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my word for 2014


The amount of pressure I’ve been putting on myself to find the right word for the coming year is ridiculous.

I wanted to have my word ready to go as soon as the ball dropped in Times Square but, instead, I dropped the ball.

So here we are on January 5.

I was going to use “grow” because it’s what I want Midlife at the Oasis to do in 2014 but that was the mantra of my husband’s former advertising agency, and I felt like I was plagiarizing or something. (Okay, the truth? I could have gotten over that but the Law of Attraction says that the Universe takes what you ask for very literally and I freaked out that all my months of Jenny Craig and Jazzercise would be for naught. So, my word for the year will not be “grow.” To be very, very clear: I do NOT want to grow in that way, Universe. Thank you.)

Then I thought about the word “love.” I know, it sounded a little hokey to me, too, but how great would it be to just do things you love and surround yourself only with people you love and have everything you do come from a place of love? Even Oprah said, “Do what you love and the money will follow.”

This thought process led to me humming the Beatles’ “It’s so fine, it’s sunshine, it’s the word love,” and I started making myself sick. As much as my kids like to call me a hippie, I’m too practical to just be all about love. And, as I get older, I get less lovey dovey about the world in general so that one’s not going to work either.

Next idea was “thrive.” When I mentioned it to Michael, he just stared at me. It is one of those words like “moist” – which you can’t say around my daughter because it makes her gag. Which also reminds me that she hates – hates – the commercials here for Kaiser Permanente whose tagline is “Thrive.” I can’t live by a word that an insurance company uses to promote its product and that makes my precious child feel like vomiting.

So I thought about last year.

Last year, my word was “do.” The minute it came to me, I knew it was right.

And, you know what? The more I think about it, it still is.

I did so much in 2013, and much of it was because I always had that word in the back of my mind. It encouraged me to “do” things out of my comfort zone. Like take Patty Chang Anker’s #SomeNerve Challenge and enter Blogger Idol. Like #LiveLikeJulia for a week and make my first video at the TMS Family Travel Conference. Like stick to Jenny Craig and Jazzercise and lose 25 pounds.

Is there a law that says I can’t use the same word two years in a row?

What happened to “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”

Why reinvent the wheel — or, in this case, the word?

In fact, I just may make “do” my word for life.

There’s a reason Nike’s “Just do it” continues to resonate after all these years. It’s inspiring! Encouraging! It gets things done!

See? It even got this task done.

What’s your word for 2014?


  1. Your word is a great one. An inspiring one. Verbs will help us put into action what we need to make our tasks lighter and easier by following our passion.

    Lisa C. said “create” and I liked that one along with “learn”. About myself, about writing, and what’s out there for me to “do” – yes – CREATE and LEARN.

    At my age I can have 2 words!

  2. Pamela Lear says:

    Well, I’ve never set a word for the year; I like it! In thinking about all the exciting things going on in my life, it is clear to me that my word for 2014 is INSPIRE. From the Latin “to breathe”, it is a word with many meanings – to receive or give an idea, to cause something to happen or to be created, to create feelings or emotions, etc. I am inspired every day by a variety of input, often in ways I never expected, and I hope to inspire others in ways that I probably can’t even imagine right now. Inspiration is an important part of this great journey of life – – being open to inspiration, finding ways to share with and inspire others. What a great way to start the year … thanks, Lois!

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      You’ll be surprised by what a difference having a word makes. I love “inspire” — you inspire me all the time!

  3. Mine is Intentional–which applies to how I use social media, the interactions I have, the way I sit down to work, etc. Last year was Go Deeper!

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      Intentional is great. So is Go Deeper but, in the context of your subject matter, it also makes me smile!

  4. I’ve never had a word but what a great idea! Finish or complete would be my word as I have many “good” ideas that never got a chance to strut their stuff. 🙂 Like you, I think I’ll look at the definitions and decide which to go with. I feel like one is a little more serious…not sure why.

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      So interesting because I agree — there definitely feels like there’s a difference between finish and complete. Will be curious which one you decide on and why. You will be so inspired by having a word this year!

  5. Mine is Consistency – because I really need to be consistent in many things! And after 4 days it’s become this gong in my head daily LOL

  6. SMILE that is going to be my word for the year. Smile at my cats the first thing in the morning,a different smile to myself in the mirror and other smiles for other incidents people , smells, sounds,
    Visions, feelings, and embraces and kisses every day. It’s magic for me and others


  7. What a great idea this is! All sorts if words come to mind: imagine, opportunity, moment, to name a few. But after much thought (over the past few minutes), I have chosen “ready.” I want to be ready to take any opportunity or moment that comes along. No excuses. No regrets. And hopefully this will spur me on to continue working on and finishing projects so I will be ready for what may be offered. Another word will be “push.” I need to push forward to be “ready.”

  8. Hi Lois…some seriously good “words” here for sure. I guess the word that first comes to mind for me is “vibration.” I think that word best describes the awareness that I really, really want to embrace this year. I have recently been listening to Law Of Attraction stuff too and I want to remember in every instance that the vibration I put out is drawing in exactly its vibrational match. Everything–according to Abraham/Hicks. So I’m giving it a try because if I can stay aware to my vibration in every moment in the way I want, then this year will be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! How could it not? Thanks for the thoughts…. Kathy

  9. My word is FIT; financially, spiritually and physically. As i move through the year, it something doesn’t fit with the fit goal, then i can let it go.

  10. Most definitely, restoration. 2013 was a write-off in areas that now need to be restored. Looking forward to it!

  11. My 2014 word is perseverance. I need to stay the course, not get sidetracked, with whatever I am doing.

  12. I tried to find just one word but I could not put my finger on a word that conveyed my intention adequately. So short of creating a new word (which is not a bad idea) I, like Cathy, ended up with two: elevate and amplify. Lift to new heights and turn up the volume! Amplivate? Elify? Love this idea Lois!

  13. My word is finish. I started an awful lot last year, and finished very little.
    This is my first year chosing a word. You have paved the way for me to use my word again, if it works.
    Happy New Year!

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      It will work — you’ll see! There’s something about putting it out there. Seriously. Looking forward to watching you finish lots of great things!

  14. My word is CREATE… but I think you already knew that. 😀 This is my first year choosing a word, too. Hope it makes a difference.

    I like your choice of DO. You’ve done fabulous things with it. Best wishes for DO to do you right in 2014, as well!

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      You are on your way to creating a fantastic 2014, Lisa! So excited about following your journey and we will have to create an opportunity to do something together! xo

  15. My word is…LOVE…lol!!! I wrote about it on my blog too!! http://Www.dearyogailoveyou.com 🙂

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      Ha ha! You are way better suited for that word than I am, my friend. Yet another reason I love you! xo

  16. My word is gratitude.

  17. Or moving forward.

  18. My word is “stretch”. Literally, I need to stretch more. I already feel my 5′ 2″ inch frame shrinking. At this rate, I will be hobbit size by 60. Figuratively, I need to stretch beyond my comfort zone in my personal and work life. It’s time to exercise some new muscles.

  19. Ashley Roberts says:

    What another divine idea Lois…Have also loved ‘Just Do It’ since its beginning. My 2014 word is ‘passion’ which is already steering me towards all that make my heart race & sing! Hugs sweet friend x0

  20. I had 3 words. I just couldn’t do one. I tried. Mine are balance, organization and giving. Do is a great one!

  21. It sounds like “do” is definitely your word. When something feels right it must be right.

  22. My word is “today” because I need to stop putting things off (eating better, exercising, getting organized, writing, reading, etc.) until tomorrow. No more procrastination!

  23. Great Post! We were thinking on the same wave…..My story for Yeah Write Me is about My 3 Words! Great minds think alike. I’m a new Fan 🙂

  24. Quinn Read says:

    I had a boss who used to sign her emails with “Onward.” I hated it then, but it’s grown on me. A good reminder to pick it up and keep on moving!

  25. Love the quote of Oprah you have shared. That was totally inspirational essay….Love the Nike’s line seriously. My word is smile , as it is the easiest thing but the most difficult one sometimes 🙂

  26. can *word* be my word? I’d say *word* to this post, too.

  27. Thanks for the reminder of choosing a word for 2014.

    Mine shall be FOCUS.

  28. Hi Lois! I know, I know….it’s January 21st….but it has truly taken me THIS long!! My word is WRITE. I’m just going to write, everything everyday. It’s what I tell myself I’ve always wanted….so for you, dear Lois, I will ‘just do it!’

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