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boxes of books are back for the holidays!

books on counter

When I did this promotion in June, you pretty much cleaned me out, for which Michael thanks you. But, somehow, in the past six months, the book piles have taken over again and it’s time for me to pack them up and get them out to you.

All you have to do to get a big fat box filled with great winter night reading is follow these steps:

1. Write a check for at least $20 per box ($12.30 goes to the flat rate shipping, the rest will go to a charity to be determined) made out to Lois Alter Mark. Readers have always been extremely generous, and contributions have been made to non-profits that support breast cancer research, domestic violence prevention and children in need.

2. Enclose a piece of paper with your name, mailing address and email address. Be sure to tell me which of these genres you prefer (mention as many as you’d like): fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction, chick lit, mystery/thriller, cookbooks, self-improvement, biography, crafts, memoir, non-fiction, anything I’ve forgotten. I can’t promise but I always try and often succeed in fulfilling these requests.

3. Put the check and the paper in an envelope addressed to Lois Alter Mark, Midlife at the Oasis, 3525 Del Mar Heights Road #582, San Diego, CA 92130.

Your box will include at least $100 worth of books plus I try to throw in a DVD or whatever other goodies I may have on hand, thanks to my generous publicist friends.

Don’t wait! These boxes go really fast, and it’s so much fun to get one of them in your mailbox. You can also order them for your friends, sisters, daughters, moms, whoever. Just remember to include their names and addresses as well, and let me know if there’s anything specific they like. You can include a note for me to stick in their box or I can write one myself. I love when you share these with the women in your lives, and these make great holiday treats.

Everyone is always happy with their boxes — thank you for the nice emails and Facebook posts! — and that makes me especially happy.


  1. Great idea and good luck with this contest.

    Since our house is up for sale and we’re getting rid of things I think if I brought any more books into our house my husband would begin divorce proceedings! 🙂

  2. This is a fantastic fundraiser. I will share!

  3. I’m ready for some new books to read and love receiving your box of goodies. Knowing that my check also helps a charity is an extra bonus. I’m sending my request our today.

  4. What a great idea! I gave away tons of books last year to the Disabled Veterans, and yes, I have just as many back on the shelves!

  5. This is so great Lois. Hard to believe how many books you read too! I will be sharing your post!

  6. This is a fabulous and generous act, Lois. Kudos to you for putting to great use all those bajillions of books sent by publishing PR.

  7. You are too fun. What a fun idea. When do you sleep? With all that you do —

  8. Excellent contest! I will be sure to share!

  9. This is so great, Lois! Love that you’re doing this. I will be sharing.

  10. What a terrific idea! I have tons and tons of books. I might try this next year when I start fundraising for the Alzheimer’s Association again!

  11. Great idea. I too have way too many books. But love your idea. Good for you!

  12. Betty Hengemuehler says:

    Just mailed $50 check for 2 boxes. May donate any books that I receive that I might already have to my nearest library. Great project, Lois.

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      Thanks, Betty! Make sure you tell me what kind of books you’re interested in — as many genres as possible, please!

  13. This is such a great idea! I love reading and sharing books too.

  14. Wow that is a lot of books! What a neat concept! Perfect for the book lover!

  15. What a great idea to help you clean up and raise funds. I will share this!

  16. This is an amazing gift to you readers! I’m scrambling to get my checkbook and note in the mail to you! lol

  17. This sounds marvelous!! Can’t wait!!

  18. Mo Carlson says:

    What a great idea!
    Is it still early enough to participate or have I missed the mark? I just learned about this through Betts Hengemuehler.

  19. BayParkReader says:

    It looks like you haven’t done a ‘box of books’ in a while (not that I need more) – just wondering if you’ll be offering this any time soon – keep up the great blogs – love reading them

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      Oh, we are so on the same wavelength! Yes, I was just thinking it will be time to do this again before the holidays. I’m thinking the beginning of November so be on the lookout. And thanks so much for the nice words!

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