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my word for 2016 — and probably the rest of my life

2016 calendar

My word, it’s that time of year again! Time to come up with the word that will guide me through 2016, that will ground me and inspire me when I need a boost.

That’s a lot of pressure to put on one little word.

Last year, I changed up the word I had been using for the past two years, which was “do.” I changed it to “improve,” which I never really owned — or even liked. I mean, some things don’t need to get done better; they just need to get done.

“Do” served me well for two years, and I don’t know why I thought I had to switch it out for a new, improved word. Especially when I don’t think I really improved on much this year.

I did, however, do a lot.

I got to experience many of my travel bucket list items — and some that I didn’t know should be on it!started writing for a new outlet and finally exchanged our cable box for one that actually works. I attended some fantastic conferences and events, spent time with my family and friends and bought that gorgeous 2016 planner, above, at the Mucha Museum in Prague.

So I’ve decided not only to go back to “do,” but to embrace it as my word for life.

I’m already thinking about everything I want to do in 2016, and just planning trips and projects is getting me excited about the new year.

Plus, “do” fits in nicely with my “done is better than perfect” philosophy, which I highly suggest you incorporate into your own life.

And there you go. With one day to spare, I have my word post written, I’ve written my last movie review of the year and I am ready to face a new year.

I am done. 🙂

What’s your word for 2016?


  1. I always choose three words… I choose three because I love the number… It’s something about it. I’ve had past words such as “authentic, taste, bloom”, but this year is a little different… I’m in a different place… So this year it’s “Yes, Empower, Be” Be, is interesting, because I feel like I’m “be”-coming” I’m in a year of so much growth and change that “be”-ing is necessary and vital. I love that you choose words, and I love the word “do”. I always have. I look forward to watching you “do”-ing some incredible things in 2016. I love following your blog. Happy New Year.

  2. I have been toying with the idea of a word for 2016. I love the idea of adopting a word for life instead- and do is a good one!

  3. Drive! I’m going to rock 2016. Just you watch!

  4. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    “Do” is a very good word. And you do “do” a lot — perfect for you! Happy New Year, dear Lois. xo

  5. I think this is a great word and one that will serve you well for life. For me, I am going to have the word health be my word.

  6. “Do” really is a great word and seems appropriate for a lifetime. 🙂 No doubt it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and not really “do” the things you want or need to do. You are a great inspiration to get out there and DO those things while we can!

  7. I like ‘do’ too but also like ‘be.’ Lately I’ve been trying to ‘be’ more so I can enjoy all that I ‘do’ in a bigger way.

    Happy New Year and can’t wait to read about all you ‘do’ in 2016.

  8. 2015 was connect, and I did a great job! 2016 will be health–have things to take care of and it’ll be as much work as before

  9. I think your reasons for making “do” your word of the year are great. I haven’t thought of a word for 2016 but I have some goals in mind.

  10. “Do” is such a simple, but powerful word and I like it a lot. I hope it gives you the focus you want/need to get a whole lot done in the new year. I’ll have to remember it for myself, too!

  11. It’s so important to be constantly improving and trying to become better. I hope to improve in the New Year as well.

  12. My word is: realize (both meanings-to become aware and make something you desire happen)

  13. Do is a good word. I wish you every success with it in the new year and all you want to accomplish.

  14. My word is pursue 🙂

  15. Do? If you do any more you won’t ever be in San Diego! 🙂

    What we need to DO is SEE each other in 2016.

    What I DO is love you to bits. Happy New Year, dear one.

  16. Do is simple and straightforward but encompasses a lot! My word for 2016 is “Embrace” because I want to sweep up the good stuff and hold on to it all!

  17. My word for 2016 is Create. I believe with this new mindset of mine, the new year is going to be filled with wonderful experiences.

  18. Lois, I just chose my word as well. I almost didn’t choose one, so much pressure.. But I rallied and chose WRITE. I wrote about my process today as well.
    Happy New Year, and I can’t wait to read about all you do in 2016 and beyond.

  19. Fun post – ‘do’ and ‘improve’ go together – because if you are doing, you are improving. 🙂 My word is balance. Which really is spiritual in all areas of my life. Thank you for asking and
    Happy New 2016 to you!

  20. My word is joy! Whatever I do, I wish to do it with joy and have fun while doing it!

  21. Do is a great word! You definitely have to own it and if it worked well for two years then why not go for a lifetime <3

  22. Last year my word was finish because I felt like I started so much and finished nothing. I got the second book done in the nick of time, review copies arrived today.
    My word for 2016 is welcoming. I need to be welcoming of all the changes to my life during 2016 AND I need to get some work done in my home and start welcoming some guests. I love to entertain and didn’t do any (in my home) in 2015.
    Happy New Years to you and your family!

  23. Love. This year, I want to embrace love that I have to give, and love I receive – love of life, nature, art, music, people, weather, paper, wine, food, tv shows, clothes, wood, old books, board games, travel, gentle earthquakes, peppermint, chocolate, plush towels, full moons, agates, labradorite, things that take time and all that is unexpected.

  24. Do is good. I like it better than improve, a lot.
    My word is flow. I am not worrying about whatever because it all flows.

  25. I think my word should be “BE” – I need to learn to relax and just be in the moment more often. As someone who constantly pushes, I need to learn to slow down and do less. “BE,” I like that. Thanks for the nudge!

  26. Do is an amazing word. When put into action it really does garner great results.

  27. My word is “yes”. Yes, I can…Yes, I will…Yes, I do…Yes, I am.

  28. I like that! I’m afraid I do too much and might need to eliminate that word from my vocabulary LOL My word for 2016 is “well”. (Along the lines of the Hymn: It is WELL With my Soul…in the midst of the turmoil around the world. I’ll be fleshing it out a bit on my post tomorrow!)

  29. Great post! I sat here for a full 5 minutes trying to think of my word for 2016. I decided that my word would be “Learn.” Learn a new skill, learn a language, learn to be more sensitive of others, and learn to say “no” to things/situations that would hurt me.

  30. I like that you chose to keep a word that works fro you. I think this year my word is going to be Happy or Joy. I have let so many people including family steal my happy when I Accomplish something that I’ve never fully enjoyed my success. So I think this year to go with last year being fearless Ia m adding happy to my list.

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      You deserve only joy and happiness, Rebecca. Don’t let anyone steal that from you. Here’s to a HAPPY 2016! xo

  31. I love the phrase, done is better than perfect and “do” is very inspiring. I need to make that my mantra too. Wishing you and yours a joyous New Year!

  32. My word is perhaps the word “word” itself. I love words. Learning new ones, and using old ones correctly are a passion. So “word” it is. Maybe Lois and I can “do words?”

  33. I love the idea of “do” as a word for a year (or life) I hope you do a lot in 2016 and enjoy every moment. x

  34. I am stealing this. Instead of making goals, I am going to live by the word Do. That kind of sums it up! Thank you.

  35. My word is adoption because I plan to help a ton of dogs get forever homes. I look forward to 2016 with zest and determination. Your word is a good one, too. Happy New Year!

  36. If it’s a good word in the past you might as well stick with it! I hope “do” is achieved for you

  37. A new year, a new slate, and your word deserves its three year run. Nothing gets done if you don’t ‘do.’ 🙂 Happy New Year!

  38. Do is a good word. I need to DO less this year and more of other things! Balance of doing!

  39. Do is a really good word, kind of like yes. I haven’t thought of a word yet, but positive might be a good one!

  40. I like ‘do’ a lot! I’ll probably add that to my list of words. As of right now my word is ‘positivity’, it just reminds me to have a more positive attitude towards things.

  41. Glad you found your word 🙂 Happy New Year!

  42. Do is always a good word to inspire someone to just do it. My word would be “Go”, just go for it to make sure we keep ourselves inspired on everything we face in our life.

  43. Looking back over the past year I realized that I had chosen a word for 2015 – INSPIRE – and promptly forgot I had done this! That being said, the past year was quite inspiring.
    ‘Do’ is such a wonderful choice and offers so many opportunities!
    I think my word this year will be, ‘BE’. As in ‘be present’, ‘be happy’, ‘be available’…a reminder to myself to slow down and just ‘be’.
    Happy New Year!!

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