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hotel monaco portland xoxo

Hotel Monaco sign

The only problem with staying in a hotel as nice as the Hotel Monaco is that you never want to leave.

That’s why I didn’t get to see as much of Portland as I might have when I went to visit my daughter last week.

We took one look at the lobby and did a little rain dance so we wouldn’t feel the need to go out.

Hotel Monaco lobby Jenga

And that was before we even got to our room. Or, as I should more appropriately refer to it, my daughter’s dream apartment.

Hotel Monaco beds

Not only did we have a bedroom with two queen-sized beds – Sara immediately called dibs on the one with the adorable stuffed bear – but we also had a gorgeous living room with another TV, a pull-out couch and a work area where I set up my laptop. We had these beautiful lamps.

Hotel Monaco lamps

And, sigh, we had this bathroom.

Hotel Monaco bathroom

As I’ve mentioned before, I love Kimpton hotels and try to stay in them whenever I can. There are certain signature Kimpton features that always make me feel at home, and they made us smile as soon as we walked into the Hotel Monaco.

Hotel Monaco dog welcome

* They are dog lovers. A blackboard at the front door welcomes the canine guests arriving that day; a jar of treats awaits on the counter; and Daphne, the hotel dog in training, rests under the concierge’s desk.

Hotel Monaco robes* The robes. When I’m in my room, I spend most of my time wrapped in one of these cozy animal-print robes. They are plush and cushy and fun.

Hotel Monaco raid the mini bar* Kimpton Karma Rewards. As a member of Kimpton’s loyalty program, I always get free internet and a $10 credit towards the mini-bar. This feels like such a luxury because I don’t know about you but I’m always afraid to even touch anything in the hotel mini-bar for fear of getting charged some exorbitant amount of money.

Hotel Monaco bike

* Free bikes, yoga mats and hula hoops. Kimpton is all about having fun and staying active, and they let you borrow a bike to get out and see the city. Yoga mats come in every room, and hula hoops are available in the gym.

Hotel Monaco goodies

The reason I am most loyal to Kimpton, though, is their service. They always go above and beyond, and I’m going to point out two things they did that will blow you away, starting with these goodies, above, that were waiting for us when we got back from our walk to Powell’s.

Hotel Monaco donut

Nicole, the concierge, had left us a lovely note, saying, “I know you can’t resist your Dunkin’ Donuts but when you’re in Portland you won’t be able to resist the taste of a Blue Star Donut!” SHE HAD READ MY BLOG! AND SHE HAD LEFT US DONUTS! I can’t tell you how moved I was that she had actually taken the time to read my blog and then go out and surprise me with something that she knew would be personally meaningful to me. That is what real customer service is about. The donuts were amazing but, seriously, the fact that she had cared enough to spend time on my blog is something I will never forget.

Hotel Monaco blanket

Although I haven’t talked about it as much as my donut obsession, I also have a thing for blankets. So, once I had snuggled up with this one, I knew I wasn’t getting up any time soon. I Tweeted about it, and here’s Kimpton’s reply.

Hotel Monaco TweetsOMG! THEY LET ME KEEP THE BLANKET! What can I possibly say except “Thank you?” Which is what I’m saying again now. Sara and I even pinned a note to the cute little bulletin board hanging in the hotel garage.

Hotel Monaco thank you board

So, here I am, back home, wrapped in my Kimpton blanket, feeling nostalgic for the Hotel Monaco and listening to “Portland Woman” by the New Riders of the Purple Sage (yes, I was kind of a Deadhead in my younger days), which I haven’t been able to get out of my head since I originally planned my visit. Only now, I’m switching the lyrics a little to assure you that whenever you’re in Portland, Kimpton’s going to treat you right.


  1. Wow, no wonder you didn’t want to leave. That looks like an amazing hotel!

  2. i want that mirror in the bathroom. Absolutely gorgeous and chic!

  3. How sweet she read your blog and bought you a donut (I’m obsessed with donuts too!). Now that is service. I will be looking for Kimpton’s when I travel!

  4. Wow, what an incredible hotel! Free bikes, yoga mats, and hula hoops – sounds like they have a well-defined target market. Fit, fun, and fabulous is the name of the game.

  5. Personal touches and superior customer service go such a long way don’t they?
    I love how you made us feel like we were by your side, being pampered and eating donuts :)!!

  6. We love Kimptons too – it always feels like an OCCASION when we stay at one. Love the name of your blog too!

  7. What a beautiful place! I love boutique hotels – so many pretty details!

  8. I’ve never been to Portland before, but now I think I need to go just to stay here! WOW!

  9. You got donuts AND that beautiful blanket?! Wow. And next time I am definitely checking to see about that hoola hoop!!

  10. I can see why you love to stay at these hotels. I so love the doggie connection.

  11. Any hotel that fusses over dogs gets my vote. We’ll always remember the warm welcome and silver bowl filled with treats upon our Little Daisy’s arrival (we were merely her entourage) at the House of Blues Hotel in Chicago. They were ready for her! But it seems this hotel went the extra mile by reading your blog and then their generous gift of a blanket, too. That’s the way you earn loyalty. We’ve not stayed at Kimpton, but based on these accolades, we’ll be sure to give them a try.

  12. Wow this place looks amazing and the service seems to be top notch too! I would love to stay at this place!

  13. I am so impressed with the level of customer service you received that I’d go out of my way to stay at a Kimpton Hotel. I’m in awe really.

  14. I’ve stayed in a lot of Kimptons! This one looks great.

  15. That kind of service is absolutely remarkable! No wonder you loved it so much.

  16. Looks like fun. Going away is always amazing. Thanks for sharing your time.

  17. I’ve stayed in that hotel, and while they didn’t bring me donuts, they were fantastic. By the way, I tested some donuts in Chicago for you. Doughnut Vault and Glazed and Infused. Because we are all here to support each other!

  18. I have never heard of these hotels but I will be looking for one! Everything looks so warm and comfortable and wow, how amazing that she not only read your blog but got you the donuts. Awesome!!
    It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your daughter.

  19. Wow just wow I am not sure of the right words what an amazing looking hotel! x

  20. Ok packing bags and heading that way. This place is gorgeous.

  21. I LOVE hotel Monaco…it is always fun to stay there. But I’ve never stayed in one with a stuffed animal before…hmmm…I think I’d better book another trip soon to see what they’re up to.

  22. I’ve never stayed here but I have stayed in a couple really nice hotels over the years and I totally agree with you – Once you are there in the lap of luxury you never want to leave. All other hotels seem to pale in comparison. – Katy

  23. What a super cool hotel, I might now want to leave there. So unlike your typical decor.

  24. That sounds like a great hotel experience! I love how personal your service was. Seriously, the room is beautiful but the customer service sounds even better.

  25. What a gorgeous hotel! I love the way it combines elegance and whimsy.

  26. Wow. I would not want to leave either. Cool place.

  27. I am definitely going to checknout Kimptons. But they were extra nice because you are! Sounds fantastic though!. And I love Portland. So when is your Powell’s post coming up?

  28. WELL DONE PORTLAND!!!! Oooohh, it looks so wonderful. Perhaps it’s time to make my way up north. Oh, yeah! Cozy rooms, blankets food, drink and pampering is in my near future. Great post!

  29. I love the Kimpton Hotels – we stayed in The Monaco in Seattle and thought it was so cool. That was a super long time ago before anyone had ever heard the word “Boutique” Glad to hear they are still shining!

  30. What a beautiful hotel, it looks amazing!

  31. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Wow, this place sure is eclectic. Looks very interesting to say the least!

  32. Wow….that sounds like an amazing hotel. I love when they give extra special customer service….it makes all the difference between a good hotel and a great one.

  33. What a lovely experience! That’s great service!

  34. Love the funky and quirky decor. This looks like a place we would love to stay. That blanket looks seriously amazing too, I love the colors!

  35. Talk about a luxurious stay! Seriously, it looks fit for royalty. And how awesome they let you keep the blanket!

  36. What a fantastic looking hotel!! Most dog friendly hotels are not so nice, I would never want to leave either.

  37. ok sign me up how did you mange to get away what the secret ? lol I would love this hotel lol

  38. That looks like a hotel I’d stay at! Looks like a lot of fun 🙂

  39. Niki meiners says:

    What a fun adventure

  40. i love the look of this hotel. It is unique unlike those chains

  41. Whether human or canine, how can one not love Kimpton Hotels. As you say – a place feel right at home. The Monaco is now on my list when in the PDX area 🙂

  42. Looks incredible! My dad is going on a business trip to Portland and my mother is thinking of joining him. I will pass this along to them, they have been looking for a place to stay while there (it’s their first time in Portland).

  43. This just looks phenomenal! I love the “jenga” there 🙂

  44. Ooh, how classy! I love it. I would love to stay there. How cool you got the keep the blanket. I love the colors of it.

  45. Holy cow! I want to stay there! I so love that they gave you a blanket!

  46. That is so cool! I love love love that they tweeted back to you and you got to keep the blanket. That is amazing to see brands actually take time to read and respond to customers! or guest in this case!

  47. The blanket and the goodies! YUM! Great to see you had such a lovely stay!

  48. Love the different wallpapers! Sounds like a nice place to stay and it’s awesome they let you keep the blanket!

  49. Yes commenting twice again this weekend which is showing me I have to slow down at night trying to read everything and share it all! These rooms are lovely and that lobby amazing! When I go find the bookstore I am looking for in Portland I will definitely be going there first, here second and not moving for the rest of my time!

  50. We love Portland but have always stayed with friends when we visited and hadn’t even heard of this hotel. What a fantastic experience that you can relive occasionally with your blanket, a good donut (and I’d play New Riders of the Purple Sage too)!

  51. I have never stayed at a Kimpton, but I love boutique hotels and every time I read a review like this, I think “I need to stay there!” Love this property. And that donut and the blanket. Love.

  52. As a travel lover, this place is gorg! I can see why you’d never want to leave!

  53. Great post! Loved reading all about this place. My husband and I were just talking about visiting Portland the other day. I will have to show him this blog so he can see how nice this hotel is

  54. We stayed there!! LOVED it – had cocktails with a bunch of pups, rented bikes and rode all throughout Portland! Such a great hotel and fabulous city!!

  55. If only Portland was warm all year, I would totally move there! Thanks for sharing!

  56. I’ve never been to Portland but your post makes me want to book a trip there, and specifically to the Monaco, immediately! And then I want to be reincarnated as you! All sounds so great; really happy for you!

  57. What a nice hotel and for them to give you the blanket – very nice of them! I have never stayed at a Kimpton location – I will next time I am looking for a hotel and there is one in the area.

  58. Sigh. Portland…love to visit. And I love that they read your blog! Excellent perks, too. A good reminder that positive words can make a nice difference–and not just because you scored donuts and a blanket!

  59. Wow! What an amazing place! I want to fly out just to stay at this hotel!!

  60. Hotel Monaco looks amazing and I wouldn’t want to leave either. One of the problems I have with staying at very nice hotels is not getting out to see the area enough – but that is because I’m lazy. Thanks for sharing this fantastic hotel.

  61. Look at that decor. That is so beautiful. I would not want to leave either.

  62. And once again, Ladies and Gentlemen, the sunlight shines on Lady Lolo for her outstanding contribution to humanity and being the most lovable Lolo ever.

    I love this. She read your blog and left you donuts? OMG that is extraordinary.

  63. Oh my gosh that is unbelievable service! I want to go there right now!

  64. eliz frank says:

    What a wonderful stay at a beautiful hotel. When I escorted my daughter to Portland 3 years ago for her New Student visit at Reed College, we had considered this lovely place but then the school offered some accommodation. She decided to stay on the East Coast but we had a lovely time in Portland. I’d love to visit Portland again and will check them out if I do… I really loved the city.

  65. Oh my gosh, that room is gorgeous! So unique. I want the mirror and the wall lamps, definitely 😉

  66. This place is so neat! I love the colors and designs in the decor.

  67. Whoa, hands down on this one – totally such a wonderful place – I want to go there lol.

  68. I am in love with that hotel!! I know where I will be staying whenever I visit Portland!

  69. I love Kimptons! Stayed at the Monaco DC and had a similar experience. If you have a chance try the Brice. Its incredible. Now you made me want to go to Portland.

  70. I am loving this place! I want to go now.

  71. Talk about an extraordinary customer service experience, Lois! Time for me to pack my bags and head down to Portland again. I’m definitely adding Hotel Monaco Portland to my list of must-stay-here hotels. Thanks for sharing with us!

  72. We stayed at the Hotel Monaco in Chicago – loved it!! Very pretty, and the staff was so nice. would definitely go back.

  73. I’ve heard about that Kimpton in Portland. Enjoyed your review. San Francisco also has a nice Hotel Monaco, http://berkeleyandbeyond.com/Northern-California/San-Francisco/Hotels/Union-Square/union-square.html (5 or 6 clicks down)

  74. Karen Dawkins says:

    WOW! That’s incredible service! I loved seeing all the special touches they provide. I’ve not stayed at a Kimpton property, but it is now on my radar. Thanks.

  75. I LOVE the jaunty bird wallpaper -and I also really loved the dog friendly approach. I totally understand if hotels can’t accommodate pets but when they can it’s fantastic to see a staff really make furry friends feel welcome instead of just tolerated.

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