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uncommon goods: better to give

Better to Give

I am all about companies that give back in some way, and one of my favorite companies, Uncommon Goods, knows it’s Better to Give.

I’ve given so many gifts from their awesome site because it’s like giving two gifts in one. With every purchase you make, Uncommon Goods donates $1.00 to the Better to Give partner of your choice. Over the 12 years they’ve been doing this, they’ve given $1,000,000 to charity.

Right now, the non-profits they’re partnering with are RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), American Forests, International Rescue Committee and Reach Out & Read. In exchange for me introducing you to this fantastic program, Uncommon Goods is going to donate $100 in my name to one of these organizations.

How do I decide which one to choose? I’m going to leave it to you since every one of these causes is so important, and I really want to hear what you think.

Please take a minute to check out Better to Give and these vital non-profits. Then leave a comment, letting me know which organization really speaks to you and why.

Uncommon Goods socksMeanwhile, I’m going to do a little shopping because, like I said, I’m a big fan of Uncommon Goods’ unique and handmade items, and their mission to support emerging designers. The stories behind their work are always fascinating.

I know my daughter would be all over these mismatched socks knit from recycled cotton by Marianne Wakerlin, a.k.a. “Socklady.”

Uncommon Goods ShermanMy mom would get a kick out of this adorable Sherman the Sheep yarn bowl created by Becky Ziemer, which is so cute, I just may have to take up knitting.

And I kind of love this Pebble Stack Necklace made by Heather Goodwin and Kerry Alice Collins since it reminds me of the ones Michael has created all Uncommon Goods pebble necklaceover our garden.

There are so many other items I am enamored with on the Uncommon Goods site, and I’m pretty sure I can rationalize a shopping spree because, you know, I want to help support Better to Give.

Please help me decide which organization to donate to — and enjoy your own shopping spree.


  1. You don’t need to tell this woman twice.
    They. Are. My. Absolute. Fave.

  2. Thank you for sharing Uncommon Goods, I did not know about them. What beautiful items.

  3. I have those socks. I adore Uncommon Goods and usually start there for my holiday gift list.

  4. They are a great company. Those socks are too cute! Of the charities, they are all wonderful but Reach out and Read, kind of fits best.

  5. I’ve never heard of them before but I love any retailer who contributes to the betterment of others – they’ve certainly made a huge difference!

  6. I love Uncommon Goods – there are always fun things to buy for great gifts.

  7. I used to run a rape crisis online support group and worked as a crisis pregnancy counselor at a local place that helps women find maternity clothing, medical care, and even pays their rent. I worked with RAINN quite a bit with the rape crisis group. However, many of the women I worked with at the crisis pregnancy center couldn’t read, meaning their babies were often born with a disadvantage. I like both RAINN and Reach Out and Read —- and those socks. I have to have those!

  8. I have ordered products on Uncommon Goods. They have so many unusual items that make great gifts.

  9. This is the first I have heard of Uncommon Goods. Love the whole concept. Thank you for sharing this. I shall spread the word.

  10. I have never shopped at Uncommon Goods but sounds like they have a great variety of interesting gifts. All of those charities are worthy but I’ll vote for RAINN.

  11. This sounds like a wonderful place to shop for the upcoming holiday season! I love to help donate to good causes and this sounds like a great way to do that.

  12. We have Uncommon Goods in Boise, and it’s a interesting place with lots of positive energy. I’ll have to research about Better to Give. Thanks for the information.

  13. I’m a fan, too – I love your picks!

  14. I love shopping my conscience and love giving back. Uncommon Goods is the perfect answer. Thank you for reminding me about them!!

  15. Oh my how adorable! I love the sheep bowl..this looks like a great way to keep your yarn clean and have a little fun while knitting too. What a great gift idea.

  16. Great company and products. Great causes. I vote for the socks simply because I personally know Marianne (she’s a high school classmate of my husband; they reconnected at their 50th reunion 2 years ago and she’s become a friend to me, too). She started the business on her own at age 51, after her marriage ended, and built it into the successful operation it is today (and her son and DIL now run it). And they’re terrific socks!

  17. They are all great causes. I say International Rescue Committee. The natural disasters and humanitarian crises we see all over the world are so massive and so much is needed in these situations to save lives and help people get back on their feet. So much is needed. And I like the necklace too!

  18. I haven’t heard of this site before, but I love the idea. It’s so hard to choose which cause to support.

  19. I love Uncommon Goods and I love unmatched socks! I love that they give back and I love the gifts they have! Thanks for reminding me about them!

  20. I’d choose RAINN because so many lives are messed up for a long time or forever because of those situations. However, any of the causes are worthwhile.

  21. Lisa JOnes says:

    I Never Heard Of Them But I see They Have A Variety Of Items I Love The Necklace & For A Great Cause Love It!!

  22. OK, how did i not know about this site? shopping for cute stuff and supporting worthy causes. Thank you for sharing this site. And yes agree with several other comments-those socks are adorable!

  23. I loved uncommon goods before.. I love them even more so now with this incentive. With so many ills in the world, i love companies that contribute in eradicating or at least trying to lower them in our society

  24. Oh my goodness what great gift ideas. i so want those socks. I am off to shop. Shh don’t tell hubby.

  25. RAINN is what I would support. What a great way to introduce non profits! Here’s to Uncommon Goods!

  26. I love your gift ideas Lois and even more because the profits go to a worthy cause. I’m checking out and hopefully they ship to Australia.

  27. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Every one of those charities is so deserving. Now that hat I know about it, I’m going to do my gift shopping at Uncommon Goods for sure.

  28. They all sound great. I would vote for Reach Out and Read. Great company doing great work!

  29. Such wonderful causes, they all are deserving. I’m loving that pebble stack necklace. I think I’m seeing one in my future!

  30. I love Uncommon Goods – and those socks! While all the causes are great – I’d choose RAINN – but mostly because I’ve had personal experience and I know how it can really screw up many lives.Thank you for promoting this wonderful company/cause!

  31. I am too about supporting companies that give back to the community in which we live and work. This is great. I didn’t know about this company so thank you for introducing us.

  32. This is such a great idea (and the gifts look amazing too). I’d love to see something like this pop up in the UK 🙂

  33. I vote for Reach Out & Read.
    Because watching political coverage on the news has thinking that more literacy is greatly needed in our country.


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