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our viking ocean cruise, part 2

Lois and Michael on Viking Star

Well, yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday nicely segues into today’s Throwback Thursday so I can share photos from the second half of our 15 day Viking Ocean Cruise to Spain, Italy and France. We’re throwing all the way back to, oh, a couple of weeks ago when we sailed on the amazing Viking Star.

Day 8: Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy. I will never forget the first time we visited Rome, turned the corner and saw the Colosseum. It took my breath away — and still does because of its rich, dark history and the fact that it’s been standing there for more than 2000 years. This reminds me I want to watch Gladiator again.

Lois and Michael Colosseum

Day 9: Naples, Italy. When in Naples … Because this is the home of pizza, we did one of the optional excursions where we got to go to a local restaurant and help create our own pizzas. Made of the freshest ingredients by true professionals, this Margherita pizza was a real treat. I am drooling just thinking about it.

Naples pizza

Day 10: Valletta, Malta. Everyone was out on deck when we pulled into Malta because the scenery is stunning. There was a $350 million yacht docked near us so you know we were in a pretty special place! This was the view from our stateroom veranda.


Day 11, Sicily, Italy. Because of heavy winds, we had to skip this port. Instead, we spent a relaxing day at sea which we actually were very happy about because the Viking Star is a destination in itself (more about that in another post). This lovely sunset led into a rocky night but we slept like babies.

Viking Star sunset

Day 12: Sardinia (Cagliari), Italy. We thought we had seen enough European churches to last a lifetime but the Cathedral of Santa Maria may be one of the most beautiful anywhere. The architecture, the details — wow.

Sardinia - Cathedral of Santa Maria

Day 13: Mallorca. We fell in love with the charming village of Valldemossa which looks like the setting for a fairy tale. The guide was very proud of the fact that Michael Douglas has spent a lot of time here.

Valldemossa Mallorca

Day 14, Valencia, Spain. We were blown away by Valencia, a city that magically combines old and new. We really want to come back and spend more time here.


Day 15, Barcelona, Spain. Some people did a post-cruise tour here but since we had spent a lot of time in Barcelona already, we headed home after a night celebrating Michael’s birthday. This trip was truly a gift to both of us, and we can’t wait to get back on another Viking Ocean Cruise! Check out their upcoming itineraries. Which one do you want to go on?

Michael's birthday - Viking Star


  1. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure with you! Lovely photos and what a lovely trip it was!!

  2. Lois makes a good pizza. Really, she does. This cruise was the best.

  3. Ahh, you reminded me of a cruise we took in 2008. We started and ended in Barcelona. Malta was the biggest surprise of the entire trip. What a bustling city!
    Next I want to take a Viking river cruise in France.
    Great photos!

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      We loved Malta, too. I was excited about seeing it after watching the Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt movie, By The Sea, which was filmed there. Movie was awful, Malta was awesome. We did a Viking River Cruise through the South of France last year – you MUST do it! Absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Looks like an amazing trip! I’ve always wanted to take a cruise!

  5. I have always wanted to go to Italy…the FOOD and WINE…and the scenery too. Awesome cruise you guys had!!

  6. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!
    We have started our “cruise” fund but now we just have to figure out where we want to go to!
    I would love to take a longer cruise but they can be a wee bit pricy but so worth it.

  7. I am officially jealous. I would love to take a trip like this and travel the world. Any chance you want to take me next time.

  8. I started off thinking I’d comment on which day is the one I would most enjoy. But, WOW!… I would love every second of this (but might savor the Naples pizza most… maybe).

    I can’t wait to go. One day!

  9. Ashley Sparks Mullins says:

    So jealous of your travels! Barcelona, Spain looks amazing! A river cruise looks like fun!

  10. Maybe the best thing was being able to hear from you IN PERSON last night about the ocean cruise! 😉 We are looking into Viking’s new offering with your imprimatur in mind!

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      You will LOVE the ocean cruise. It’s got all the signature luxuries of the river cruises – multiplied! Feel free to ask me any questions. Personally, we’re ready to book another one right now!

  11. Wow, I am loving the photos from your trip. What a memorable adventure!

  12. I really need to look into taking a Viking Ocean Cruise trip. The sunset was truly beautiful and the Cathedral is breathtaking.

  13. Fabulous photos. Just what I was looking for!

  14. I am loving your Viking Cruise adventure photos! I have heard nothing but good things about Viking. I want to go sooooooooo bad!

  15. I want to go to Naples JUST for the pizza. But I’m sure I’d like the other things too. 🙂

  16. Wow! What a fun packed week! I absolutely love your birthday dessert! So yummy!

  17. You went to so many wonderful places. This truly seems like a trip to copy!

  18. You sure know how to have fun. This cruise looks so peaceful.

  19. What a spectacular vaca! Love the photos. This trip is on our wish list for sure!

  20. Looks like an amazing trip! I’ve always wanted to go to Valencia!!

  21. I love Italy when I was there. So many quaint little villages. You brought me back some good memories!!

  22. This looks like such a fun experience. I would love to take a Viking Ocean cruise one day, although a river cruise is also high on my list. I’ve heard only good things about the company.

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      Their river and ocean cruises are all awesome! They’re very different from each other, and I hope you get to go on one of both!

  23. Sounds like an amazing trip. Your photos are gorgeous!

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