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The only Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum in the country is located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and it’s a must-visit!

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i’m off to puerto vallarta for the natja conference!

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Can you believe I’ve lived in Southern California for almost 17 years and still haven’t been to Mexico?

I’m happy to say that changes today as I head to Puerto Vallarta for the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) conference with my good friend, Ruth.

I know I haven’t even written about my Viking River Cruise through Southern France yet but — who knows? — I just may pick up some new ideas for sharing my trips with you. I’m also hoping to find some new outlets for my work because there is so much I want to write about every time I travel.

Most of all, though, I’m excited about discovering Puerto Vallarta and experiencing its rich culture, beautiful scenery and, of course, its food. Discovering different places, getting a sense of their history and meeting the people who live there are what make travel so special. The fact that we get to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Mexico is simply icing on the cake — or on the churro.

I hope you’ll come along with me, virtually, as I Tweet live and post pictures on Instagram.

Meanwhile, let me leave you with the song that’s made me want to head South of the Border for years.

I guess I’ll have to go now!


  1. The only thing I know about Puerto Vallarta has to do with Captain Steubing and The Love Boat! So you’ll have to tell me the real story behind that beautiful place, Lois. Safe travels and I can’t wait to follow along virtually with you and Ruth!! xo

  2. That is great! Sounds like fun, I cannot wait to read about your experience !

  3. I have never been, either. Can not wait to hear all about your trip!

  4. (((Eager to live vicariously through all your social media updates :-)))

  5. Awesome, I’m heading over to IG to follow your pics! #WomenofMidlife

  6. That is hard to believe that you haven’t been to Mexico yet. LOL I live in LA. But you will love Puerto Vallarta. I used to go to a time share down there. We loved the El Panorama Restaurant. It overlooks the entire bay. I hope you have a ton of fun!

  7. I’m just gonna say it: I’m so freakin’ jealous! 😀 A fabulous trip with fabulous Ruth. Again, I’m so freakin’ jealous… but I can’t wait to hear all about the adventure!


  8. PV is one of our favorite places! If you get a chance go to Mislamoya, about 20 minutes south- still very authentic and untouched. ENJOY!

  9. Have a fabulous time! I shall be waiting to hear all about your trip.

  10. Oh – I can’t wait to hear about the Viking River Cruise. It is something that we are considering for next year and it would be great to hear about the experience. In the meantime I hope you have a wonderful time in Puerto Vallara

  11. I was there years ago on a cruise and I loved it. In fact, I love Mexico and go there at least once or twice a year. Have fun!

  12. Oh what fun! I will look forward to your pics and posts! Safe travels and have a blast!

  13. I went there years ago and had a blast. I even saw turtles hatching on the beach which only happens once a year I believe at a certain time. Enjoy!

  14. I have loved following your adventure on Instagram!

  15. The two of you look like you are having such a fabulous time. The beach, dolphins what fun! I am looking forward to reading about both trips but I am definitely going to eat first:) Your post always make me so hungry.
    Travel safely and tell Ruth I said hello.

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