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langham huntington, pasadena – club level

Langham Club Lounge

Now that I whet your appetite yesterday, I’m excited to tell you about the Club at Langham Huntington, Pasadena, which is definitely worth a splurge for a special weekend.

It’s basically the concierge floor and, although we’ve enjoyed staying on those at dozens of hotels, nothing prepared us for The Langham Club experience.

We’re grateful to Langham for giving us this opportunity because — well, let me show you.

Club suites are located on the hotel’s 8th floor, right down the hall from the Club Lounge, which may be Michael’s favorite place in the world.

Langham Pasadena lounge

As you can see, this is not your ordinary lounge. It’s like a private sanctuary with a dedicated concierge, wifi, comfy chairs and endless food. Take note of those bottomless jars of cookies on the left and candy on the right because we had our hands in them for two days straight.

In addition to those snacks and drinks that are available for the taking all day long

Langham Club drinks

there are five — yes, five! — food and beverage presentations throughout the day.

There’s a continental breakfast

Langham breakfast


Langham Club lunch

Afternoon tea

Langham Club tea

Hors d’ouvres and cocktails

Langham Club appetizers

And dessert, by which time I was in too much of a food coma to take photos.

But notice that, no matter what we were doing during the day, we didn’t miss any of the food presentations. That’s because we didn’t do much!

Although we made sure to walk off some of those calories on the hotel’s beautiful grounds, we spent almost an entire lazy Sunday in the Club Lounge, reading our complimentary New York Times, taking in the mountain views through the expansive windows and pretending this was our apartment.

Langham Club Sunday

The staff was so warm and welcoming, and they made sure those cookie jars were always full for us.

I can’t recommend the Langham Pasadena Club highly enough. We can’t wait to go back.

Next time, we’re going to bring our laptops and a stack of books because we just might be moving in.


  1. I think I’d move in there. It looks incredible and the amount of food is unbelievable. What an incredibly beautiful place, Lois. You are so blessed to be able to go there. Yay!

  2. That lounge has our names on it. I am going to pin this and consider it for our next SoCal getaway. So thank you!

  3. Lovely! If you need company next time, i’m always available 🙂

  4. Looks like you had a great time. Nice place to stay, and I see why you want to return again soon.

  5. This place looks amazing! That breakfast is just WOW! I would love to stay there!

  6. Well now that is my style definitely. Pity I live in Australia!

  7. girl I want to come be your assitance. You hang out at the best places and I am officially jealous. Just saying. I must admit you have expanded my look when i make reservations.

  8. A girl could definitely get used to that! Looks like an awesome way to get away.

  9. What a nice lounge. I too would not want to leave. The food looks great too. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time

  10. I believe a vacation should always be to somewhere nicer than you have at home (or why go?) this looks fabulous – and I could imagine moving in there too!

  11. I’d just move in too! Now that’s service! If I’m ever in the area I know where I want to stay!

  12. Nicole Escat says:

    I like the whole place. I always been dreaming of getting a vacation out of the country.

  13. Girlfriend, I want to see your calendar! Are you ever home? LOL! Brenda

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