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konenkii subscription box

Konenkii box

I LOVE subscription boxes. I mean, is there anything better than opening a box full of carefully-curated surprises every month?

So, when The Social Butterfly Co. invited me to review Konenkii — a quarterly gift box created specifically for women over 40 — I said yes (duh) and have been checking my mailbox every day since.

Then, yesterday, eureka! My bright red spring box arrived!

I probably should have done some dramatic unboxing video since that seems to be a trend but I was too excited to wait.

The theme of this box is “Embrace Color,” and it’s filled with pretty, pastel-y treats. According to their website, Konenkii was “born from a passion to support modern women to age fearlessly and have some fun along the way.” Every item is intended to ease, educate and empower, and I had a blast taking out and exploring each one.

Here’s what was included:

Konenkii inside

The Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub smells delicious and is something I will definitely be using on my dry skin. I’m also eager to try the Green Tea Konjac Sponge which, apparently, Asian women have been using for centuries.

Konenkii sugar scrub

Because the sugar and green tea got me drooling a little, I was very happy to pull these out of the box.

Konenkii chocolate bars

I am a chocolate-salted almond fanatic, and I can guarantee you that one will be consumed before this post even goes up. Sorry, Michael.

What he will definitely be excited about, though, are the organic flower bombs which you just throw and grow. Although he’s got the green thumb in the family, I’m the one usually throwing around the F-bombs so this will be a great bonding activity for us.

Konenkii flower bombs

Then there’s this:

Konenkii coloring book

Okay, if you’re my friend on Facebook, you know what my experience has been with adult coloring books. Let’s just say it isn’t pretty. But, because this seems to be the biggest thing in the world right now and psychologists/scientists/my friends are saying how great coloring is for you, I will give it another go. Especially since I now have all these nice pencils. I’m just going to assume it must have been the crayons that messed me up before 🙂

Tucked inside the Konenkii box was this little credit card holder that you just stick to your phone so you can go running, if you’re so inclined, or, if you’re me, you can just leave your big bag at home and go shopping. This will definitely save my shoulder.

Konenkii credit card holder

There are two things in the box that I won’t be using, although I can appreciate why others would. There are four recipe cards. Need I say more?

Konenkii recipe cards

There’s also this Shamballa bracelet. I am all about the idea of it — “Shamballa is a mythical place where we find our true selves,” it says in the cute little booklet that comes in the box — but my true self is not quite this shiny. My mom’s is, though, so I will be gifting this to her.

Konenkii bracelet

This was such a fun and delicious (I told you that chocolate bar wouldn’t last) box, I’m still smiling, surrounded by my new goodies.

I will be now sitting at my mailbox waiting for my Konenkii summer box …

Konenkii is generously offering Midlife at the Oasis readers a $10 discount on any subscription. Simply use coupon code OASIS10 on the Konenkii website. Follow Konenkii on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Oooooh.
    I would make the joke about needing to avert my eyes… To look away… Because I love love love subscription boxes. But I’m OK with my love 🙂 off to explore more.

  2. Lots of relaxing things in that subscription box…rather a unique one.

  3. I have been wanting to try an adult coloring book for a while. Actually, I don’t know why I haven’t yet. This looks like a really neat subscription box. I love everything in it.

  4. Well, now that is such an interesting and diverse collection. It would make a nice gift, on a one time basis. I wonder how much it is?

  5. That is such a great subscription box. I would use everything that was in it. I would definitely eat the chocolates first.

  6. What a great box of goodies! I would love the chocolate and coloring book best! Fun!

  7. I’m a big fan of subscription boxes too! I love getting a box full of surprises each month and this Konenkii spring looks amazing. I think I might have to sign up for the summer box!

  8. Wow, they sent you some really cool stuff. I’m wishing you luck with the new adult coloring book.

  9. What a fun box! I need a new subscription box.

  10. That sounds like a great subscription box! I love in it. Will definitely check it out!

  11. I keep seeing these fun boxes, I’m thinking I might have to subscribe!

  12. wow – now this is probably my favorite subscription contents box I have seen. I would love to receive all of that – what fun!

  13. I LOVE subscription boxes!! They’re always filled with so much fun stuff. I never heard of this one before but I love all the goodies in it! So fun!!

  14. Love love this idea! I love how creative subscription boxes are getting! I’m thinking this would make a great gift for my mom for mother’s day!

  15. I like everything you have in this box. It was obviously created with a grown up in mind. I would really like to have it.

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