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the samsung suhd tv at best buy

Best Buy Samsung SUHD TV

Note: I received a Best Buy gift card for writing this post.
Opinions are, as always, 100% my own.

Living rooms are becoming the new movie theaters, thanks to the amazing Samsung 4K SUHD TV. Powered by a revolutionary panel featuring Nano-crystal technology, colors pop, the picture is brighter and more true to life, and the immersive curved screen provides a greater sense of depth.

With four times the resolution of full HD and a Peak Illuminator Pro for enhanced picture detail and color, watching TV becomes a whole new experience.

Just look at this:

Samsung SUHD TV apples

Don’t you just want to reach into the After screen for one of those juicy apples?

I took that photo of the Samsung SUHD at Best Buy, and was blown away by the vivid picture.

Best Buy - Lois Samsung

I was also blown away by the fact that the advanced Samsung Smart TV lets you easily access the content you love: you can watch your TV on your mobile device with its Smart View 2.0 and enjoy faster speed for your media with the Octa-Core Processor.

To truly recognize the difference 4K makes, you need to see it for yourself. Head over to the Samsung Shop at Best Buy, where you can catch an exclusive sneak peek of the highly-anticipated Jurassic World and save up to $1500 on Samsung SUHD TVs through June 13.

Best Buy Jurassic World

To learn more, join the SUHD Twitter party on Tuesday, June 9 at 7 p.m. Central time. You just may win a Best Buy gift card! RSVP by clicking here.

The stars of Jurassic World may be prehistoric but the cutting edge technology of the TV on which you’re watching the clip is almost futuristic!


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That sounds like an awesome tv. I am sure my husband would love that.

  2. We have 2 Samsung TVs in our house. My Hubs has a huge monster in is Man Cave and I have a smaller version.

  3. We are due for some new TVs, ours are actually quite old. This one looks amazing, would love to watch all my shows on something like this.

    • Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

      My husband wants us to get a new one as our xmas present to each other this year.

  4. I love a good television! Hopefully we won’t need one any time soon BUT when we do it will be awesome to have amazing color on it.

  5. That’s a big difference. Would love to upgrade to an HD TV but not ready to make the investment yet!

  6. We love to visit the TV section at Best Buy. This TV is always one we stand in front of and ooh and ahh over. It is so nice!

  7. Sounds like a killer TV. My hubby is all about the latest and greatest in electronics and tvs. I’ll have to tell him about this one!

  8. Wow Samsung has been on top of their game! It would be awesome to be able to view things in 4k like the big screens.

  9. Wow! I would love to get a new tv and this one would be awesome!

  10. Wow! That tv looks awesome. Our kids will never know what it was like with a black and white tv.

  11. This looks like a great one. We need one for our bedroom.

  12. That is quite a difference. Samsung is a great brand.

  13. This television looks amazing. We actually got my sons a Samsung TV for Christmas and they love it.

  14. This would be perfect for father’s day for one lucky dad

  15. That tv looks amazing! I never thought HD would make such a difference in my life, but now I can’t go back. I’m afraid to try this tv, because I might now be able to watch any other tv.

  16. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    This looks like an amazing TV, I will have to head over to Best Buy to check it out in person. Out TV in the living room is starting to go on the fritz.

  17. Jennifer Williams says:

    We are looking for a new tv for the bedroom. I can not wait to check these out when we head to Best Buy this weekend.

  18. Wow! Tv’s sure have come a long way. I love the idea of getting a Smart TV!

  19. Wow! The difference in vibrancy, clarity, and depth is incredible! I’m sure I’d be even more impressed in person. This would make such a great Fathers Day gift!

  20. What an awesome TV. We do most of our shopping at Best Buy they rock.

  21. Wow what a crisp picture it offers. My husband would be all over that!

  22. This sounds like an awesome TV. We don’t have this one but we love our Samsung!

  23. All the TVs we own are Samsung. We love them! This one looks awesome. If my hubby sees this he will want to run out and buy it I’m sure.

  24. What an awesome TV! I’d love watching movies on it! Great review!

  25. I just love Samsung anything! Their TV’s are the best!

  26. We have 3 Samsung TVs, i have an Edge and we have a Samsung stove. Love Samsung products.

  27. Our living room tv is a Samsung and worth every penny! Great choice!

  28. I certainly got tempted to reach into the screen and pluck that apple! We have a Samsung and I don’t know that there’s anything better.

  29. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    A picture with clear high definition makes such a difference to us, if not most viewers. This Samsung model looks awesome. Next time we’re in the market for a TV I’ll keep this in mind.

  30. I’m so glad Mr. MAF wasn’t peeking over my shoulder as I was reading this. He’s in the market for a new TV and this one sound great. Father’s Day gift perhaps? I’ll be on that Twitter Party for sure!

  31. What an amazing picture resolution. Thanks for sharing

  32. Now this is an amazing TV. The colors are just amazing. I am saving the date for the Twitter party.

  33. How cool is that TV? So funny though, I can never keep up with technology. I finally just got a smart TV! haha.

  34. All I can say is that I’d love to watch Doctor Who on this baby.

  35. Tonya C says:

    That comparison photo of the apples really does show the advantages of a 4K TV. Thanks for the review!

  36. thelesleyshow says:

    What a beautiful TV!!! My husband will be all over this one.

  37. I’m in need of a new TV. I’ll have to keep this one in mind.

  38. I think this TV would match my new couch perfectly! What a picture!

  39. Debbie Denny says:

    I love this tv. Would be perfect gift.

  40. This is the perfect gift. My boys would love this

  41. These TVs are amazing! I’ve seen them in Best Buy and loved them!

  42. We are big fans of Samsung products in our house. This TV looks amazing!

  43. Wow the picture is spectacular! It’s amazing where tech is these days!

  44. We are currently researching TVS. going to share this with my husband.

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