙂

  21. I’ve never been in an IKEA, as there isn’t one in Santa Barbara. But I read about those sleepovers in Australia. That sounded fun.

  22. I recently went to my first IKEA and loved it. Going back for baby accessories! We need 2 of everything!

  23. I’ve bought a couple of things from IKEA in the past and loved them. It’s such a massive store – it’s easy to get lost and find tons of things to buy.

  24. IKEA is my favorite! Thanks for sharing this information!

  25. What a crazy but interesting idea to go through the future. But it makes sense to do with with IKEA. I’ve bought many items from their store and see buying more in the future.

  26. the video is too funny! What an interesting concept! We love IKEA here in NJ. Most people actually make a thing out of visiting IKEA because they have a food court and play area for little ones.

  27. We have gone through several IKEA pieces as our life has changed over the years. Now my daughter is married and they are starting their life on their own. Soon they’ll be taking their first trip to IKEA together, too!

  28. Love IKEA, they have such an awesome selection. We recently purchased cabinets from them for our stairway hall.

  29. Sadly we don’t have an ikea that nearby – I have always loved there products when we have ventured to one though. x

  30. Have not been to Ikea in a while. Wish one was closer.

  31. We are moving and I really hope we have an IKEA close by. They have the coolest stuff.

  32. Jennifer Williams says:

    We have several Ikea pieces in our home too. I wish they had a store near me, we had one back home and I loved going there.

  33. In my travels to the States, I’ve never actually gone to an Ikea. Saw it from the car we were in, but that’s about it. My family love it though, they are always raving about something they got there.

  34. I have never shopped with IKEA. But, I have been hearing such wonderful things about them.

  35. I’ve never been in an IKEA either! We need so much for our home right now, so I’m tempted to travel. Maybe it’s a good thing, though. I suspect that IKEA could become a problem for me, if you get my drift… 🙂

  36. I have not been to Ikea in a long time.

  37. I have bought very little at Ikea and nothing in the way of furniture. Funny story when the big earthquake hit in northridge my BFF called me over to her house in the valley and she had all Ikea furniture and everything collapsed and had to be thrown out. They have come a long way since then and I know lots of people including my kids who love it. I just can’t erase the images but I know they have come a very long way from then but it stuck in my mind.

  38. When I travel forward I never saw it making it through. But times have changed and so has the level of IKEA.

  39. We love Ikea. We have purchased a lot of furniture and Christmas decorations over the years. Just had a friend do his whole kitchen with Ikea.

  40. The experiment with the hypnotist taking the couple through Ikea to look at their life is so incredibly cool. There is so much Ikea stuff running around my house it is incredible.

  41. We love IKEA and especially their prices. Our favorite is that they offer child care while you shop. I wish more stores would do that. We have yet to buy their furniture though, only decorations, light fixtures and such.

  42. Melissa Smith says:

    I’m not sure how, but I have never owned anything from IKEA. Although there is a store a few hours away that I plan on going to when we redo our kitchen.

  43. We don’t have an IKEA near us, but I so wish we did. I could spend hours in there just looking.

  44. Oh my goodness! That was a weird video! I love IKEA. I could spend hours and hours there and never get tired of it.

  45. What a coincidence! I was just at Ikea today actually! I like a lot of their furniture. I love that there are really affordable varieties.

  46. Ikea has been a staple in our home for years as well. It was with us as a dating couple, and has been there after the purchase of our first home as married couple. We’ve picked out lots of baby pieces, and it’s been a constant through several military moves. We love Ikea and can’t wait to continue the traditions of using their items for our children when they leave the nest… a long time from now. 😉

  47. I LOVE IKEA! I need a trip nearby one soon so I have an excuse to go 😉

  48. I have been to Ikea but it is one place that my middle daughter wants to visit. So I think there will be visit to one in the near future. I have always been in love with their furniture.

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