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the girls and the goats

Lois and goat

I posted this photo on my Facebook page over the weekend and today I received a press release from the Farm Sanctuary announcing that this is the Summer of Goats.

And my kids think I’m not on the pulse of pop culture? Ha!

I really wasn’t going to post anything today because I’m leaving for London on Thursday and haven’t even started to look at what I need to bring. But, obviously, I am meant to be promoting the goats.

As you know, I’m a sucker for animals and animal sanctuaries — in fact, I’ll be writing about my Buick Bucket List Trip to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee when I get back; meanwhile you can get a preview here). Of course, I’m happy to help raise awareness for the Farm Sanctuary.

I’m all over the organization’s mission to end farm animal abuse – an issue that’s become personal to me since my daughter is spending the summer volunteering on an urban farm (Her designated chore? Milking the goats.) and since she and my husband are now both vegetarians.

Sara and 2 goats

Plus – and I wish I could find my photos of this – our homeowners association brought in goats to clear the brush on our cul-de-sac a couple of years ago, and I have never been happier to pull on to my street. They were there for maybe a week or two, and seeing the goats playing on the hill made me smile every single time I turned the corner. I felt like I was in Heidi. Or The Sound of Music.

It was awesome.

So, yes, I am totally a goat fan. I am grateful for goat cheese. I had an amazing meal at Girl and the Goat in Chicago.

I do not like goatees.

But I do like the adorable photos and videos on the Farm Sanctuary blog. Check them out, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, support them with a donation. They’re a four-star charity, according to Charity Navigator.

I wish I could spend the rest of the evening looking at the pictures of Lizzie, Joey, Gloria and all those other cutie pies, but I’m running out of time and have to start packing.

And that really gets my goat.


  1. Animal abuse makes me sick to my stomach. I love that your are involved with putting an end to it.

  2. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Awww! Adorable. And may I say, you look fetching next to a goat.

  3. Agreed on the goat cheese and goatees. And ending animal abuse. And England. But I am still bummed you’re not going to be at BlogHer.

  4. I love the thought of using goats to do the mowing! How great is that? Love the pics and everything in your post!!! TFS

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      Thank you! The goats just ate their way through the brush and – voila! – the area was cleared. It was amazing!

  5. The facility where I work brings goats in to clear the fields. I work with the elderly and it brings tears to my eyes to see how much our memory impared clients light up when they see the goats. I like them too.
    Thank you for posting about the sanctuary, I feel so much better about our world when I read about kindness to animals.

  6. Sounds like goats are in your life for a reason! There’s a message there…I just don’t know what it is. But am inspired by your work in this arena. Good on you!

  7. I’m with Kim; I am bummed I won’t see you, or have any escapades with you at BlogHer this year. And goats…. bleeeaaaat… yes, farm animals need protection. Number one, we probably ought to stop eating them. One of the last times I was in the Bay Area, a friend took me to Harley Farms south and inland from the Bay… Goat cheeses to die for. Have fun in England!

  8. Joy Christi says:

    Animal neglect or abuse really gets my goat, too!
    Great pictures, you ARE on trend, I’m seeing goats everywhere! My sister wants baby goats on her farm in the worst way. Once they retire and live on their farm fulltime, they will get some. And I will learn to milk them, and make goat cheese.
    I love a goatee 🙂
    Have a great trip!

  9. Yes, I do think animals have messages for us and our connection to them is not always just a fleeting thing. Here is a piece from http://www.spirit-animal.com for both you and your wonderful daughter to hang on to:
    “If Goat has climbed onto your path;
    It is letting you know that this is a time to begin new climbs and new endeavors. Take your time and plan your course. Look closely at what is ahead so that you can be surefooted along your course. Goat can also be letting you know that perhaps its time to stretch and reach for new heights. Are your goals high enough? Do you deserve more?

    Alternatively Goat can be letting you know that you have to trust your own ability to land on your feet. Having faith in yourself and your own abilities is a very powerful tool that is available to you at all times. Move forward one step at a time.”

  10. That looks like a lot of fun! My son would love to check this out!

  11. Laura A. Lord says:

    This seems like an awesome place. It would be really neat to take the kids there.

  12. So sweet! I think it would be neat to have a goat as a pet instead of the traditional dog or cat! Plus it stays outdoors.

  13. I am always telling my husband I want a goat!! I think they are cute! This looks like a great place!!

  14. Anything with a furry face, whiskers or a wet nose is a friend of mine. Except my best friends uncle. Not so much! So wonderful that you support sanctuary’s! So proud of you and for you for that. It’s a great way to use your gift for the greater good!

  15. Great that there are those to protect animals. Goats are interesting animals.

  16. We used to raise goats, and they were a pleasure to have around. It’s great that you are supporting this sanctuary!

  17. I love that they used goats to clear brush!! Great idea!

  18. I wish we could have farm animals at our house. FOr chickens we need to be 100 yds from our neighbor.

  19. love goats. they are the cutest animals.

  20. So sweet, goats are just adorable. This sounds like such an awesome charity!

  21. We’re seriously thinking about getting goats. No dogs for us. I need something that will eat some grass!

  22. Enjoy London! I was there about a year ago and didn’t notice any goats, but you appear to have a knack for making Goat Moments happen, so maybe you’ll encounter a few.

  23. What cute photos. It looks like an amazing time.

  24. You totally make me giggle! I’ll probably always be a meat-eater to an extent, but I’m with you about the treatment of animals!

  25. I love goats! I have always wanted to have goats – our yard is not quite big enough for them. Thanks for making a difference

  26. Aww they look like my Persephone and Kingston! (We had goats in Maine before we moved down to DC.) Goats are the best!

  27. This is so cute! I swear if we had land I would so be getting goats. I’ve always wanted goats and chickens. They are so cute!

  28. Animal abuse is on thing that really hurts my heart. Those goats are cuties!

  29. I’m also a big fan of goats 🙂 One of my cousins is volunteering on an urban farm this summer and absolutely LOVES it!

  30. Such a sweet photo of you with the goat! I can’t say I like goatees much, myself 😉

  31. What a cool experience. I’ve never had any close up experiences with goats, but my Dad loves Goat Milk!

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