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A $5000 hamburger? The opportunity to be in control of the Bellagio Fountains? Here are 10 Ways to Experience the Luxurious Side of Las Vegas.

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care’s special delivery project #withsyria

Helga CARE package

photo/Carey Wagner for CARE

Michael and I have supported CARE for many years because it’s a great humanitarian organization. Its mission is to fight global poverty,  and we love that it focuses on working alongside poor women, understanding that if you equip women with the proper resources, they can lift whole communities out of poverty.

Now, CARE is launching a powerful Special Delivery project, and it’s something we feel strongly about for personal reasons. [Read more…]

Share the Love

Here are a couple of easy ways to warm the hearts of those who could use a little love.

TakeThemAMeal.com is a free online tool designed to coordinate the delivery of meals to someone in need, like a new mom, a friend who just lost a loved one or a co-worker home with a broken leg.

Rather than everyone bringing a casserole on the same day, the site lets you create a schedule and provide helpful information including food allergies and driving directions.It’s such a simple but ingenious idea, you’ll wonder why this wasn’t available before!

Send a care package to a deployed soldier through Operation: Soldier Smile. Choose from a variety of options including Boredom Buster, Energy Blast and the Ultimate Comfort and Care Hygiene Collection, then write “Adopt” in the “Ship to” box. Your gift will be on its way to a soldier who’s put in a request, and you will have made someone’s day.