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beanpole pottery

Beanpole Pottery

The minute I saw these pieces on Kristine Van Raden’s Facebook page, where she introduced her new venture, Beanpole Pottery, I sent her a private message and said I had to have them.

I mean, how gorgeous are they?

As you know, I love words on things. And I love birds on things.

So these pieces were kind of destined to be mine.

Beanpole Pottery bird bowl

I’ve written about Kristine before, and I’m so excited that she’s using her empowering words in a whole new way. Her handmade porcelain pottery is embellished — as all her work is — with words of affirmation, encouragement and inspiration. She is someone who truly walks the walk.

And now, thankfully, she’s also throwing the pots.

In fact, she made a special order of 50 custom mugs for the Depressed Cake Shop, a non-profit in Los Angeles whose funds help the mentally ill. Talk about a cup of kindness. With words meant to give hope, including this powerful quote from author Amy Ferris, this is a line that’s as meaningful as it is practical.

Beanpole Pottery Depressed Cake Shop

In case you’re curious about the origin of her company name, Kristine includes this adorable and chatty bio with your order — it’s like getting a nice, newsy letter from your BFF.

Beanpole Pottery bio

It turns out Kristine was nicknamed “Beanpole” when she was 13, and, well, I’ll leave the rest for you to learn yourself. Reading her story, it’s easy to see that many of her pieces were inspired by her family, including her adorable granddaughters,

Beanpole Pottery Angel Face

her two daughters, her late mother and her husband of 35 years.

Beanpole Pottery Loved

If you’re like me, you’ll want to give these beautiful pieces as gifts to everyone important in your life. Check out Kristine’s website and see which words speak to you — or choose your own and let her custom make them into future family heirlooms.

Meanwhile, you can bet this beauty will be gracing our table this Thanksgiving.

Beanpole Pottery Be Grateful

And I’ll be adding Kristine and Beanpole Pottery to the long list of things I’m grateful for.


  1. What a fantastic range – I am loving the scars one and the bowl I could definitely see them in my kitchen. x

  2. I love it. That’s all.I love it. Going to her site now!

  3. These are nice. The designs are so simple, but they are beautiful.

  4. Depressed Cake Shop? Wish I had known about it when I lived in LA. Personally, I think cake is the only cure for depression. Chocolate works too. Just try to cry while eating chocolate. It’s biologically impossible!

  5. Ooh I love this. Thanks for sharing I will go to the website and check this out.

  6. Love that bowl with the birds. Adding to my list!

  7. Wow, so lovely. Beautiful Christmas gifts.

  8. Cool pottery! On a drive yesterday, I noticed a flock of birds gathered on a wire. Such an iconic image that never fails to please!

  9. These make gorgeous gifts. What a great find!

  10. These are such unique pieces! The loved mug is my favorite, I think.

  11. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    They are really lovely. I might add a few of these to my gift list — but I think I will have to buy some for myself as well.

  12. OMG I love these. I want the cup with the saying about scars. That would be my daily motivation. I am in love with these pieces.

  13. What beautiful pieces. I love the birds and the simplicity of the designs.

  14. These are so pretty. These would make such meaningful gifts. I love the words she uses for her pottery.

  15. wow, these really speak to me. Something about the styling makes the words just stand out and have meaning. Love them!

  16. I love the simple design and neutral tone! I like things with words on them too so I’d love to have a few of these pieces to grace my table with!

  17. How pretty! I haven’t seen anything like those before. I love pottery.

  18. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I adore these pieces so much. I love how they look kind of vintage and the words look like they are written by a typewriter.

  19. These are beautiful pieces with such inspiration words. I love how simple yet intricate the details are. I will definitely checkout beanpole pottery

  20. Oh wow. I love them all. Heading over there now. Works of art and I’d love to own them! Thanks much for sharing.

  21. Those are cute! Love how simple yet powerful they are at the same time.

  22. I love pottery and art that have meaning and this is just glorious.

  23. I have never seen Beanpole Pottery before. It is fantastic. I love the designs. It would make a great Christmas gift.

  24. Some really great designs – I love the simplicity. They really make a statement.

  25. I love the plates and bowls with the birds. Those are SO pretty. I love different sets like these, I would love to have these in my cupboards!

  26. Those all look wonderful. I need some of those cups in my kitchen!

  27. The bowl with the birds and the scars like stardust quote are stunning. I really want to get a tattoo with that stardust quote

  28. I love the simplistic approach. Great gift ideas.

  29. Those are such pretty pieces. I would love them in my kitchen.

  30. These are great! I am also a sucker for words on things.

  31. The pottery that she makes is simple yet so beautiful! They would make great gifts to give this Christmas

  32. Janell @ Saving You Dinero says:

    These are so cute. They would be a great gift for anyone.

  33. Such a beautiful find! Can’t wait to visit her website. Thank you for sharing her lovely work Lois.
    Kimberly XO

  34. This is really nice.

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