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introducing the 2017 buick lacrosse

Buick new insignia

Welcome to the new face of Buick.

After two streamlined decades, that iconic tri-shield insignia — inspired by David Dunbar Buick’s family crest — has gotten a makeover. It’s returned to its colorful roots to pay homage to the company’s storied history. What do you think of it?

I got to see the big reveal on the beautiful new 2017 Buick LaCrosse at the Los Angeles Auto Show last week. For me, it was a full-circle moment and the perfect way to end my year-long #ExperienceBuick program.

Buick LaCrosse preshow

Waiting for the big reveal

You may remember that I started the year at the Detroit Auto Show, where the highly-touted Buick Avenir concept car introduced a whole new design language. The 2017 LaCrosse expands on that with an all-new architecture that, as Duncan Aldred, vice president of Global Buick accurately calls “drop-dead gorgeous.”

Designed to be the epitome of modern luxury — in both looks and technology — the car sets a new bar for the brand.

Buick LaCrosse

Well, hello, gorgeous.

Buick was built on great sedans, and the LaCrosse is the company’s flagship sedan. In fact, sales of the LaCrosse have exceeded 900,000 globally since it was first introduced in 2009.

The 2017 is 300 pounds lighter than the 2016, making it even more efficient and responsive. And just look at this luxurious interior.

Buick LaCrosse interior

From the floating console to the 8″ touchscreen, this is a car designed to make your life easier. Plus, it’s got impeccable attention to detail, including cushy leather seats with French stitching, and a trunk that fits four sets of golf clubs — a feature that will make my husband and son very happy.

I loved having the opportunity to #ExperienceBuick this year and getting to know the brand and the wonderful, dedicated people behind it. Thanks to Buick, I unexpectedly fell in love with Detroit — read my Nice Things About Detroit and my 10 Reasons Detroit Is Worth a Visit — bet on the losing team at the Final Four, celebrated the fact that Buick commercials are going to the dogs, spent 24 hours of happiness in Los Angeles and ate my way through the New York City Wine and Food Festival.

But, most of all, I loved spending time with my fellow bloggers, Andi Fisher, Nyssa Chopra, Mike Conrad, Ty Alexander, Maro Onokpise, CJ Washington, who I am so proud to call friends. They represent what #ExperienceBuick really stands for — a way to bring people together in memorable and meaningful ways.

With Thanksgiving coming up this week, I want to say a huge thank you to Buick for a very special year and for an amazing bucket list trip. I hope to continue our working relationship, our conversations, our friendship.

I know Buick is going places — and I want to go along. I, literally, want to see where Buick can take me. Because you know there’s no better car than this one for a LaCrosse country trip from California back to my New York City roots …

Buick LaCrosse back

Note: Thank you, Mike Conrad, for letting me use your photos here. In-N-Out is on me next time you’re in San Diego!


  1. NICE Car!! My Hubs just ordered his 2016 car and I of course have my older model Buick.

  2. This car is really classy and I love all the standard features. I’ve never owned a Buick but this would definitely make me consider it.

  3. Catherine S says:

    This looks like a really nice car. I will have to keep it in mind the next time we go car shopping.

  4. That’s quite a hot car AND an interesting name, to boot. After taking a road trip last month, this looks like a better option than our SUV! If only we could hire a driver, too!

  5. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That looks like a sweet ride. I have always wanted to test drive a Buick!

  6. I have enjoyed following your year with Buick posts. Buick is certainly changing and updating their image.

  7. Sweet ride! I don’t think I have ever ridden in a Buick, unless it was my grandmothers from eons ago. Doesnt count.

  8. My friends got a Lacrosse last year – the 2015. Anyway, I love it and I always make them drive when we go out!
    It’s such a great car and not the way my great aunt’s Buick used to be!

  9. I couldn’t believe this was a Buick when I first saw it! It’s so different from the Buick my dad used to drive. Buick has some really nice cars now!

  10. I had the privilege of test driving 3 Buicks this year! One of my favorite brands!!! Love your post!

  11. You have to love that interior. The new lacrosse looks really nice. It’s definitely luxury!

  12. Wow, that looks like an amazing car! Looks nice!

  13. That car looks amazing! I love the interior!

  14. I love buicks! The new updates are stunning, how fun to be at the unveiling

  15. My mom had a 72 Skylark for the longest time! Such a great car

  16. What a beautiful ride! So sleek, I like the size! Luxury!

  17. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    That interior is beautiful. Buick has come a long way since my mother’s Buick Riviera (late 60s maybe?) Sounds like an amazing experience working with Buick.

  18. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I am such a huge fan of Buicks. This one looks especially nice. I have heard great things about the Lacrosse.

  19. What a handsome looking car! Oh my goodness, look at that lush interior! Best of all, it is a Buick and you know you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

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