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freewaters: shoes that look good, feel good and do good


How cute are these shoes?!

I am in love – LOVE – with my new Freewaters and, most of all, with the fact that each pair provides clean drinking water to those in need.

Freewaters is a great brand with a casual, California vibe – not surprising since its two young founders studied together at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and opened their own studio amidst the redwoods in the Bay Area.

Their shoes are so me!

This particular style, appropriately named Snuggle Bug, is so comfy cozy, it’s like a pair of slippers you can wear anywhere. It’s got stretch fit elastic at the tongue and heel to create a really custom fit. (Dear Eli and Martin, can you please make jeans, too?)

Freewaters inside

The signature Freewaters Super Pillow Insole has a faux fur lining which makes my feet feel like they are literally being snuggled, and the medial and lateral arch support is especially welcome at my age – and rare in casual shoes like these.

These are ideal shoes for travel because they smush easily into a carry-on yet they’re sturdy enough to withstand long days of sightseeing. They also come with a stress-free limited lifetime warranty. Don’t I look stress-free hanging out at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach?

Freewaters Hotel Maya

I love the soft cotton canvas and the ethnic print, with the bold hot pink and gray striped lining. And I love the surprise of the two different tags on the back of each shoe, one bearing the message, “Do some good.”

Freewaters labels

That’s what you’re doing just by buying these shoes. I’m a big believer in supporting companies that give back, and Freewaters is all about that. For every pair of shoes you buy, money goes toward digging wells in remote villages where people are dying from lack of clean water.

So shop away, knowing you’re making a difference in people’s lives. I’ve got my eye on the Songbird Boot and the Harlee, and think my husband would happily live in Escape Artist.

I’m thinking the person who came up with the expression, “Putting your best foot forward,” must have been wearing Freewaters.

Freewaters mission


  1. They are super cute. I have a competitor’s brand that are very similar and I love them SO much, so I will have to grab a pair of these, too!

  2. I could use a pair of these. Love slip on cute and comfy shoes. Def need some.

  3. I have the hardest time finding comfortable shoes because I have wide, flat feet. The shoes that fit me are either ugly or really expensive.

  4. These shoes hit all my hot buttons. I am always thrilled to be able to allow my core values to drive how I spend my money! I am definitely getting a pair of the (yes very cute) shoes! Thanks for sharing Lois!

  5. Those are really cute! They look mighty comfy too! I love shoes so I need to give them a try!

  6. Oh! These look so comfortable. I could wear them everyday. I hadn’t heard of these before but comfortable shoes are my best friends. I have RA and it is mostly in my feet so comfortable shoes are a “have to.”

  7. Oh gosh those shoes are so cute, they look like they will be so comfy as well. x

  8. I must buy these.

  9. I have a difficult time finding shoes that make my feet happy. Gee whiz, though, these look mighty comfy. More like slippers than shoes. I think I need to try a pair… or three.

  10. I love these shoes and really love what they “STAND” for. See what I did there! 🙂

  11. Comfy and doing good…you got me. I love flats, but I need some support. And I always love ethnic prints!

  12. great shoes, great cause, I am all over it!
    they do look cute and I can totally use them for my Florida winter

  13. No place in any zipcode within a 100 miles of me. Only Zappos. Next order will include them.

  14. those are super cute and they look so comfortable. I would wear them everywhere.

  15. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Oh wow, these are really cute and they definitely look comfy. And the company gives part of their profits to charity? I seriously am going online now to rider a pair.

  16. Oh wow those look really comfortable. I love the style too, very universal, would look good with just about any outfit I have.

  17. Comfortable casual shoes are so hard for me to find. I have a dozen of them that after I buy them they turn out not to be comfortable. These look that they might not fit that category. I will have to try them. I was particularly intrigued by medial and lateral arch support which I need! Thanks for the resource.

  18. Nothing more comfy than a cotton canvas shoe! I love this print, too!

  19. I like that they’re furry on the inside…and for a good cause makes them even better!

  20. Jennifer Williams says:

    I love those, they look so comfortable. I love that they also give back. I will see if I can find a pair to order, might have to wait until Spring to wear them but that gives me something to look forward to.

  21. These shoes look really nice and comfortable. I like the subtle pattern on them too.

  22. Those look super fun. I wonder if my bunions would be okay with these.

  23. How do I find them? I need new shoes….my feet, well, never mind..its awful

  24. They remind me of TOMS & look just as comfy. I love that it helps a great cause, too!

  25. Amanda Love says:

    I so love companies that gives back and there are so many companies that do that right now. They’re the best ones to buy from and this one is no exception. Cute shoes too!

  26. These are my kind of shoes. Comfortable but cute. I love those boots that you picked out too. Those are so cute.

  27. Umm yeah I think your view in Long Beach looks amazing! I’m a flip flop kind of girl but those shoes are cute and I love the thought of giving back.

  28. Your feet certainly do look comfy and relaxed! will definitely look these up.

  29. The insides look so comfy! It also looks warm.

  30. Barb @ A Life in Balance says:

    Wow! Those look super comfy! I love the faux fur lining.

  31. Those are adorable, and they look super comfy! Like slippers that you can actually wear out of the house!

  32. I guess these are the new TOMS?? They look incredibly comfortable and very cute and casual too!

  33. I adore the pattern. True casual chic! And they look wonderfully comfortable. x

  34. The pattern is so cute! I love how comfy they look and bonus that they help others!

  35. I love the light color and that it has an artistic pattern. Looks like comfy shoes.

  36. oooh these are adorable. I am all about programs that help give clean drinking water (and water in general) to those in need.

  37. I like that they look artsy. They look stylish and comfy too. 🙂

  38. Oh my gosh I love them! I’m going to have to get a pair for sure. I live for shoes like that! Thanks so much for sharing. Adore them!

  39. That’s a great excuse to buy shoes!! I struggle with flats, I can never seem to find ones I like, but these are really cute!

  40. They look really cute. A bit mother-earthy for my taste, but they look super comfy

  41. Those look sooo comfy! Like soft moccasins! I want a pair!

  42. The Chef's Wife | Anne @TheSatEvePot says:

    Um …. I want some! 🙂 But my feet are so small I’ll have to see if they’ll work for me. :/

  43. I love buying things that I know will help provide for someone in need. Kinds of makes me feel less guilty about spending ^^ Love these on your feet!!

  44. At first I was like, “Oh, those are cute but I just got some new flats.” Then I saw the liners. I’ll be getting another pair of flats!

  45. Melissa Smith says:

    Oh my gosh, I’ve heard of these before but have never seen them! Love that design on them & they look extremely comfy. I wonder if the comes in wide sizes…

  46. They’re made in that comfy style everyone loves so much. I may have to pick myself up a pair too!

  47. These shoes are so cute and look so comfy. I need a pair.

  48. These look so comfy!! I love the cause behind them. The inside looks so fluffy and soft! YAY for comfy and cute shoes.

  49. I love when products allow us to support a bigger cause! Nice shoes, they look comfy.

  50. Susancarol710 says:

    These are super cute! I am dreaming about the spring and these would be perfect for me! Thanks for your great articles. Love them, Lois!

  51. How in the world did I miss this post? I saw it at the bottom of the last post I read and WOW! I want a pair. I never heard of them before so I just clicked on the site. Uh, oh. Shhh, don’t tell Gary…..:-)

  52. Trying to track these down in a sz 8 if anyone knows how I can still find a pair 🙂

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