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Check out these gorgeous paintings and see why The Blackstone Hotel’s art collection is better than a museum – and how you can spend the night surrounded by it!

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kimpton hotel palomar philadelphia

Kimpton Palomar Philadelphia elevator

This is their ELEVATOR!

Continuing our quest to stay in every Kimpton hotel in the country (a goal I quickly added to my bucket list after our most recent stay), Michael and I spent last weekend at the gorgeous Hotel Palomar Philadelphia.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the many things I love about Kimpton is that, although they make you feel right at home in any city, thanks to their signature features —

like their cushy animal print robes —

Kimpton Palomar Philadelphia robes

and the $10 credit Kimpton Karma rewards members get to raid the well-stocked mini bar —

Kimpton Palomar Philadelphia mini bar

they do an amazing job of celebrating their local community and giving you a real feel for where you are.

For example, the Palomar Philadelphia is located in the historic Architects Building designed by Paul Philippe Cret in 1929, and it’s stunning.

This is what you see when you get off the elevator on the second floor.

Kimpton Palomar Philadelphia history

It’s like you’ve been transported back in time to a period of elegance, where detail reigned.

Kimpton Palomar Philadelphia plaque

And speaking of detail, look at the inside of the elevators themselves! Isn’t that top picture awesome? It made me smile every time the elevator door opened and I saw that one, although this one is pretty creative, too.

Kimpton Palomar Philadelphia 2

That’s the thing about Kimpton hotels. There’s art — really original, unique pieces — all over the place.

Like these Benjamins because, well, it’s Philadelphia.

Kimpton Palomar Philadelphia Ben Franklin busts

And we wandered up to the top floor where we got another dose of history

Kimpton Palomar Philadelphia paintings

and found this cozy library.

Kimpton Palomar Philadelphia library

The Palomar Philadelphia is filled with cozy nooks and crannies like this one, in the lobby,

Kimpton Palomar Philadelphia fireplace

and this one, also in the lobby, where they provide complimentary coffee and tea in the morning.

Kimpton Palomar Philadelphia

And, because it’s cold in Philly this time of year, they also offer complimentary hot chocolate all day. With marshmallows. And caramels.

Now, as incredible as all of this already looks, I’ve saved the best for last. Nobody does customer service better than Kimpton, and look what welcomed us when we first arrived in our room.

Kimpton Palomar Philadelphia welcome

No kidding, I almost burst into tears. All of my favorite things — Dunkin’ Donuts, Diet Coke, popcorn — were waiting for us, with a lovely note from Kristin and her team, wishing us a wonderful visit with our son. We were blown away but shouldn’t have been surprised because, as I said, nobody does customer service better than Kimpton. You can see that just from the #KimptonKarma and #KimptonLove hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

So, I immediately logged on to Twitter (you get free internet as a Kimpton Karma rewards member) to join the love fest. I Tweeted photos of my welcome gift and my elevator obsession and, in 140 characters, wrote a love letter to the very special people at the Palomar Philadelphia.

And this is what they wrote back:

Kimpton Palomar Philadelphia

I really hope they’re not teasing because Michael and I are packing up the house and getting ready to move in.


  1. I have been a Kimpton fan for a very long time, mostly in San Francisco. I need to keep looking in other cities–I forget they aren’t just here. Thanks for poking me on this via your post!

  2. Someday I’d LOVE to stay at one of their hotels. I’m sure they’re fully accessible because they seem to think of absolutely everything!!!

    And when you asked us to guess what they gave you? I knew it would be donuts and Diet Coke. That was a no-brainer! Wow.

  3. You always find the neatest places to stay when you go away.
    That is the funniest elevator ever! So much more fun to ride in an elevator when they have things in there to keep you entertained. 🙂
    Looks like you had a great time in Philadelphia

  4. Well sounds like you will be staying in a lot of hotels. Looks like it is a comfortable stay…unlike the last hotel I stayed in. Have fun!!

  5. Too fabulous! How did they know your favorites???

  6. Mindy Trotta says:

    Love Kimpton hotels too. Stayed in one in NYC, and wS quite impressed.

  7. This hotel has it covered. I’m not sure what I’m more impressed with? Those amazing animal print robes are awesome, but so is all the art deco…and Dunkin’? That’s right up my alley!

  8. Oh, how little I’ve traveled, and this post confirms it. I must admit I didn’t know of the Kimpton name (or offerings) until this post. Now I must, must stay in a Kimpton Hotel!! I’m off to investigate their offerings. Thank you!

  9. Very eclectic I really like it! Looks like a fun place to escape to.

  10. What an awesome hotel. I love the mini bar, there is a ton of stuff there that looks good to snack on.

  11. This hotel totally rocks! I love all the quirky and fun decor.

  12. I have never heard of Kimpton – but I love that hot chocolate bar. Can I move in?

  13. what a fun place to visit. This hotel is very charming and looks like it was nice

  14. I have been to this hotel, as I live in PA. Are they still pet friendly? Looks so nice and lovely.

  15. This hotel is one of my favorites in the Philadelphia area. We normally stay there once a year and the amenities, customer service and attention to detail are wonderful. It is a vacation place all on its own.

  16. Now this is my kind of hotel, I love the overall look especially that lift.

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