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welcome home, alex! the electronics have been waiting for you :)

Alex and me laughing

I hope he’s still laughing after he sees the list we have for him …

I am so excited that my son is coming home for Thanksgiving tonight! (I wish my daughter was coming home, too, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards this year.) He’ll be here for a week and a half, and I can’t wait to spend time with him.

I’m looking forward to staying up late with him, talking and binge-watching TV, going to the movies together and having lunches at In-N-Out since we’re now the only two meat eaters in the family.

Last time he was here, it was only for a short weekend visit and he had a lot to do so we didn’t bother him with, um, the electronics. We might have snuck in a quick little, “Hey, could you just take a look at this for a minute?” because he is a wiz with these things but we literally had to bite our tongues not to ask him the million questions we have.

This time, though, he’s home for a nice long time.

Heh heh heh.

Michael and I are totally technologically-challenged when it comes to understanding our electronics. Alex is not only smart but he has amazing patience. Amazing. He will calmly repeat instructions to me until they finally sink in and you can practically see the lightbulb go on in my head.

He also believes in teaching someone to fish rather than just giving them one.

So, in a brilliant combination of getting a NaBloPoMo post written and getting our electronics in shape, here’s a list of what my sweet son will hopefully be accomplishing for us teaching me to do while he’s home. I hope he’s not reading this at the airport because he may not want to get on the plane.

* Finish transferring our old VHS tapes to DVD

* Transfer the Oprah Australia shows on the DVR to DVD so we can finally get a new cable box

* See why my iPhone Cloud says the storage is full

* See why my iPhone says it hasn’t backed up in months

* Transfer the photos on my phone to my laptop

* Help me order some photo gifts

* Check out Apple TV

* Transfer photos stuck on my camera’s hard drive to my laptop since we lost the cord

* Figure out how to install wi-fi in my parents’ house

Speaking of which … Mom and dad, I know you have a list, too.

But there are eight more days of November, so let’s save that for another post.


  1. Love the list. Does he still have friends that live in the city because you have not programmed that into his list. When my kids came home, seeing friends first, mom projects last. Enjoy the sweet family time. I gave a great imputed guy who can do a lot of this remotely for you. Lol you two are toooooo funny, my friend.

  2. So happy for you he’ll be there – when you/he gets the vhs to dvd sorted out PLEASE (*stretches arms toward you, hands clasped in pleading gesture*) post about how you decided to do this…pretty please.

  3. we know we are kindred spirits and now yet another commonality ..AND the best kids ever!! xox

  4. We can’t wait for him to be home. The apple cake is waiting for him.

  5. What joy it is when a kiddo comes home, especially for a fair amount of time. When he’s done at your place, will you please put him on a plane to mine? I have many of the same issues, sans the Oprah work.

  6. Have fun with Alex! Oh how much fun to watch movies with your son. Love it.

    But when he’s on his way home can he fly down to Jersey for just a little bit? We are also technologically disadvantaged and I need some VHS tapes transferred. I promise him a good meal. What’s the name of that SD restaurant? I’ll have to find something similar for takeout. Hmm…xo

  7. This is one of the things i miss out on as I don’t have kids!

  8. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    So glad you will have your boy home for eight days! Enjoy every minute. Visits with adult children living far away are a gift to be cherished. Don’t work him too hard!

  9. Have a wonderful holiday with your son. We too also have our grown children set up and explain our electronics. They to have so much patience when it comes to electronics. That is one thing my husband and I lack – we immediately get frustrated – they do not.

  10. HA!!!! I could write the same for Kodiak. And also include the decorations that are stuffed up in the attic…that need to be brought down. Love this Lois! So glad to know that ours isn’t the only son who “teaches” his parents!

  11. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Even though my son lives close, we cherish the minutes we get with him! Here’s to a week and half of smiles and laughter!

  12. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your son and I look forward to reading about your adventures together.
    Hopefully he works quickly through your list.

  13. So fun! My daughter just arrived last night from Penn State. Now I can get everything technical back in order at my house with her help! Haha Have fun!

  14. I can relate totally to you looking forward to spending time with your son. My son Michael, is coming up for a few days too, and I’m so excited! My daughter is always here so there is no issue there! There is one exception, I’m the geek who fixes everyone’s tech issues…and boy…is it ever so exhausting lol. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  15. That little heh heh heh cracked me up. I, too, am way too dependent on my son when it comes to electronics. Which is quite the challenge now that he’s moved across the country. Enjoy every minute of his visit.

  16. How great that he is coming home. It’s so nice to have family home for the holidays.

  17. My husband does these kinds of tech-savvy things for his parents when we go visit. I’m delighted to hear that you get to spend some time with him. I hope your daughter gets a chance to visit soon. My kids are still at home, but I’ll be in your shoes in just a few, short years. Waaa.

  18. Oh I hope you have the most wonderful time enjoying every precious minute with your son…..whether you’re in a dark movie theater or feeding him food in between the tasks you have planned for him. No matter what, you’ll make a whole bunch of new memories!

  19. Great news!

    How do you transfer DVR video to DVD? Haha. No, seriously.

  20. How wonderful! I’m sure this will make your Thanksgiving the best one ever.

  21. Looks like a great ride. Nice and spacious with great features!

  22. How great that he was able to come for the holiday. My daughter came back from college yesterday, and it is wonderful to have her home again, even if it is temporary.

  23. Oh you make me laugh. My phone does the same “your Cloud isn’t something” then directs me to settings every time too. Is this the little boy in the photo of you at the Yankees Spring Training? My big little boy comes home this afternoon. Yay for me too.

  24. Like everyone else said, send him over when he’s finished! I have my own wish list of techie things. My sons tend to be very very impatient with me…I might have to PAY someone else to teach me what they can. Just to save the peace, you know what I mean??

  25. My Alex is on his way home too! He’s just going to eat and sleep a lot. The benefit of being married to an engineer is the daily tech support, freeing up the children’s spare time on holidays.

    Enjoy having Alex home!

  26. Um… could I borrow your son?
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and visit with him!!

  27. You lucky woman , all your electronics will be working smoothly soon and you get a nice long visit with your son, a great 2 for!

  28. I have a son named Michael coming tonight too lol. I’m so excited! That’s quite a list you have for him there. Have fun together! Happy Thanksgiving! xo

  29. can I make an appointment with Alex? Your list looks very comparable to mine! Only, I don’t have a patient teacher to walk me thru the steps! :0) Happy Thanksgiving!

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