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the hyundai elantra sport: it’s just like us!

Hyundai Elantra

When my friends at Hyundai learned that Michael and I were celebrating our 33rd anniversary last week, they offered us an Elantra Sport for our drive to the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe.

Okay, the Inn is only nine miles away but still …

I tried to analyze why they thought the Elantra would be good for an old married couple like us and, as we learned during the week we drove it everywhere, there are lots of reasons.

It fits into the suburbs, the city and our fancy staycation spot

Hyundai Elantra in RSF

The Elantra is kind of like Zelig. There it is in the driveway of our suburban cul-de-sac. Now it’s being valet parked at the luxurious Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. No, wait! There it is in the garage downtown, waiting for us to finish shopping. And it looks like it belongs in every one of those places. Just like us.

It’s got a blind spot detector

Hyundai Elantra mirror

See that little mirror inside the side view mirror? It lets you see cars that typically get lost in your blind spot – and it’s awesome. As the baby boomers get older, this safety feature has got to become standard in all cars. Once you get used to driving with it, it’s very hard to drive without it. The Elantra has figured out how to overcome standard limitations. Just like us.

It only has what it needs

Hyundai Elantra iPod

At first, we were a little taken aback to discover the Elantra doesn’t have a GPS. But we were also kind of relieved. We’ve spent more time, frustrated, than we care to admit trying to learn complicated navigation systems in different cars, and have often had to resort to using Google maps on our phones anyway. So we didn’t miss the missing nav system at all. What the Elantra does have is an easy-to-use sound system for my beloved iPod. Oh, no, I just saw what song I was listening to when I took the photo. Ha ha! Now you know – Let It Go is my guilty pleasure song. I love it. By the way, the Elantra’s air conditioning is excellent, too, which is good because, well, the cold never bothered me anyway! Okay, I’m done. Let It Go actually does represent the Elantra, though. It’s gotten rid of the stuff it doesn’t need and well utilizes everything it’s kept. Just like us.

It lets you look back before moving on

Hyundai Elantra rear cameraThe Elantra’s rear camera is another safety feature likely to become standard in all future cars. It provides a huge service by ensuring that you have a good view of what’s behind you. And it understands the importance of looking back before you proceed. Just, after 33 years together, like us.


  1. My ex husband had an Elantra and loved it. It was such a great car.

  2. I agree that it has just enough and not too much. It’s quite a nice little car!

  3. That is one sexy car. I love the backup camera.

  4. I always liked the look of these Hyundai models. It’s very sharp. Glad you enjoyed the ride! 🙂

  5. I really like the blind spot detector in the mirror. And I would love to be able to plug in my iPod without the adapter I have now. Overall, I really like the cars Hyundai is putting on the road these days.

  6. Nice car! I especially love the blind spot detector…very smart.

  7. Do you even own a car any more? LOL Well, my gay husband adores his Hyundai and I am pretty impressed with it, too.

  8. Nice car! I admit I’ve never looked at Hyundai’s. Thanks for the inside tour!

  9. My dad has this car. He bought it when he was 80, a week after a major heart attack (and he’s doing great). He thinks it’s sporty (it is) and I love the safety features. His does have GPS though. Great car!

  10. That is one amazing looking car and the features WOW love the rear facing camera and safety measure 🙂 x

  11. Our new truck has a back up camera and I love it!
    I wish our van had one because they are so handy and it makes parking a dream.
    Love the car….

  12. Looks like an awesome car and you know we are looking for a new one. This seems to have what we are looking for. Now to test the seats for the old people’s backs :)! Great review Lois!

  13. This is a beautiful car. I love the blind spot protector!

  14. What a great car and cool features it has.

  15. That is a very nice card. Hyundai has made leaps and bounds.

  16. I do love the backup camera; i wish I had added that feature on my flex when I had the chance.

  17. I love that it has blind spot detector. I’m making sure my next car has that.

  18. What a beautiful car and I love that the car features a rear camera! I could totally use that!

  19. Melissa Smith says:

    I love that blind spot detector & the rear backup camera! I think i might need me one of these. 😉

  20. My first car was a Hyundai. I loved it!

  21. love the parking feature. I used to be a great parallel parker (not a word) then I moved out of the big city.

  22. Looks very sporty. I love the backup camera idea.

  23. Oh my gosh, what a sleek and gorgeous car! I would love one of these.

  24. This car looks amazing; I want one. I am putting this on my Christmas list now! LOL

  25. that’s a sweet looking ride!! gorgeous lines 🙂 i love backup cameras

  26. I would love the blind spot feature!

  27. I used to have a 2000 Hyundai and it was the best little car ever. It looks like they’re continuing to improve their brand and I’m seriously considering another for my next car.

  28. Looks like a super great car! Love that rear camera! Thanks for a great review and happy anniversary!

  29. That is a beautiful car! I would love a new car like that

  30. It’s as cute as it can be. I like the little side mirror within the mirror too.

  31. I, too, am a closet fan of the song “Let it Go.”

  32. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    The blind spot detector is a great feature, one that would give me a sense of comfort since I no longer trust my ability to maneuver through blind spots. I will keep this car in mind!

  33. My father had a Hyundai in the past and he loved it. The Elantra is very sleek and sporty.

  34. Ann BAcciaglia says:

    I am car shopping and would love a car with a back up camera. It is a great safety feature, especially when you are backing up in the dark!

  35. Ashley Gill says:

    I would have taken them up on their offer too! What a sleek looking car! It’s a little smaller than what my family needs but if we were without children, it would be perfect!

  36. Congrats on celebrating 33 years with your hubby, here is to many more wonderful and happy years ahead.

  37. Glad you posted about this! We are looking for new cars now and I am very interested in new features and reviews. Keep them coming!

  38. I really love this car! It’s like a luxury car with a sports car body, so gorgeous!

  39. From the side it looked a little like a Bentley! This is really nice! I love the inside. Sporty and cute!

  40. I do love the look of this car. Very nice and good features.

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