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my #thatsabuick moments at the final four

Lois at Final Four

I headed off to the Final Four, sure of two things: 1) Indiana was a homophobic, unwelcoming state and 2) Kentucky was going to take the championship.

I was wrong on both counts, causing me to experience what I will, from now on, refer to as #thatsabuick moments.

If you’ve seen the commercials, you know that, more and more, people are happily surprised to realize that their perception of Buick is obsolete: what they were convinced is an old company geared toward old people is actually a luxury brand up on the latest style and technology.

So, when they’re admiring some great-looking car like the Encore or Regal, they have to be told, “That’s a Buick” because what they’re seeing is so far removed from their preconceived notions.

I was reminded of this when I landed in Indiana, determined not to spend a penny in this state that had just passed a hateful anti-gay law in the name of religious freedom. But I was met by this:

Indy welcomes all

and this:

This business serves everyone

As it turns out, there are many many people in Indiana who also disagree with this law and are fighting hard to make everyone welcome. The governor has a long way to go but the speed and determination by which these people got the #IndyWelcomesAll campaign going gives me great hope in humanity.

And I’m happy to report that Buick — and GM itself — is a company that supports all, offering full benefits to same sex couples. I’m proud to be working with them.

Buick partner of NCAA

I also love that they’re a supporter of the Final Four — an event which represents their cultural and community pillars and which I’m really grateful for being able to attend.

Final Four Kentucky

That’s where my second #thatsabuick moment occurred. As you know from my bracket, I picked Kentucky to win it all. I was so blase about the whole thing because, well, they were a shoo-in.

But, it was obvious from the first minutes of the game, that Wisconsin wasn’t going to go down quietly. In fact, they weren’t going to go down at all.

The game was such a nail-biter and it was so exciting to watch the lead switch back and forth minute by minute between the two teams.

By the second half, bracket be damned, I was secretly rooting for Wisconsin because they were fighting so hard to win and had lost to Kentucky last year by a heartbreaking one point. They were determined to come back — and they did!

Final Four - Wisconsin wins

There are so many great lessons here, not the least of which is that you should never underestimate anyone.

I won’t be there to watch the Championship game tomorrow night because I’m boarding a plane to France this afternoon.

I’m going open to new experiences but ready to say, “Ce est une Buick.”


  1. Good to know about Buick! I love supporting companies with progressive human rights views.

  2. It sounds like you had a very exciting experience and are about to land in France for another.

  3. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    So cool that you were able to be at the Final Four in person. And now, on to another amazing adventure. Travel well and amuses-toi bien!

  4. c’est’ une Buick! Or something like that the Ce est are combine and usually the t’une are as well but I don’t remember how all three are! Loved your experiences and enjoyed sharing them with you! You will be with us in spirit!

  5. You really get around,Lois! I love hearing about all your fun adventures. Enjoy!!

  6. I would love to watch the final four in person. My school made it there once and we were glued to the tv

  7. This is good to know. I don’t believe any company shoud discriminate against anyone.

  8. aimee fauci says:

    i will try and make this as not political as possible. First the stores did not make the law, so why have the mentality of not spending money in stores in Indiana? Secondly, this law is to protect the store owners and allow them freedom… this is not necessarily a homophobic law but it also protects other religions that have nothing to do with not wanting to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. It is also about the Muslim t-shirt store owner that does not want to make a shirt for someone that wants an anti Muslim slogan on that shirt. We need to keep the government out of our small businesses and we need to beware of the media. They are not our friends but I am glad you had fun.

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      I will agree that government should stay out of small business, which means there should be no laws that allow any business to discriminate in any way. You’re comparing apples and oranges here — a company should not have to print discriminatory anti-Muslim (or anti-gay or anti-anyone) t-shirts but they also shouldn’t be allowed to say they’re not going to serve a Muslim (or gay or any other group) customer.

  9. I have never been to a basketball game, much less the one of the final four! How cool! And I like your lesson you learned about never underestimating anyone Good stuff!

  10. What a cool experience! My husband would love this!

  11. I am boycotting any company that partakes in not serving anyone based off religion, creed, gender or sexuality or race. It reminds of Martian luther king times and it really saddens me. I am a christian but the faith I believe in welcomes all as well it is not for us to judge what others do and unless people are having sex in these places how is one to know your a gay couple unless you kiss for all they know you can be out with one friends

  12. I didn’t know that about Buick But THAT makes me like them more! I can not even fathom how a law like that was even passed.

  13. Wow! I’m so happy to know this. I will not ever go into a business who isn’t open I everyone. I have such strong beliefs in equality for everyone, that I refuse! In Canada it isn’t nearly what it is in the USA though! Looks like a fun time!

  14. what a fun experience. My brother and father went several years ago.

  15. What a great eye opening experience. Sounds like you had a good time.

  16. What a pleasant surprise! It sounds like you had a great time and it’s good to know they don’t discriminate!

  17. I’d like to say a lot, but I’m going to pass as I don’t know how it would be taken. I will say, don’t believe everything the media tells you. Glad you had a nice time.

  18. I am so glad you had some pleasant surprises along the way. It sounds like you had a great experience.

  19. You are so right about misconceptions about Buick. I remember my father had a Buick in the 80’s and it wasn’t the best looking car but it served its purpose. I’m really liking this series.

  20. Hi Lois, That is so funny – when I was a teenager, my date picked me up in his brand new Buick – his parents gave it to him as a Grad Gift – but, I told all my friends, why would he pick an old person’s car!
    and how amazing you were able to be at the Final Four in person – then off to France! Oh my goodness!

  21. Robin {Masshole Mommy} says:

    I love how you won’t be there because you are boarding a flight to France. You go! 🙂

  22. My dad drove Buicks for years. With the new cars they’ve come out with, I wouldn’t mind supporting them either!

  23. March Madness definitely convinced a lot of people not to ever underestimate the underdog this year! lol I look forward to reading about your travels to France!

  24. This is great! I’m not a huge sports fan but going to a big game anywhere would be awesome enough! Lucky you!

  25. I love many sports and forward-thinking companies – wtg on this and looks like a lot of fun. TY for sharing!

  26. I agree with you that you should never underestimate anyone. You never know what people are ultimately made of.

  27. Buick has come a long way baby! Their cars are absolutely gorgeous! Glad you had fun at the final four.

    P.S. I want to go to France….

  28. That is awesome to see that not everyone agrees with their law. The Final Four is so fun. Glad it was a great event.

  29. I’m glad to see that there are people in Indiana that don’t like the law. I really don’t see how something so discriminatory can be legal, and hope that it is challenged at the supreme court.

  30. Hi Lois! This looks like loads of fun! I’ve been to basketball games but none on this level! Thanks for sharing!

  31. It looks like you had a great time. I have been only to a Basket ball game and I had a blast

  32. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    This sounds like an amazing experience. I love going to Basket ball games.

  33. There are very few corporations that I specifically think of that boasts of their hatred. Buick is not one of them. Maybe I’m too young. Glad you had a great experience.

  34. Paula Schuck says:

    I have had a Buick a few years ago. It was one of my favorite cars. It sounds like you are having an amazing time.

  35. I can’t believe that division still exists in so many companies and communities. It’s great to see companies like Buick who are very welcoming.

    On another note, I’ve always wanted to go to France. I’m quite jealous but I wish you a fabulous trip!

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