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being money-smart with wescom credit union


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Thanks to Wescom for sponsoring this post and helping me understand my finances.

Because Michael and I got married so young – he was 24, I was 22 – we had to learn about money together.

Over the past 35 years, we’ve figured out mortgages, tuitions and retirement plans. We’ve dealt with remodels, insurance and healthcare. Every single event has been stressful because we never felt like we had any idea what we were doing.

Wescom Did You KnowEnter Wescom Credit Union, which just launched a fantastic financial education program last month, Did You Know?

Through mobile banking experiences, educational programs and complimentary financial consulting, Wescom is helping individuals and families understand banking basics and learn how to manage their own personal finances.

I love this idea because they’ve taken a subject that intimidates so many of us, and broken it down so it’s no longer scary. They’re teaching us all to be financially literate.

Wescom says it hopes to simplify the banking world one individual at a time. According to Debbie Shepherd, Director of Signature Experiences for Wescom, “Our Did You Know financial education portal, Signature Experiences and Big Blue events are designed to meet the needs of individuals with tools and resources that matter most for each stage of life.”

If you check out Wescom’s Financial Education portal, you can find programs and free resources for everyone from millennials and boomers to home buyers and single moms. Once you start reading – and realize you are actually getting what they’re talking about – you’ll want to keep digging deeper.

At this point in our lives, Michael and I want to spend some time learning about estate planning and teaching our kids how to save for their first apartments. In fact, I think we should start by showing them how to Balance Your Checkbook. Yes, this is basic to us but to them? Um, no.

I bet many of you will be interested in the Save for Retirement tool – which may then lead to this Household Cash Flow Tracker. And for those of you considering a new car, take a look at Gas Savings with a Fuel Efficient Vehicle.

I’m glad we live in Southern California, where Big Blue, Wescom’s mobile banking unit, will be traveling around to different communities. Financial experts will be on hand to present financial opportunities, assist in opening accounts and handle banking transactions.

Wescom Big Blue

As midlife women, it’s vital that we understand our finances and that we don’t depend on someone else to take care of them for us.

Knowledge leads to confidence, and there’s nothing more empowering than that – especially when it comes to money.


  1. So true!!! It’s never to early or late to look at your finances. It even brings peace of mind!!!

  2. I definitely learned about finances through trial and error but wow things are so different now. We just made an appointment to make sure we are still on track with retirement coming up and estate planning , health directives etc…
    It is such a shame they don’t teach home economics anymore.
    This bank is providing a much needed service.

  3. I love when financial institutions offer sound (free) financial advice. Credit unions seem to offer some of the best. I’ve been a credit union member for more than 30 years. Far more personable, it seems, than regular banks.

    Yay for Wescom CU! They sound like a great one!

  4. I’ve always found all of that stuff confusing and have mostly muddled through. Great info and resources. Thanks.

  5. Awesome post! Thank you, I’m going to send this to my kids!

  6. I so agree. As women we need to take responsibility for our finances and financial future.

  7. If it simplifies banking, I’m in support! If it helps people with their finances and being more responsible? I’m in!

  8. what a great resource – I completely agree that we need to understand our finances and not be dependent on someone else. Responsibility has to stop with us – it’s too late to be looking back with regret.

  9. What a great outreach program! Making all of us more fiscal responsible is empowering.

  10. You two really grew together! My parents married so young too. I think money responsibility and understanding are important life skills.

  11. I am the one who does the finances in our marriage and prefer banks that teach their clients how to properly manage their money.
    So many banks out there just want to make a buck it’s nice to know of another one that is customer friendly.

  12. It’s really nice not to be totally in the dark when you’re starting to plan and save money. Their educational resources sound super helpful.

  13. Great post!!!! It is not my fav topic………….but such an important one for all of us to focus on!!

  14. Understanding our finances especially as we move towards retirement is just so important. We need to be comfortable that we will have the financial security to still enjoy life as we age. This company sounds like it is very helpful in providing this information.

  15. So many people don’t fully understand financial decisions. It’s hard to recover after too many bad decisions. Evening educated and making smart choices can help protect your future.

  16. So important for us to know this and so important for us to take the time to practice these skills. This is great info for all of our futures ! I wish I would have learned so much if this when I was younger

  17. Taking control of our personal finances is very important to me. I’ve already started my son by “giving” him his own credit card. It’s just a good way to teach him how to go online and pay bills (although it’s my money still). It’s amazing how many people don’t’ know some of the basics about banking or retirement plans. This is a great idea from WCU.

  18. If only this was around when I was younger. Handsome and I went through a little trial and error before we figured out our finances. So glad my children don’t have to learn that way! I’ll be passing this information along.

  19. Gotta love credit unions for just this reason!! I think it’s important that we understand our finances. I didn’t start really understanding my finances until I was in my late 20’s, early 30’s.

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