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care knows how, dollars to doughnuts

Biti Rose

This post is sponsored by CARE. All opinions are, as 
always, 100% mine. Please click on the sponsored links
because this is an amazing organization. Photo credit:
Brian Feagans/CARE

When I read that CARE was helping to beat poverty with doughnuts, I knew I had to write about this empowering and life-changing campaign. After all, these are subjects dear to my heart and I am someone who believes doughnuts are the answer to a surprising number of problems.

Although pretty much everyone has heard of CARE, you may not be aware of some of the creative ways the humanitarian organization is improving the lives of people in some of the poorest communities in the world.

So let me tell you about the doughnuts.

In a small village in the African nation of Malawi, Biti Rose and her husband, Alfred, had to take their son out of school because they couldn’t afford the five dollar uniform. Biti joined a CARE Village Savings and Loan Association, where she ultimately received a $2.00 loan, enabling her to buy ingredients to make doughnuts which she sells for two cents apiece.

Now, Biti Rose is one of the most popular people in her village, selling out her doughnuts every day and making more money than she ever dreamed she could. She and Alfred have reinvested their profits in their kids’ education and in their farm, and were even able to build a house, an act which fills them with pride.

Just take a look at this inspiring video:

This story about a CARE package that brought doughnuts — and hope — to Malawi represents just one of the many ways CARE Knows How to make a difference. Check out their homepage where you’ll learn that CARE Knows How to play with pandas, to make fog drinkable, to prevent malaria with goat poop, to get it done on Capitol Hill.

I am a big believer in teaching people to fish rather than simply giving them the fish, and that’s what CARE is all about.

Please visit the CARE website, make a donation, and sign up to receive updates. You can truly make a difference in someone’s life, dollars to doughnuts.


  1. This is amazing. It’s so important to give back to those less fortunate.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Wow, what an amazing campaign! I love to hear stories of people helping the less fortunate,

  3. Love hearing about campaigns like this!
    Helping others is something very near and dear to my heart so hearing this makes my heart sing!

  4. What an awesome way to give back to those in need!

  5. I love CARE! and of course, I love doughnuts. Oh, do I. Great charity and good promo!

  6. I love this story and giving back! I believe everyone should do something to give back. It doesn’t have to be money but give your time. I hope others in their village follow in their footsteps. Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a wonderful story! Doughnuts bring so much happiness to people, and this is one of the best stories I’ve heard associated with them.

  8. such a great article, americans needs to practice this giving versus learning to achieve success on their own.

  9. I’ve always loved the CARE program since I was young because I knew they did great things to help so many people in need. So great that you wrote this post about them, Lois, to create even more awareness.

  10. Such an amazing story! That’s wonderful work that CARE does!

  11. What a great sounding programme, it isn’t one I have heard of before, but I shall definitely get behind it in future.

  12. Imagine a woman in a not so great position was able to use her resources to not only help herself and her family but also others in her Village. This is an amazing story

  13. seriously 2 cents to make a doughnut and afford a 5 dollar uniform. I could not even imagine. Care sounds awesome

  14. I support campaigns focused on feeding those in need. I can’t imagine going to bed hungry every night.

  15. aimee fauci says:

    Love and agree with that also… we must teach people how to survive rather than giving them what they want or need.

  16. Thank you for showing how a little bit can go a long way to help someone start a new business.

  17. Stories like this really make you realize what you have. I wish I could donate money for doughnut ingredients!

  18. What a great story and such a small amount made a big difference!
    I am also taking on a charity for World Water Day – WaterCan where I plan to raise $600 – enough for 3 water lines to be constructed to 3 villages.

    I think Care might be the next charity I take a look at!

  19. Giving back is something we all should try and do. I have taught son that he should always help those in need.

  20. CARE sounds like a great program. I’m always so happy to hear about programs like this that help others change their lives. Sometimes all people need is a little boost!

  21. What that loan was so life changing. I love how this program works. It’s such a cool idea!

  22. What a fabulous story and campaign. Donuts… WOW! Now to read how to make fog drinkable! Amazing stuff here, Lois. Thank you for enlightening us!

  23. What an amazing program! I am sure it has helped empower many people. I also believe in teaching someone to help themselves instead of giving handouts, so this is an organization I can really get behind!

  24. I love how CARE empowered Biti Rose to be her own person and take control of her life. That is a great story and the video was very moving.

  25. I love CARE! They are an amazing organization doing life changing work the right way and I am thrilled you chose to promote them. For the record I loved CARE pre-donut promotion :)!

  26. I love these types of organizations that lift up people with projects and work rather than just provide money, it makes people feel empowered and that is always a good thing!

  27. CARE sounds like a great thing! I love stories like these and finding new ways to help. I will check it out!

  28. Oh Lois, what a great story! I absolutely love organizations that don’t just give handouts, but empower people to help themselves and those around them. Biti is a shining example to others that, with the right help, circumstances can change dramatically for the better I want to watch the video but hubby is sleeping next to me and I’m too lazy to get out of bed and leave the room. I’ll leave this tab open as a reminder to watch it tomorrow.

  29. CARE is such an amazing organization. I will have to go to the website and see how i can help.

  30. It’s amazing how little it takes to change the economy of a whole community. It’s great that so many are investing abroad to make such a large human impact.

  31. Giving back to those with nothing makes me happy, I always support these kind of organizations!

  32. What a great story. I am so glad to hear that she is so successful and making more money than she ever dreamed of. What a fantastic program.

  33. Awesome campaign! I love hearing stories about giving to the less fortunate!

  34. Wow! A $2 loan caused so much good to happen. That is such an amazing story. I don’t know much about CARE but now I’m going to read up more on them.

  35. What a great program! I think we take for granted how little it takes to help someone else out.

  36. Making a difference that is more than a Band-Aid. Very definitely worth sharing and celebrating.

  37. What a remarkable campaign. I haven’t ever heard of this before. I love giving back and feel it’s so important to when and if you can! This is wonderful!

  38. Debbie Denny says:

    Awesome for Biti. Giving a way to make a life is longlasting.

  39. Rachelle J says:

    Wow, who would have thought that a doughnut could make such a difference in someone’s life! Great story!

  40. What an amazing story! CARE sounds like a great program.

  41. It is amazing how $2 and donuts can change a life. I like CARE’s mission. So important.

  42. This is a great campaign. I love doing positive things to help others!

  43. This is such a great program. I love the idea of helping those who have a hard time helping themselves.

  44. What a great story and cause! It’s unimaginable the poverty in other countries …. we in America are SO spoiled and many don’t even have a clue how people in other countries are living. There have to be ways to change this and really help these poverty stricken countries rather than giving aid to their governments that the people probably NEVER even see.

  45. Such a wonderful campaign from CARE. After all giving back to the needy is what we all need to do. Biti Rose story is really inspiring & the video says it all.

  46. What a fantastic campaign. Always love reading about things like this.

  47. I have to say that I really like this campaign – such for a good cause.

  48. This is awesome.I agree that it’s better to teach than to simply give.

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