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the red-hot 2015 mazda6

Mazda6 driveway

Other than “zoom-zoom,” the word you most often hear associated with driving a Mazda is “fun.”

They’re not kidding.

How can you not have fun when you’re driving a cute little sporty number like this 2015 Mazda6?

I had a week with that baby, and it definitely made me get my swag on.

Because the Mazda6 deserves more than just a trip to Ralph’s (although it does seem to have upped my coolness factor with the check-out guys), Michael and I decided to take it for a weekend in Long Beach.

Mazda6 Lois and Michael

We loved zipping up the freeway but had to watch our speed because that red-hot exterior definitely stands out. The car handles smoothly and brakes easily, which we learned when a coyote – yes, a coyote! – jumped out of the bushes, in front of the car, and on to the other side of the road as I was taking a wide curve to exit. WOW!

When we looked up spirit animals later, we read that the appearance of a coyote signifies playfulness, which just happens to be another word for “fun.” Duh! We also learned that there’s something serious and solid behind that lightheartedness, and that’s so true for the Mazda6.


Not only does it react immediately but it’s got a ton of safety features, including my favorite – the blind spot detectors on the side mirrors. The car also somehow manages to balance itself out to help keep you in place rather than throwing your head back when you have to stop short, which is amazing.

One of its best features is the navigation system, which not only has a nice, clear voice you can actually hear and understand, but tells you when there’s a delay due to traffic and asks if you’d like to find an alternative route.

“That’s awesome!” Michael screamed when it announced we were delayed three minutes, making me practically jump out of my seat and discover what I told you about stopping short.

We loved the screen and how easy it was to see, read and figure out all the functions.

Mazda 6 audio

Okay, I probably should have chosen to take a photo when a different song was playing. Regardless, we had a great time listening to my iPod when I drove and Sirius radio when Michael took the wheel.

Because the Mazda6 got such good gas mileage, I was able to take another trip up to Orange County later in the week all on that same tank of gas, which was pretty impressive.

I would absolutely consider the Mazda6 if we were looking for a new car. And, although I didn’t take these photos in the Mazda6, these are the songs that represent it way better than the one I used above.

Fun Fun Fun song

Coyote songZoom-zoom, indeed.


  1. That is a sharp looking ride! Both my father and my brother have Mazdas and they are both very happy with theirs!

  2. What a hot car indeed. Love that cherry red.

  3. I had a Millenia for years. Loved it.

  4. That’s pretty interesting about the coyote getting in the way at the start. Hmmm….

    What a snazzy little vehicle. I’d be delighted to have some zoom-zoom fun with it!

  5. Oh man I want that car. As soon as my 2002 Camry wears out. Which, at the rate it’s going, will probably be never. It’s a good little car.

  6. I love this car except for the red, I’d like a blue or black one! This would be really great to show up at the Yankees mini Women’s camp with wouldn’t it!!! I love it though and could definitely see me zipping down the roads on our cross country trip in this!

  7. Sweet ride. Take me for a spin please. I could handle strolling the street in this baby.

  8. OH yeah, that car makes a weekend zoom-zoom alright. It’s a beauty!

  9. Jennifer Williams says:

    I had a friend that purchased a Mazda crossover and he loved it. Said it was much better than the BMW he traded in for it – who would have thought.

  10. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Looks like a very fun car with aesome features! I once had a sports car that was red and I loved the color (I have read that red cars get pulled over more often for speeding than other colors — have you heard that?).

  11. I haven’t driven a high-tech dashboard car yet. Well, maybe a rental that I didn’t really fully engage in exploring all features. I am glad to read that you were able to figure it out. Maybe I should try a little harder next time. (I’m originally from Cypress, CA, so I love the details about So. Cal.)

  12. One of our friends has a Mazda 6 and loves it. It’s definitely a nice looking car!

  13. A: That is a sweet ride.
    B: Did anyone ever tell you that your husband looks a little like a younger Jerry Lewis?

  14. Good looking car! I LOVE the color!!!!

  15. That navigation system is incredibly cool and you will never lose that bright red baby in the parking lot! Love the music selections – especially Coyote!

  16. What a sweet car! Love the color, very sporty!

  17. Love the red and the girl and guy driving the car. Glad you had a good trip and LOVE the coyote story.

  18. That is one good looking car! I love the bright red & the sleek design!

  19. Ah this car looks awesome! If only we weren’t already shopping for a minivan, I would be all over this!

  20. WOW that is one beautiful car! i’m still in the land of “must fit a bunch of kids” cars, but one day—- one day I’ll have a cool ride!

  21. That is one nice looking car!

  22. Looks like a fun weekend. Mazdas are definitely fun cars.

  23. This car is gorgeous! I have always loved the Mazda!

  24. That is a nice looking car! I am driving a minivan and can’t wait for the day that I can have a fun car again.

  25. Love the color on that Mazda! What a silly coincidence that the song Drunken Angel would be playing, just played it on YouTube and it sounds like a good cruising song. Hey Drunken Angel in the song just don’t drink and drive : )

  26. Elizabeth O. says:

    You have such a sexy-looking Mazda 6 2015.

  27. Okay, that is a RED HOT CAR! Wow… I would love to take that out on a weekend drive without the kids

  28. What a nice looking car! I love the color of the one in your post.

  29. Cool. Looks like a neat car. I love the added technology.

  30. Who wouldn’t want to drive around in this cute number? I am more a SUV type person but I wouldn’t mind driving it for a week.

  31. This is one nice car. I would love to have it.

  32. Very true that toyotas never die! I have never driven a Mazda but you may have convinced me I need to test drive.

  33. So red is my favorite color in everything. I am loving the new Mazda 6.

  34. Oh my goodness that is one gorgeous looking car – loving the gadgets as well 🙂 x

  35. Amanda Love says:

    That Mazda looks sweet! I’m not too much a big fan of Mazda but hubby likes their sport cars.

  36. That is a snazzy color of read on that Mazda! I love it!

  37. What a smoking hot ride! I’m a big fan of Mazda’s and the 6 looks like a charmer.

  38. That is a beautiful car. I love the red color for sure. My husband would love this!

  39. This looks like a fantastic car. i am in the market for a new car. I will have to take one out for a test drive.

  40. I’ve been wanting a red car for years. This Mazda is sweet and would look great in my driveway.

  41. A nice ride for sure. I love that color too!

  42. LOVE THAT! We’re in the market for a car, but my husband wants something more “SUV” like. I wouldn’t mind something sporty and sassy like this though!

  43. That is one sweet looking ride! I Really love the it! I don’t drive (yet) but this sweet car is tempting me!!

  44. That is a good looking car! I’d love to drive that around town!

  45. The car looks good and has a lot of really nice features.

  46. Love that you had such a great time with a beautiful car. We are a minivan family here!

  47. Wow love it! I feel like a fart now in my Nissan Murano lol. We just keep getting them over and over. It’s our 4th one! I guess we like it lol. I do love this Mazda though. It looks like such a fun ride. Adore the red too!

  48. That does look like a fun car! I’ve never driven a Mazda … or a red car either. Some shades of red I’m not a fan of but I like that one!!

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