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Check out these gorgeous paintings and see why The Blackstone Hotel’s art collection is better than a museum – and how you can spend the night surrounded by it!

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w hotel los angeles west beverly hills

W hotel sign

Michael and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the taping of Oprah’s Super Soul Sessions at UCLA a couple of months ago, and we decided to make a weekend out of it.

We were invited to stay at the W Hotel Los Angeles in West Beverly Hills, which is within walking distance of the campus as well as a gigantic Ralph’s, which has a Starbucks and a fantastic bakery inside. This was perfect because not having to worry about a car in Los Angeles is, just like the hotel, a luxury in itself.

Speaking of luxury, this is the car — not ours, unfortunately — that was sitting in front of the hotel when we pulled in.

W hotel car

Nice, right?

What I love about W hotels is that, for all their trendiness, they are so welcoming. Even the iconic sign outside their front door is nestled into greenery. And look at these steps leading to the lobby:

W hotel steps

They make you feel like you’re walking on water.

The big, open downstairs space features a very modern lounge with a big-screen TV and lots of places to sit and hang out.

W hotel lounge

Personally, though, we are not so happening so we preferred the vibe in our own room — or suite, as luck would have it.

W hotel living room

We had this great living room with inspiring pillows

W hotel pillows

and a fantastic space where Michael parked himself to write.

W hotel desk

In fact, it was so inspiring, don’t be surprised if he publishes a collection called The W Poems at some point.

Again, in the midst of all this sleek design was a comfy white bedroom that felt homey and like we were back in our old New York City apartment.

W bed and TV

Whenever I stay at a W hotel, I collect the aptly-named Bliss toiletries.

W hotel toiletries

I love the scent of that lemon and sage!

I always get a kick out of the W’s sense of humor and the funny little touches they surprise you with, like this pouch with the spare roll of toilet paper.

W hotel toilet paper

We spent more time in the elevator than I care to admit because of this fun feature that captures riders in all their glory.

W hotel elevator

It looks like there was a party going on!

W hotel elevator picture

How cute is this picture of Michael?!

We had a great visit at the W and I haven’t even told you about our amazing dinner in the hotel’s new restaurant, STK. Here’s a quick summary, in which the pictures will speak for themselves:

STK bread

STK steak

STK fries

STK kale

STK pasta

And, of course, the piece de resistance.

STK donuts


I wish we’d had time to relax by the beautiful pool or get a massage at the Bliss Spa but that will have to wait until next time.

So, at least for now, the W will have to stand for Wow, When can we come back?


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    The food looks amazing there. I would love to stop by if I am ever on the west coast.

  2. Catherine S says:

    This looks like a nice place to stay and the food looks yummy. I love the car that was sitting out front.

  3. Looks like an awesome hotel. I love all the special touches like the funny toilet paper roll.

  4. I have had the chance to stay at one of their hotels and LOVED it! So comfortable and luxurious without breaking the bank like many luxury hotels can do. Fabulous picture of Michael and I am anxiously awaiting for the publication of that poetry collection.

  5. Another gorgeous hotel. I will definitely be scrolling through your posts before I book anything on the West Coast.
    I would love that work area. Looking forward to the future poetry!

  6. This sounds like the coolest hotel. I definitely love the modern look of everything. STK sounds amazing too.

  7. Looks like an awesome place to stay!!! And the food looks great too.

  8. W Hotels are the epitome of modern yet comfortable space. Great photos!

  9. What a great looking place to stay – the décor looks so different and unique and the food delicious. x

  10. I love the little extras that seem to be dotted around your room like those throw pillows and that smug little “Backup Plan”! lol The food does look incredible too…especially those “donuts”.

  11. How could you not be inspired as you sit at that desk? The donuts alone feel like an amazing reason to make the drive up the coast! The rest would be gravy! Love your photos and perspective Lois!

  12. I could certainly get used to all that luxury! That ravioli (is it?) looks SO good! The toilet paper might be my favorite part.

  13. Wow is right. I love all your photos and descriptions. What a great place to experience!

  14. Wow for sure! Nice digs. Hope the Oprah sessions were equally wow-worthy!

  15. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    It looks so nice and comfortable, and that work space is awesome! The food looks amazing, too. What a great find, Lois!

  16. I love the W Hotel in NYC! They have amazing properties!

  17. The W are an amazing series of hotels. We have a beautiful one here in MIami!

  18. That looks like a very amazing vacation- beautiful hotel!

  19. That toilet paper roll cover is too funny. Will be making that for our house…lol. Maybe my hubby and I will take a mini vacay and stay there someday.

  20. That looks like an amazing place to stay!

  21. I’ve never stayed at a W hotel before but I plan on doing so one day when the kids are gone and I can truly do all the traveling I’m longing to do without them.

  22. If you love modern, you’re bound to love W. I had a conference stay at the SF hotel once.

  23. Wow, that hotel looks super modern! And the food looks AMAZING!!!

  24. What a nice retro look and feel that this hotel has. I really like the the illusion that the stairs give off.

  25. It looks like the two of you had a blast. I loved reading this post because two of my favorite brands are in it. I love W hotels for many of the reasons noted in the post. I always feel special and very welcomed at the W. For a time the W Atlanta Midtown was my home away from home. Now on to STK. The pictures of the food are exquisite. We have an STK here in Atlanta and it is my go-to place for special occasions or when I want to treat myself. I’ve not had the best week so I will be treating myself to STK and those donuts this weekend.

  26. I have stayed at the W in LA. It was so nice. Looks like a great weekend!

  27. I seriously live through your Trips . The “W” is such a swanky luxurious Hotel. I like the Size of the Body Wash and Shampoo .. they can actually be used on an adult

  28. This looks like it would be a fantastic place to stay. I love the decor and the food look delicious.

  29. We have stayed at W hotels in the past and always had a pleasant experience – looks like you had a blast.

  30. I love how the W Hotels look but have not gotten to stay at one yet. Your photos really bring the place to life.

  31. That looks like an amazing place to stay. The food also looks delicious. I have never stayed at W Hotels, but I will keep this in mind.

  32. I love how elegant and modern everything looks in the hotel. I’d definitely book a stay there if we ever get out that way!

  33. I’d love to visit. I have heard the W hotels are nice. And I’d love to be in LA for a visit.

  34. Looks like an amazing place to stay. I’ve heard a lot about W hotels but I’ve never seen one before. That food looks amazing!

  35. I love how they decorated the rooms. The food looks delicious too! I would love staying at this hotel.

  36. You were so lucky to get such a great shot of that car in front of the hotel too. Looks like a magical experience from all the photos.

  37. The Hotel looks so beautiful & the pictures are good enough to explain how good & comfort the rooms & other facilities are. The foods looks so delicious as well & I would love to step in if we get a chance to cross by.

  38. What a cool hotel to get away and relax! I love how unique all the details are.

  39. W Hotels are always so fun. I love the modern but cozy design elements.

  40. love the W.. and most SPG. I can’t believe they’re merging with Marriott! I wonder what will happen to the point system.

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