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life reimagined: my organization project

Life Reimagined Too Busy

Thank goodness for Life Reimagined, who not only sponsored this post but has already made a difference in my life.

You see, since Alex and Sara left for college years ago, I’ve come to realize that the idea of an “empty nest” is not really accurate.

Yes, the kids are out of the house — but most of their stuff is still there.

Or, rather, here.

At a time in our life when we are really trying to downsize, we are drowning in things.

The kids’ rooms are exactly like they left them the last time they came home.

Life Reimagined Bedroom

Plus, the room that’s supposed to be my office is basically a giant junk drawer, and Michael and I are both so busy that it’s often easier to just make piles on the kitchen counter or on top of the washing machine (we probably shouldn’t have bought a front-loader) than put things back where they actually belong.

So, when Life Reimagined invited me to try their services to help with a personal challenge, I jumped at the chance to get organized!

Life Reimagined is an online, subscription-based service that is helping millions of Americans figure out what they want to do next — and helping them actually do it.

I’ve written about it before because, although it’s a fantastic resource for anyone, I think it’s especially relevant for midlifers since this is a time of challenging transitions, decisions and emotions. What I love about Life Reimagined is that it has a variety of features so you can learn in whatever way works best for you. There are quizzes, feature articles, courses and even personal coaching.

Life Reimagined Office

Although they looked really insightful and valuable, I decided to skip the whole quiz thing because I just didn’t have the time. Instead, I searched “getting organized” and came up with the article in the photo above, “Too Busy to Reimagine Your Life?” Ha ha ha! I almost clicked on the Live Chat to say, “Good one!”

I was obviously in the right hands, as I was actually reading it in the Clubhouse of the Aviara Golf Club during an event I was covering for our local newspaper. (The pristine shelves are a dead giveaway that I wasn’t home.)

The article really resonated with me. I bookmarked a site it linked to that was filled with tools and resources for organizing — and I’m talking about everything from closets full of crap to finances and paperwork and, maybe most importantly, time.

I even downloaded a Time Audit Chart that I’m going to start using when I get back from a press trip next week.

I then found another article, “Power of Habit,” which I think could be a game-changer.

Life Reimagined Power of Habit

If I just devote a small but set amount of time every day to getting organized, it will become a habit and, ultimately, make my life easier.

Over the next month, I’m going to use Life Reimagined to help me accomplish this. When I report back to you, I hope to have those rooms cleaned up, my paperwork in order, my time being used more efficiently and my photos — well, I don’t even know what I’m going to do with my photos because that task is completely overwhelming.

I’m excited about my reimagined life and am also excited to be able to give Midlife at the Oasis readers two weeks of Life Reimagined services and 30 minutes of coaching FREE. This is an amazing opportunity that I hope you will take advantage of right now.

Just visit Life Reimagined to get started. The only thing you have to lose is weight or fear or the excuses that have been holding you back.

And, if you want to earn some big karma points, share the love with your friends just by tweeting this:

What does your reimagined life look like?


  1. I used Life Reimagined earlier in the year and it really helped me. Good luck on getting organized.

    I’m an empty nester also and my kid’s things are stored in boxes everywhere. It’s like she’s still here!

  2. Before husband and kids I was very organized. Now i am lucky I can find my shoes in the morning. I really need to get organized and get rid of stuff.

  3. I didn’t think I’d ever downsize, it’s hard to get rid of things you love that you’ve had for years. Then a big life event happened and boy did we downsize. funny how things turn out.

  4. A time audit chart is such a good idea! I feel like I waste valuable time because I think its “not long enough” and then I end up getting nothing done, haha. I need to look into something like this because I feel like we are always too busy to organize but the disorganization is such a time waster.

  5. I had to laugh at your front-loader comment because I do the same stacking thing. I’m such a mess! This is probably help I need desperately.

  6. This site is for ME. If only I’d pay attention to its advice. “Closet full of crap” at my house is a room.

  7. I love the Life Reimagined site and service. I just “met” with one of the coaches via video yesterday. Such super guidance for making the most of our current phase of life. I look forward to hearing about your new organizational skills!

  8. I downsized several years ago and it was great in many ways. We got rid of a lot of needless stuff. However, I still have stuff in storage I would need some strong men to find. Life Reimagined sounds like a great service.

  9. I’ve been intrigued by Life Reimagined for a while now. Sounds like it’s a valuable service – I’ll definitely check out the two week offer. Thanks!

  10. gOtZ to DO this!!! I’m off to investigate.

  11. Looks great. I’ve been organizing and getting rid of old stuff I no longer need or want. The site will spur other ideas I’m sure.

  12. My desk is a disaster right now- I need to really get to it and get organized. I work so much better when my area is straight!

  13. Can they force my kids to get all their stuff out of here? LOL

  14. Robyn Talbott says:

    I love you, Lois Alter Mark! What an amazing offer. I’m going to check it out today!!!


  15. I have been thinking about AARP’s Life Reimagined and just have not had the time to figure out how it can help me so, like so many things, put it off. Ah… sounds like I might be able to find tools to help me organize and maybe, in that reorganization, find the time for other really cool things that have been passing me by! Thank you for the wonderful offer and I will definitely make the time to check it out!

  16. I like the idea of the name Life Reimagined. We can always change things we don’t like about our life but sometimes we just need a push start. Thanks for the review and I might check it out even though I’m in Australia.

  17. I so have to check this out, I just moved and still have boxes of stuff I don’t know what to do about. And my organizational and filing skills need some serious work!

  18. This is very inspiring. I love how you have found a new way to embrace life. This is the kind of service that helps bring true change to your life.

  19. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I struggle to be organized but most of the times I fail miserably. I need Life Reimagined to get me on the right path!

  20. I would love to subscribe to this service that I read about when you wrote on it last time. But you know I can’t do that right now….

    Ah, getting organized. Would I love for someone to take hold of me, look at my life and TELL me what I need to do? As we say, in a New York minute. I need help!

    I want an “after” piece of how you are doing, Lolo! xo

  21. This is the second post I’ve read on Life Reimagined – both lauding it and how useful it can be. It’s great to know that there is a site at our fingertips to help us when we get stuck and are looking for direction.

  22. My youngest two are away at college. I am writing you about my youngest daughter.
    It’s just like you described! Her room looks like a hurricane hit it since she had to move out of her dorm for the summer.
    She’s pushing 20 years old. Do I nag or let her live like she’s in a tornado? This walking a fine line between parent and friend is hard.
    It was easier when she was little.

  23. Fun way to clean your daughter’s room…and that she is willing! LOL thanks for this detailed piece on how the site works. I’m going to give it a try ’cause boy do I need it! Thanks for the nudge, Lois!

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