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I’m not sure if I want to go back to college but, after staying at the Graduate Ann Arbor, I definitely want to stay in these college town hotels which I wrote about for USA Today 10Best!

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Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of the big summer reading season. So, back by popular demand, I’m offering another Boxes of Books promotion!

Many of you have been asking me to do one before the Fourth of July so here you go, my fellow book lovers.

All you have to do to get a big fat box filled with books meant for long flights or chaise lounges is follow these steps:

1. Write a check for at least $20 per box ($13.60 goes to the shipping for a medium flat rate box from the United States Post Office, and the rest will go to a charity to be determined) and make it out to Lois Alter Mark. Readers have always been extremely generous, and contributions have been made to non-profits that support breast cancer research, domestic violence prevention and children in need.

2. Enclose a piece of paper with your name, mailing address and email address. Be sure to tell me which of these genres you prefer (mention as many as you’d like): fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction, chick lit, mystery/thriller, cookbooks, self-improvement, biography, crafts, memoir, non-fiction, anything I’ve forgotten. I can’t promise but I always try and often succeed in fulfilling these requests.

3. Put the check and the paper in an envelope addressed to Lois Alter Mark, Midlife at the Oasis, 3525 Del Mar Heights Road #582, San Diego, CA 92130.

Don’t wait! These boxes always go really fast.

It’s so much fun to get one of these boxes in your mailbox. You can also order them for your friends, sisters, daughters, moms, whoever. Just remember to include their names and addresses as well, and let me know if there’s anything specific they like. Feel free to include a note for me to stick in their box or I can write one myself. I love love love when you share books with the women in your lives. They make great surprise treats.

Everyone is always happy with their boxes of books — thank you for the nice emails and Facebook posts! — and that makes me especially happy.

Can’t wait to get your orders!


  1. Any chance you’d accept email/Paypal? EVERY SINGLE TIME you do one of these I swear I’m going to send you a check, but between finding a checkbook and a stamp…it never happens! I realize you may not want to, but it can’t hurt to ask, right?

  2. I’ve been waiting for you to make this offer again. My check is in the mail. Thanks, Lois.

  3. Fun! Will do it tonight!

  4. You are great to do this again! Sharing the good reads!!

  5. OH yes!!!! I loved this last year so will be doing again. I am going to Paypal you since that is so much easier for me! These will end up on my Little Free Library and I know it will be a wonderful way to stock it with some quality books! Thanks again so much!

  6. I wish we had room in our place to be a part of this. It’s such a great idea – sheer genius. No surprise, cause it’s YOU!!!!

  7. I love when you do this! It’s the first year I just can’t participate. I have way too many books waiting. But it’s a very good promotion and a good cause. Bless you!

  8. I LOVE THIS SO! Why don’t I do this? It’s brilliant. Seriously, brilliant!!!

  9. I can’t keep up with the books I already have planned so I won’t be ordering this summer – but you rock for offering this again!

  10. Laurie Emerson says:

    I just sent over a paypal payment with my favorite genres. I am so excited to be able to get in on this!

  11. This is such an awesome idea and so generous of you!

  12. Would you send a box of books to Canada?
    This is such an awesome idea! I would totally love to get a box of books.

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