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jenny craig, i’m baaack!

Jenny Craig Halloween

If you follow my blog (which I hope you do, and for which I am eternally grateful), you know that I’ve been traveling a lot this summer. In fact, I was only home six days in August, which may be why Michael looks so relaxed.

Anyway, if you’ve been following my trips, you know that one of the main activities on every single one of them is eating.

Although this is one of my favorite things to do and I genuinely look forward to it, it’s also a problem since I’m trying to stick to Jenny Craig — which is surprisingly easy to do when I’m home.

So, after two months of not even getting on a scale, I finally bit the bullet (which, thankfully, has no calories) and went back to Jenny to get weighed in and stock up on food. To everyone’s surprise, I only gained two pounds! Whew!

This was so motivating because it showed me that I must have been doing something right even though I obviously wasn’t sticking to my Jenny meals. I had made sure to drink tons of water and I have to believe that all the walking and sightseeing we’d been doing also made a big difference.

I’m back on track now and thrilled to see some new Jenny Craig foods have been introduced while I was away — especially the Philly Cheesesteak.

Jenny Craig new foods

Lunch has always been an issue because, as good as the pizza, turkey burger or cheesy potatoes and chicken are, they just don’t fill me up.

The Philly Cheesesteak was delicious and substantial, and kept me satisfied until it was time for my afternoon snack.

We went out for sushi for dinner (sue me) and I ended the day with this Peppermint Chocolate Cake.

Jenny Craig new desserts

As long as I know I have a Jenny Craig dessert waiting, I’m good.

I have a lot of travel planned for the rest of this year so I’m going to stay on Jenny Craig while I’m home, and drink a lot of water and keep walking while I’m away. As Naura, my counselor advised, I will also be setting limits. Did I really need that third chocolate croissant for breakfast every day? I’ll have to think about that one.

Meanwhile, I’ve got my cinnamon rolls, and they’ll do just fine.

*I received a discount on my Jenny Craig food in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. Note: Clients following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs per week.


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I really ate it up over the summer. I would love to lose a few pounds.

  2. I need to lose a few myself. Been meaning to get to it. 🙂

  3. I tried Jenny Craig for a while. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food, especially the desserts.

  4. I think we all got a little lazier over the summer… every time we had a fire I needed to have a beer which turned into two. Oops!
    Plus all the BBQ and well… I need to get back on track!

  5. Catherine S says:

    I need to lose a few pounds before my cruise next month. I will have to try Jenny Craig foods for lunch and dinner.

  6. Oh wow. This food looks amazing and it looks like it could please any appetite.

  7. One of the things that appeals to me most about the Jenny Craig program is their desserts! lol As long as I’m not feeling to restricted and can “treat” myself to a dessert as sinister looking as those Peppermint Chocolate Cakes, I’d stick to the Jenny Craig meal plan!

  8. I’ve started a new regime of clean eating. Will let you know how it goes – many gal pals swear by Jenny Craig, so I know it works!

  9. Any of the structured programs work great for people who need the structure – I sure do. Weight Watchers works for me because our family cook (my husband) loves numbers, and loves to weigh/measure/calculate points. If it was strictly up to me, I would probably gravitate more to a program like Jenny Craig, where much of the food is prepackaged. (And any program with great desserts is my kind of program.)

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      I totally agree about the structure. Weight Watchers worked for me a long time ago but I really love that I can just pop a Jenny in the microwave and don’t have to figure out anything. The fact that their foods taste so good is what makes it actually work for me. And, yes, the desserts. Of course, the desserts!

  10. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I really like Jenny Craig and I wish I had started it at the beginning of the summer. Bad timing! I need to get back on track and Jenny really helps.

  11. The food looks good, and your counselor sounds very supportive. All my best to you as you seek to find balance. It’s a challenge to watch one’s waistline while traveling, but there are business travelers and pleasure travelers who have broken the code. It sounds like Jenny Craig has some great tools and tips.

  12. Ooh interesting. We don’t have this brand in the UK but one thing needed of any diet is sin-free dessert. Saves snacking and some taste identical to their fatty, sugary alternatives.

  13. I’m thinking about going back, too. I felt so much better when I was on it.

    You must have done something right because if I had eaten what you wrote about on your trips I’d be wearing mumu’s instead of my jeans. You go, Lois! Good for you.

  14. Ive had friends that have been super successful on Jenny- and the food looks great.

  15. What, you didn’t have Jenny O’Craig on your trip? 😉 I had half a mind to find a mumu in hawaii last week!

  16. I’ve never tried Jenny but I think I just might. Her food does look good and you’ve inspired me to give it a try!

  17. I’m at the point where I need to do something! Maybe Jenny is the answer.

  18. that food actually looks pretty good! I would consider Jenny Craig.

  19. oh wow those puddings sound delicious – they stopped selling Jenny Craig over here which I think was such a shame. x

  20. I agree! Summer’s over and I have to get back on track. I do not have a regular exercise routine and I am not on any particular diet. I will just have to watch what I eat and just keep moving!

  21. Ah peppermint chocolate cake… I’m so sure I’d like to give that a try. And Sushi wasn’t on the plan? 😉 🙂

  22. I have no experience with Jenny Craig but I wish you luck in your weight loss journey.

  23. Wow the meals they provide look amazing! What a nice selection! That definitely helps when on a diet program!

  24. Oh gosh…I would love to scare off a lot of pounds for Halloween. That is a cute motivation….Scare Off Pounds! I have heard really good success stories about the Jenny Craig program – I will check it out.

  25. I need to scare off quite a few pounds for halloween. This is great, and makes me want to get up and moving. I would love to join Jenny at some point. My sister had great luck on it and raves about it still and it’s been a few years since her success.

  26. Weight has always been an issue for me. I could so use help from an outside source to lose a few pounds.

  27. The food looks really good. I need to lose a few pounds, too. I will check this out.

  28. Wow Chocolate Peppermint Cake?! You sold me! Dessert are my downfall, it is great that they offer desserts like this to satisfy the sweet tooth!

  29. I didnt know they had desserts. I could get motivated with that. lol

  30. heard so much about Jenny Craig! I know several people who swear by it!

  31. Keep talking! I need to get back on this wagon. My post-baby body can sure use some help and this food looks delicious!

  32. I need to lose some pounds. I have been hearing good things about Jenny Craig. However, I have not had the time to really research to see if it would be a good fit for my weight loss goals.

  33. I have always wanted to try Jenny Craig. The food looks so delicious. And i have heard so many great reviews.

  34. I love travelling a lot & it looks like you had a busy summer with lots of fun all around. I love Jenny Craig foods so much & the Peppermint Chocolate Cake is something I would want to give a try right away.

  35. Jenny Craig has really stepped up their game with their meals. They look so good. I have been following your Blog and you have been to some amazing places with good looking food. Keep us posted on this journey

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