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“the prime: prepare and repair your body for spontaneous weight loss” book review and giveaway

The Prime author photo

Thanks to Harmony Books for sponsoring this post. All opinions are, as 
always, 100% mine.

Losing weight has got to be the most common New Year’s resolution — it always seems to be one of mine — so I was eager to read The Prime: Prepare and Repair Your Body for Spontaneous Weight Loss.

Of course, I liked the idea of spontaneous weight loss. And I liked the fact that the book was written by integrative neurologist, Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, above. I always prefer a holistic approach and the fact that one was grounded so strongly in science really appealed to me.

Plus, I was intrigued by the message on the cover that said, “Stop Dieting Backward!” What did that mean?

The PrimeAccording to Chaudhary, it’s all about biochemistry. While treating her brain patients, she was surprised to discover that a “side effect” of the eating and lifestyle tools she was giving them was weight loss. The implications of this were huge.

“Despite your best intentions, you have been locked in a biochemical prison,” she explains. “You have inadvertently become addicted to the things that put you in that prison, and now they are your prison guards.”

Yep. We are being held hostage to sugar, fat and all kinds of cheap, addictive, delicious foods. They have changed our biochemistry to the point where we are fighting a power so much bigger and stronger than just our willpower when we try to resist that cookie.

What intrigues me most about The Prime, though, is that Chaudhary is still treating the weight loss as the “side effect.” Her program’s primary focus is on reducing inflammation and toxins, which also helps reduce neurological issues like forgetfulness, brain fog and inability to concentrate.

As a woman in her mid-fifties who experiences those things daily, this is so exciting to me. And potentially life-changing.

Unlike traditional diet books, Chaudhary barely talks about dietary changes, and The Prime starts with simple additions to your daily routine, including some specific tea, seeds and berries. It continues for three more stages, none of which involve running 10 miles a day or giving up your favorite foods.

Because I’ve been reading so much about brain health lately, I was especially interested in the chapter on “Neuroadaptation, Food Addiction, and Your Brain.” Now, I’m no scientist — and, thankfully, this book is written in a conversational, easy to understand tone — but I know that I am addicted to sugar, and I felt more in control after learning exactly what I’m up against and that I can actually beat it.

I’m grateful that I was introduced to this book because I think it will really reshape my habits — and, in the process, reshape my body.

I’ll  be giving you updates and maybe, because we’re both in San Diego, I’ll even get to talk to Dr. Chaudhary in person.

Let me leave you with these words of encouragement from her, words that just may motivate you to see if this is the program to embark on this year:

“This is one of the first and most important things I would like every single overweight person to understand: Being overweight is a biochemical issue, not a personality flaw.”

So we can do this together, I’m giving away a copy of The Prime to one lucky Midlife at the Oasis subscriber. (If you’re not a subscriber, first sign up for my weekly newsletter in the right sidebar of this page.)

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment below. For a second chance, tweet this:

Contest ends on January 17 at midnight Pacific time. Winner will be notified by return email. Prize can only be sent to a U.S. mailing address.

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  1. Wow! This sounds great! I actually don’t eat a lot of sugar but I’d be interested in finding out what I could add to my diet to help boost my energy and clear my brain. And am the only person becoming clumsier these days?

  2. I really love the concept that being overweight isn’t a personality flaw and that losing weight is a side-effect of healthier decisions for your body. I’m not much of a self-help kind of book reader, but this one appeals to me.

    • Hi jessica,
      I think you’ll be surprised by the book. It’s not a typical diet book, but rather it’s a book that helps you understand your physiology and where you can make improvements!
      All the best,
      Dr. Chaudhary

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I definitely have not been eating right lately and need to get back to it. I feel awful since I am not eating right.

  4. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I totally believe the sugar addiction has wreaked havoc with our bodies. I am very interested in reading The Prime to learn more about what we can do to get healthier.

  5. I will keep that in mind regarding not being a personality flaw. I often feel it is (for me) because it’s proof I’m not eating right and not exercising enough. That makes me feel a bit better. (Now if it could just magically melt the pounds away!)

  6. I am slowly weaning myself off sugar, well since January 3rd that is.

  7. WOW!1 This sounds amazing. I have done everything from WW to vegan and still gain because I love sugar. It is good to know It’s not me but my brain going nuts. I need this book for sure.

  8. This is an interesting and refreshing way to approach the issue of weight loss, for sure.

  9. This is an interesting take on the body. I have realized how addicting certain food types can be and it is important to break those cycles!

  10. I love sugar and I wish I didn’t. I have been cutting it out over the past year to the point where foods with added sugars often taste too sweet!
    I’d love to read more about this.

  11. Sugar is one of those foods. Ugh! I know I need to reduce my sugar intake. It’s one reason I’m trying alternatives for sugar to use in the cookbook I’m writing. This book sounds interesting. Thanks for the info! Adrienne

  12. This does sound amazing and quite like a doctor I saw while I was living in China. I want to move back there to get healthy again

  13. It is so hard to rid ourselves of our sugar addictions when sugar is in everything that we eat. We have been weaning ourselves off and being very choosey about our foods.
    This book sounds really good and I really do believe weight issues have a lot if not everything to do with biochemistry.
    happy New Year to you!

  14. I have been detoxing from sugar and the nail is hit on the head with us being held captive by it. Finally 8 days after I started I am feeling less cravings. The detox was awful

  15. I had not heard of The Prime until visiting this post. I firmly believe we are what we eat and this book sounds like a good investment for a healthy 2016!

  16. As someone who has actually detoxed off carbs and sugar multiple times I can tell you that sugar IS addictive. My doctor told me it has the same effect on the brain as heroin. I am definitely picking up this book. Sounds like a great read.

  17. Sugar can be my downfall sometimes. Mostly though it’s potato chips or bread that gets to me, ugh.

  18. Really interested in changing the mindset of what “healthy” eating is. TY for the chance!

  19. Interesting premise. There is hardly anything ever new in the diet world, but this seems to be it. Yep, sugar IS a hard one to get off of. Really hard.

    • Hi Carol,
      The thing that makes The Prime different is that it isn’t a diet, but rather it’s a way to rest your physiology and reduce inflammation. In fact I developed it initially for my MS and migraine patients.
      Hope you enjoy it!
      Dr. Chaudhary

  20. This sounds like an interesting book. I have not heard if it before and I am interested in checking it out.

  21. That sounds like a book I need after the baby is born! I could use all the help I could get with getting into shape!

  22. It’s a relief to know that weight issues originate in biochemistry, not flawed personalities!

  23. Sheryl Gerbracht says:

    This is absolutely intriguing and I am interested in learning more!

  24. Barbara Lima says:

    I think I’m doing all the right things, but the weight just isn’t coming off, I’m ready for some help.

  25. I’d love to “stop dieting backwards” and break my addiction to sugar and other simple carbs! Thank you for raising my awareness of Dr. Chaudhary’s work.

  26. Brooke Ellis says:

    “This is one of the first and most important things I would like every single overweight person to understand: Being overweight is a biochemical issue, not a personality flaw.” This was SO powerful to read, can’t wait to devour (pun intended) the entire book. Thank you!

  27. Gail Grossfeld says:

    This book sounds great. Would love to read it. Thank you for telling us about this book.

  28. Jeneane West says:

    This sounds really interesting. Weight loss is so difficult we can’t be approaching it correctly

  29. Stress eating is my downfall but sugar addiction has to be a close second. Three years on Weight Watchers hasn’t changed that, as much as I respect that program.

  30. I really love seeing all the comments and excitement about my book. I truly hope that everyone find value in reading The Prime. The reason I called it The Prime is that it primes and prepares your body so that all the diets you’ve tried in the past will start to work and last!

    Wishing everyone the best,
    Kulreet Chaudhary@DrKChaudhary

  31. The Prime sounds like a great book. I can’t wait to read it. Thank you for bringing us so many terrific giveaways, Lois Even though there can only be one winner, we all win for being introduced to new books. Happy New Year!!

  32. Kim Henrichs says:

    I have had my eyes on this book for awhile now. Looks great!!

  33. OK, I have to read this one. I am thoroughly and completely intrigued!

  34. I would love to read thi sbook

  35. Nancy Guerini says:

    I am 55 years old and have been fighting metastatic breast cancer stage 4 for a little over 4 years now. They call me a miracle patient. I am very interested in reading this book, not because I need to loose weight, although about 18 lbs can be spared. I am not sugar addicted. I am not a carbohydrate addict. I have learned that on this journey a very positve and stress, drama free life is needed to fight this. I have brain cancer also. That is why I am interested in this book. The medications they offer me, I can’t tolerate. This is the 1st time in 4 years this has happened. it almost caused my death. I would like to improve my brain function. I am not looking for a miracle cure here, I know the odds. I just want to be able to remember better and function better. Thank you for writing this book. Where can I get it from.

  36. Gaye McGill says:

    This sounds like an excellent book. I’m another sugar addict and know I need to change some bad eating habits.

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