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empower women in china to #changedestiny

SK-II #ChangeDestiny parents

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are, as always, 100% mine.

Although you’d think we’d be past this by now, single women still seem to be stigmatized in most cultures. Even in the United States, women who aren’t married by a certain age are considered “spinsters.”

In China, that certain age is 25, and women who are single after that are referred to as “Sheng Nu,” which literally translates to “leftover woman.”

Imagine how devastating it would be to know you were looked upon by your culture, your friends, your family as a “leftover woman” who, despite holding an important job and being smart, funny, and loving, was simply dismissed as incomplete without a husband.

SK-II #ChangeDestiny crying

Last year, international prestige skincare brand, SK-II, launched #ChangeDestiny – an ongoing global campaign to inspire and empower women to shape their own destiny. As part of this campaign, SK-II has been sharing stories of women who overcame challenges and barriers that were preventing them from achieving their dreams and goals. The success stories of these women have become a source of inspiration to women around the world.

SK-II #Change Destiny

Now, SK-II is premiering Marriage Market, a film which spotlights the real-life issue of Chinese women being pressured to get married. It features brave Chinese women who have daringly chosen to speak their mind about one of the most controversial subjects in recent Chinese history: the “Sheng Nu” label.

In many Chinese cities, “marriage markets” are a common sight. They’re like a public dating service run by parents who still believe in arranged marriages. In some cases, their daughters are unaware that they have been listed, and in the film, many interviewees describe their torn feelings as they try to meet their parents’ expectations while wanting to choose their own path in life.

SK-II #ChangeDestiny Marriage Market

For this campaign, SK-II  took over the marriage market in Shanghai’s People’s Park, creating a huge installation featuring “marriage ads” that were actually messages from hundreds of independent women, stating that they want to be in control of their own destiny. This provided women with a much-needed platform to voice their thoughts and show that they didn’t have to be married in order to be happy and fulfilled.

It’s empowering to see these women finally feel safe enough to express their true feelings, and to actually be supported by their parents.

SK-II #ChangeDestiny

This is such an important film with a message that has the power to change the lives of millions of women.

Please share this video so the women of China can #ChangeDestiny and get rid of the hurtful “Sheng Nu” label once and for all.



  1. Wow this film sounds very inspiring and powerful. I will definitely share and will watch it as well.

  2. Catherine Sargent says:

    This sounds like a great campaign. Every woman should feel safe and empowered.

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That is a travesty! No one should be left to feel “leftover” or “left out.” I am glad that someone is stepping in to help empower these women.

  4. Wow. We live in such a fantasy bubble that it’s hard for us to imagine how other cultures think. This was quite an eye opener. Tweeting.

  5. What a powerful message to change the world! I didn’t realize that single women had so much stigma

  6. Being known as a leftover woman is awful! I love this campaign!

  7. Sounds great. How inspiring and empowering this is for women. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Yes yes and more yes. I am all for girl power and this post nailed it!

  9. I had no idea that was such a prevalent issue. This is completely fascinating!

  10. That is terrible to be told you are a leftover woman at only 25!

  11. What a powerful and very important campaign – will definitely share!

  12. My husband visits China for business. I have heard stories. That is so sad that they are referred to “leftover woman”, that is cruel.

  13. It’s sad when people are taught to feel less than enough. It’s wonderful the word is getting out and things may change more rapidly than we can hope. You just never know.

  14. What a powerful and important movie that we all need to watch. Thanks (again) for making me aware of it, Lois!

  15. This is such an amazing campaign. Nobody should ever be made to feel that they are less just because they aren’t married.

  16. Hi Lois,

    I am aware of the situation but the campaign. It is so infuriating to see a woman’s value depending on a marriage and even kids. Thank you for bringing this to attention!


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