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I’m not sure if I want to go back to college but, after staying at the Graduate Ann Arbor, I definitely want to stay in these college town hotels which I wrote about for USA Today 10Best!

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3 hotel incidents: what would you have done?


Because I travel so much, it’s no surprise that sometimes things just don’t go right.

I’ve had three hotel incidents in the past few years that I still think about. Luckily, none of them were terrible because I think I only handled one of them properly — although, honestly, I’m not sure I would have done anything differently for the first two even now.

I thought I’d share these with you to get your advice and get you thinking about what to do if you find yourself in one of these situations someday — which I hope you won’t! [Read more…]

our viking river cruise to the christmas markets in germany

Christmas markets Germany

Visiting the Christmas Markets in Europe has always been a bucket list item for us.

So when Viking offered us our choice of a second cruise — we fell in love with them on a cruise through the South of France earlier this year — we unhesitatingly booked Germany  after Thanksgiving so we could finally make this dream come true.

Get out your calendar because, trust me, you’re going to want to start planning this trip for next year. [Read more…]

10 places to travel in 2015

Start packing! Patricia Schultz, author of 1000 Places to See Before You Die, has 10 great recommendations on places you must visit in 2015. Check out my travel article on Boomeon.

european river cruises – yes, please!

Jewels of Europe

I know yesterday I wrote about how happy I am to be home but I can’t help it – I’m already thinking about where to go next.

Michael and I really want to do a river cruise, and while I was in the UK, I came upon this site for Scenic Tours, which offers all-inclusive luxury river cruises that sound amazing.

I have since spent an inordinate amount of time fantasizing about booking a river cruise in Europe in 2015. [Read more…]

there’s no place like home

Highclere Castle

Um, not my home.

I’m baaaack! 

After 10 fantastic days which included everything from London Dungeons to Highclere Castle, and after two flights which lasted more than 12 hours and shot me forward 8 hours in time yesterday, I am back in my own bed in sunny Southern California.

And I am happy.

Because as much as I love traveling, I love coming home. [Read more…]

top travel destinations

Trying to decide where to travel this summer? Here are 10 top destinations for baby boomers, from Patricia Schultz, author of 1000 Places to See Before You Die.

travel essentials

It’s vacation time, and here are 10 travel essentials that will make your next trip so much easier and more fun!

best of scottsdale, day 5: glass, gardens and the hyatt regency at gainey ranch

Hotel Valley Ho sign

Look what happens when you add “me” to the end of that sign …

On our last day in Scottsdale, we woke up early so we could spend some time with my friends, Julie Lemerond and Priscilla Nelson, who I had met on my Oprah adventure. Priscilla is an amazing artist and Julie is a yoga teacher extraordinaire. [Read more…]

the best of scottsdale, day 2: birthdays, balloons, burgers and butterflies


Michael’s birthday started on a high note – literally – with a hot air balloon ride over Scottsdale/Phoenix. It was his 57th birthday, he was born in 1957 and 57 is my lucky number, so it had to be a special celebration. [Read more…]

what you didn’t know about scottsdale

Lois and Priscilla

My good friend, Priscilla Nelson of NelsonArt.com, recently moved to Scottsdale, which has so inspired her stunning paintings.

Before I share our day two adventures, I think I should clear up a couple of misconceptions about Scottsdale, in general, and the Phoenician, in particular.

1. First of all, contrary to popular belief, Scottsdale is not just a spa location. Trust me, this kind of surprised me, too, having gone there every year for, well, spa weekends. When I called my sister and told her some of the things we were doing, she kept saying, “I didn’t know they had that. Why didn’t we do that?” [Read more…]